Wednesday, 10.28.20- The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Wednesday, October 28th

*Yo! How's everyone? The text line is checking in today. *Let's see if Lazlo can guess what all these new "COVID Dating Terms" mean. *Headlines! Look, there's a lot in headlines today but if you take away nothing else, please remember, forced monkey labor. *Ask Lazlo! Do you split your wedding money based on which side of the family donated? We discover that Slimfast once bought a motorcylce with wedding money that came from his (ex)wife's grandfather! *Lazlo decides he must address something Slim said off the air. It involves aliens and just basic stupidity. *Get to Know Us! Let's answer some of these damn questions, shall we? *Another day, another GoFundMe but this is one we can all support. (not like financially but objectively) *The best and worst halloween candy ranked. *That's all for today. Sorry for the short description but I gotta get back to my novel. Have a good night, wash your hands, wear a mask, stay positive.