Thursday, 10.01.20- The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Thursday, October 1st

*Welcome to the podcast! *It's "Cuffing Season"!! *Headlines! Trump held a rally, the airline indsutry is in trouble, and COVID is on the rise. So basically, it's still 2020. Parents of teenage girls, make sure to check your child's bedroom closet for 36-year-old stowaways. Lazlo asks to hear some uplifting news and Slimfast tries his best. *When did you have a brush with death? *According to a new study, there's a very good chance that your SO wants to be in an open relationship. *Another round of "Get To Know Us" *Are these the ten most stressful events in life? *Slimfast wants a spray-tan and botox. Lazlo wants to go with him, for different reasons. *Have a great night! Wash your hands, wear a  mask, and register to vote!!