James Blake

James Blake has been keeping a secret ambient album from us, co-signed by Brian Eno

James Blake sat down with RADIO.COM’s New Arrivals with Bryce Segall and explains “My thing is, with this, I really was just frustrated that I couldn’t go clubbing, I was frustrated that I hadn’t put a lot of dance music out in a long time…”
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WATCH: Radiohead and the Making of A Moon Shaped Pool

Yesterday, producer Nigel Godrich shared a behind-the-scenes Radiohead video, and we nabbed it from Twitter so you could see “Ful Stop” in the making. Because how cool is a little studio time with Radiohead? ahh memories.. #tbt #amoonshapedpool pic.twitter.com/UNo8XJNekk — nigel godrich (@nigelgod...
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