Thursday, 11.12.20- The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Thursday, November 12th

*It's been awhile since we've discussed what we're all watching on TV. You got any recommendations? We've love to hear them. *Is Lazlo anti-relationship? He sounds that way sometimes but we think he just needs to find the right person. *Headlines! Cruise ships are back and they're already giving people COVID. Texas is having a hell of time with COVID. A new app will translate your cat's meows. Microsoft is advising people not to put vapes inside their new Xboxes. *About 25% of the women in the US are unable to locate a vagina. Don't worry, Lazlo knows where it is. *A stepmom asked the internet to crop her stepson out of a picture. Not cool. *Slimfast has a moral dilemma and needs our advice. *That's it for today! Join us tomorrow when we'll talk to Nick Wright and do another round of Country Psychic!