Tuesday, 10.27.20- The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Tuesday, October 27th

*It'sTuesday! One week until election day and Lazlo is finally feeling "election anxiety". *Here's a list of things science says men can do if they want to be more attractive to women. *Headlines! Trump and Biden swap jabs in Pennsylvania. Protests in Philly overnight. COVID just keeps getting worse in the US. Keith Raniere from NXIVM is getting sentenced today. Florida man _____. Kazakhstan is 'Very Nice!'. Conan got robbed! (literally) A strip club is in trouble for breaking COVID guidelines and no one knows if they'll ever reopen. *Jack White did a nice thing. *Top reasons people quit their job and get fired. Lazlo's wins the crown for best termination of emplument story. *What happens to your body if you smoke weed everyday? *Slimfast is freaked out by two seperate stories today involving people finding lots relatives. *People who've been working from home this year explain what they miss most about being in the office. *That's all she wrote! Don't forget to text us weekdays from 2-6pm ct at 91-EL-POP-WOK! We'll see you right back here tomorrow. Until then, don't spoil the ending of that Bly Manor show on Netflix for me because I'm almost finished and I've already invested a lot of time. How would you like it if I went around ruining the end of all the things you were watching or reading? Who am I kidding? When was the last time you read a book from front to back? It doesn't count if you had to read it for class. James Patterson books don't count either. I've actually never read Patterson but I assume he sucks. Does he even write his own books or does he just have a bunch of ghost writers? There's no way he writes that fast and if he does then he's gotta suck. I apologize. You didn't deserve that. Truth is, I'm mad at myself because I haven't been reading much this year. I'm sure Patterson is good. The guy sells like a billion books a month and I can't even take the time to write a complete podcast description.