Stryker and Klein

Stryker & Klein

Weekdays 6am - 10am

What started as an “afternoon experiment” has evolved into the fastest-growing morning radio show on the planet. Stryker and Klein built a passionate and interactive audience through their genuine and authentic conversations mixed with show staples like LIE-DAY FRIDAY (forcing each other to answer questions while hooked up to a lie-detector), THE DANK TANK (investing their own money in listener’s “High-deas”), and #MASHTAGS. Since moving their show to mornings, STRYKER & KLEIN, have continued with their “(F)UNPREDICTABLE” show, finding new listeners along the way. Stryker, the fun-loving optimist, and Klein, the sarcastic pessimist, have been called a “modern-day odd couple.” Listeners can expect a brilliantly dumb, unpredictably funny, and totally authentic show every time they tune in. Basically, Stryker and Klein is the 2nd most contagious thing in 2020.