Wednesday, 10.14.20- The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Wednesday, October 14th

*What the hell day is it? Wednesday? Is anyone even keeping track anymore? Slimfast bought a $50 bottle of Gin as a going away present for a boss who's never met him. *Something strange is going on in Alaska. Perhaps it's time we discuss some of the red flags people should look out for when they're getting into a new relationship. *Headlines! GOP is ballot harvesting in California. Apple announced their new iPhone but it doesn't come with a charger. Kids are eating hand sanitizer. Your perfect halloween costume is now for sale. *People are doomsday prepping again and it's only gonna get worse. *Lazlo responds to an email from a listener seeking some relationship advice. *Here's a lit of the "girly things" we like. *Lazlo wants to be your sugar daddy. *Thanks for listening! Did you eat any vegetables today? How about fruit? Take care of yourself. You're gonna live longer than you think.