Pandemic 'learning pods' are taking off, but can be pricey

Kansas City, MO - People across the country are getting creative with their children's education during the pandemic.  

Many parents are creating 'learning pods' within their family, social circles and quarantine bubbles - hiring teachers and tutors to instruct and guide small groups of children with their online schooling. 

But there is concern that as more well-off parents form these 'pods', a learning gap could form for those who can't afford the extra tutoring.

In Kansas City, the YMCA has created its 'Y Learning Academy' to help students from families without extra funds.

It's not exactly a private 'learning pod', but Steven Scraggs with the YMCA says their "coaches will work directly with school district teachers to make sure that the virtual curriculum they’re providing, we support."

And, kids don't sit in front of a computer all day in this program, says Scruggs.  Fitness and an active lifestyle are important, so kids in the program don't sit in front of a computer all day.