Wednesday, 11.11.20- The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Wednesday, November 11th

*What the hell day of the week is this? Does it matter? You can stop losing sleep, Lazlo found an Xbox! *Ever see people doing your job in a movie? Hollywood makes radio-jobs look waaaaay cooler than they are. *Headlines! Mike Pompeo says there will be a smooth transition to Trump's second term. Joe Biden can't even say Mike Pompeo's name without laughing. Dean Browning became internet famous for all the wrong reasons yesterday. Murder Hornet nests are probably everywhere and it's almost certainly too late to stop them from making it to your home town. *Young adults are "terrified" about one aspect of growing older but it should be the least of their worries. *It's Wednesday! Let's play a little "Get To Know Us". If you could get away with breaking one law for the rest of your life, what would it be? Lazlo's answer is a bit surprising and possibly disturbing. *What if your kid wants to do something or wear certain clothes that will probably get them bullied? Do you intervene? *It's almost thanksgiving. WIll you be hanging with the in-laws? Relationship experts say "Getting Along With The In-Laws is Make or Break For a Relationship". Let's get the hell out of here. We can regroup tomorrow. Don't forget, the hospitals are full and COVID numbers are through the roof! So wash your hands, wear a mask, and try to stay away from people. That vaccine is right around the corner. We can do this.