Tuesday, 10.13.20- The Church of Lazlo

Tuesday, October 13th

*You've probably seen the cougar video going around. When you watched it, did you think, "I could take that thing." Well, Lazlo did. *Let's talk about the things you SHOULDN'T say in bed. *Headlines! They're still interviewing that lady to see if she can be a juge. American's are getting laughed at. There's a missing women who was hiking in Utah...the same state where the guy got stalked by a cougar. Early voting has already started and a lot of folks have already cast their ballot. An 11 year-old kid stole a school bus and the police had to chase him for thirteen miles. Mick Fleetwood and @420doggface208 got to chat which each other on the BBC. *Which celeb do you hate? You'll never guess who Lazlo hates. *Let's play another round of "Get To Know Us". Slimfast grabs four random questions from his pile and things get deep. *Slimfast reads a news story from 8 years ago because he thought it just happened. It had something to do with people being offended by a high school mascot. *When did your mouth get you in trouble. We share a few of the times we our mouths got us in trouble. *A rich mom punishes her rich son by not allowing him to wear new clothes or ride in nice cars. *Thanks for listening! Have a great night! Wash your hands, wear a mask, and call your mom and dad today. They'd love to hear from you.