Tuesday, 7.28.20- The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Tuesday, July 28th

*Welcome to the podcast! Lazlo is in studio and Slimfast is still broadcasting from home. The Royals tied a club record for home runs on Monday and they got a new celebrity part-owner. *Headlines! Fauci responds to Trump, sort of. Trump has a new favorite doctor and she believes in Alien DNA and tons of other funs things! COVID is pissing everybody off and it's not slowing down. *A little celebrity news this afternoon. Some people claim the Ellen show is a terrible place to work. Bezos ex wife just gave away about $2 billion! Elon Musk vs Johnny Depp! *If you get some mysterious seeds in the mail from China, don't plant them. (or eat them, snort them, smoke them) *Have a great night! Stay positive kids!