Thursday, 7.30.20- The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Thursday, July 30th

*Slimfast is back in studio! We were running a little late today because Slimfast had to wait on his COVID test results. We get a quick recap of his COVID life. Trump says maybe we should delay the election. Lazlo points out at most polling places are schools and Trump is still telling us schools should reopen but apparently thinks it's not safe to vote. *Headlines! Tech CEO's testified before congress. Hollywood is in trouble. Russia says they have a vaccine that works and it will be ready for the public in less than a month. A story that reminds us way too much of Zimmerman. A guy in California finds a latex glove in his Cheesecake Factory pasta. *Another celebrity is writing a memoir but we're real excited about this one. *Gotta go! Lazlo's gotta pee. See you tomorrow! Wash your hands and stay positive kids!