Wednesday, 10.21.20- The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Thursday, October 22nd

*Is it Wednesday already? By the time you're reading this, it could Thursday, even Friday! That's crazy! Actually it's not that crazy because the podcast wasn't uploaded on Wednesday. night. When will it post? Why is it stuck in the interent? Where is it stuck in the internet? How does any of this work? *Welcome to the show! Let's go over some of our all-time favorite Lazlo pro-tips. *Headlines! Trump is still out there shouting but his wife had to cancel because she can't seem to shake COVID. Perhaps Trump should donate some plasma for her? COVID is on the rise but America doesn't care because we're all "sick and tired of hearing about it". In case you thought 2020 couldn't get any worse, The Dude announced he has cancer. *Purple Pumpkins! What you and your family needs to know about COVID Halloween. *You ever let your heart (or hormones) land you in a spot where you ended up getting scammed? *What's the sign she's/he's/they is/are a keeper on a first date? *Let's say hypothetically, you're not into BDSM. Well, what if the person was really attractive? *Are these the ten greatest inventions of all time? *That's it! We're out! Have a great day and let's do this again sometime real soon.