Thursday, 10.29.30- The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Thursday, October 29th

*We start things off today talking about siblings. Do you have siblings? Are you close? Each of us texted our siblings the same message at the same time and waited to see who's siblings love them the most. *These are things couples argue about the most. *Headlines! They took the cops out of a lot of schools this year. Problem is, they're replacing them with NSA level surveillance. Florida man pays $150 dollars to pet a leopard but he ended up losing his scalp and an ear. The "El Passo Cannibal" is set to be executed this week. Can you guess what he requested for his last meal? Justin Turner of the Dodgers was pulled from the game because he had tested positive for COVID-19 but that didn't stop him from celebrating their win on the field with his teammates. A Canadian man sues Canada Dry for false advertising and received quite the settlement. *We found a heartwarming story about a high school cheerleader who returned to the field in a wheel chair after a car accident. Then we discovered that Jeriney was a wheelchair-cheerleader in high school! No joke. *Nick Wright is on the program and he's talking trash on Bo Jackson AND Biggie Smalls. No joke. *Let's talk about Wayne Brady. No joke. *People are already panic buying at the grocery stores. Here's a list of the ten things should buy now, while you still can. *We made it! One more day this week and then we head into election week. Anyone else feel the need to drink everytime you think about the election? Me too. It's gonna be okay! We got this! USA! USA! USA! Stay positive kids!