Thursday, 10.22.20- The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Friday, October 23rd

*Welcome to the podcast! How's everyone? *Do you feel old? Remember the first time you really felt old? *Headlines! AKA Doomscrolling time! *It's Thursday, let's play a little game of "Get to Know Us". *Slimfast forces everyone on the show to text "Thinking of you" to their significant other or the closest thing to it. *Slimfast loves murder, even when there's no murder involved. *The ultimate question, is it better to be single or in a relationship? It's debate time between Lazlo and Slimfast. *What tape/cd/record did you hide from your parents when you were a kid? *That's all she wrote! Have a great night and we'll check back in one more time this week, tomorrow.