Thursday, 10.08.20- The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Thursday, October 8th

*Lazlo and Jeriney's actions caused Slimfast to have a rough night. *Jeriney's prom story is the best thing you'll hear all day! (was that click-baity enough?) *Headlines! Slimfast watched the VP debate so you wouldn't have to. Trump is backing out of the second debate. The Ocean Spray/Fleetwood Mac guy got some free juice and a truck. A guy got arrested for tryinh to bring his grandma back from the dead. *Great news kids! You won't have to sit on Santa's lap this year! *Some kids got busted in California trying to "raise money" for their high school football team but they got nothing on what Slimfast pulled when he was a kid. *Someone brought cake to work. That's nice, right? Well, not according to Lazlo. "A new study shows that lots of women have cried while _____. Any guesses? *Is it true that you have to disclose to potential buyers that someone died in your house? *Thanks for listening. One more weekday this week. Wanna spend it together? Sounds good. Same time tomorrow.