Wednesday, 11.18.2020- The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Wednesday, November 18th

*Let me guess, you scrolled through everything else in your library and either didn't see anything new or just didn't like any of the topics/guests on your favorite podcasts so you came crawling back. That's okay. We're fine with that. If you're here because you love us, all the better! *A guy took LSD and beat up an emplyee at Disney World. Would that be considered a good trip or a bad trip? *The cops showed up and Slimfast's house but not for why you'd think. Actually, it might be exactly why you'd think. Strap in because this one is a doozy. *Headlines! Are Trump scandals even a thing anymore or do we all have Trump fatigue? COVID is kicking America's ass but that won't stop the cruise lines! I thought the media was done with Karens but "California Karen" made quite the internet splash this week. A coffin maker literally watched millions of dollars crash into his home. Now he's wealthy and retired. A 93-year-old man loses his wedding ring but a good samaritan with a metal detector saves the day! *Make Company Holiday Parties Great Again! *A girl on Tik Tok shares a little trick to find out if your man is cheating. But is having an OnlyFans account really cheating? *It's Wednesday and that means it's time to Get To Know Us! *Lazlo is gonna help you get hard. Like the movie. He's gonna help you get ready for prison. Sorry, that sounded weird. *Have a great day and join us again at 2pm, won't you? -Everybody Wang Chung!