Wednesday, 9.23.20- The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Wednesday, September 23rd

*Hey y'all! Anyone else catch My Octopus Teacher on Netflix? *Sizzler filed for bankruptcy, so I guess we can end all this talk about a civil war. There's officially nothing left fighting for. *A guy called in a bomb threat because he hadn't finished his homework. He's facing time. Lazlo and Slimfast had their own excuses for getting out of class. *Headlines! Someone put a bunch of razor blades on a public playground. Halloween is canceled this year. Facebook thinks there might be trouble during the 2020 election. Looks like we could be getting closer to having a COVID vaccine. *Lazlo doesn't want to buy your trash. *Could you pass the marriage test of 1939? *A toddler just broke the record for youngest water skier but some people aren't happy about it. *If old men can date young women, why can't old women date young women? Surprise, they can and they are. *Meet "Goth Karen". She thinks COVID is a hoax and she's out to prove it.