Tuesday, 9.22.20- The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Tuesday, September 22nd

Back for more eh? *How's everyone feeling today? Lazlo's got a new look and you'll never guess who/what inspired him. *Are you too old for your job? Are we too old for our jobs? Maybe it's our job that's too old for us. We'll explain. *Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of all time. Where does Chinese Democracy land? Listen in to find out! *Headlines! Mitt Romney is a Republican. Canada attacked the White House. Tik Tok got saved but WeChat might still be going away. A cop in Utah says it ain't his job to enforce the mask mandate and we actually agree. *Jeriney went to Mascot Camp. Jeriney was a teacher at Mascot Camp. That's right, turns out Jeriney had a dream and it didn't involve working with these two dip s**ts. *Guess who turned 25 today? No, it wasn't Lazlo's DM friend. Let's just say that one of us is really excited about this birthday. *Nick Wright is on the phone and he's making more bets with Lazlo. *Some talk show host named Ellen apologized on her tv show and the reactions have been missed. *We're out! Have a great night! Hopefully we can do this again tomorrow.