Tuesday, 10.20.20- The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Tuesday, October 20th

*It's Tuesday and the whole gang is here. We start things off by discussing military flyovers at football games. *A comedian shared some of the common DM's she gets from guys and there seems to be a theme. Guys are weird and guys want to see your feet. *Headlines! Fauci and Trump and getting along too well. A woman raised a deer as a pet and now she's in trouble because it attacked someone. Another guy mad at another governemtn official because he doesn't like masks. *Sex dolls are getting more and more lifelike but they still need some work. *A guy's wife leaves him because he threw a beer bottle at the window after his favorite team lost. Is it not okay to throw stuff as long as no one is getting hurt? *Nick Wright is on the show to discuss all your favorite NFL teams! *Can you guess each band's least favorite song in their cataloge? *That's it! We're done for the day! Same place same time tomorrow? Sounds good.