Tell Me a Story

Tuesday, July 24th


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So earlier. We mentioned that. We've stood on time. Together the area and it's we've. Sure I'm price for more timely view. And any person. In the world I've wondered about that like who have by talked to. More than. You because. Mean I live my mom and adds a long time I don't know an hour just said in a room and my mom for four hours every day so we're talking in no. On average. Four times a week say if we averages out. For however many years and then were together for six hours today so like that right so we're talking. Before we go on the air we're talking in between. When we're talking on the air. And there were even talking in the parking lot. As relieving Mike. And Sunoco and so on had pointed out that we constantly. Will start to tell a story to one another and one of muscle and erupt and say. Yet I I remember you telling me that right and so then he said what we do and not in a rude way we don't know I really don't mean and then you ask for more information or more details are southerner or they're not really ratcheted down persuasion who sonoco has only every single bullet point olden soccer hasn't heard a salami donate let me tell you because every day run. Things telling each other of course and it. I stayed with you your apartment. For like a week or something we stepped away and I feel like we talked for two days and thunder. Yeah Bloomberg on term permanent midnight and and we talked about her high school because I feel like up until that point. There was still. I mean how I was ten years ago there was still. A lot of things maybe from our youth right that we have discussed explored and Obama so suck it up with the idea. Which I think is interest in apparent. We each get a chance. To tell the other person's story that they haven't heard before OK okay but. There's a couple of things one is. You haven't told before. It has to be a story worth telling OK so all will be the judges on whether or not that's because I can tell you about now. What happened in the shower this morning but that's sure how. So it will just all have to be the judges on that the other mine the other two people. Andy has to somehow directly involve you it can't be a story about. And ever tell you about that guy right don't count out I was friends with you know so like I got it you're directly involved from. It's a true story. I'm a couple of months haven't heard it and it's and it's a story we're telling its others and a little intro that our friend made forests and he just decided to call something something that I don't know that. It's making. We story then that was the. Something. Better than the bed he's doing a boy now that is true yes only model. And Deirdre and we only have we set nitrogen ended zero and I know that. I got lost going home because I mean sounds familiar with the Johnson County right 'cause like how the hell do I get home from here and realize I 35 was right there and I drove all the way around the when I was told that law gets into the theater over open Johnson right demand yet all American one field. I don't know what they are now that's yeah. So just because I was making that up that's actually true story yeah so let me go first. Yeah because I think I thought of something. But just in case such Ramadan is coming onto a fistfight with a girl. Fist fight with the girl he well I remember the time that. There is a couple Gideon a fight and I parking lot outside of a bar and said you know I'm gonna do you know you'll do no such thing sir. And then you with a bottle then no governor. Of us elementary school. Elementary one on one Vila do you mind of and I think a school fight with the girls seems familiar all right I don't think I know I mean right now that's units last hasn't advanced look at my memories Sox. I don't remember I told you stop everything you're usually borrow fine. I don't know I was in my does second grade and I made some snide remark to a girl named Ruth. Second group. And we've senator Graham and I remember walking in she said after school I'm gonna kick your ass. And she was a a big strong woman named Ruth Ruthie. Is what they call her. And I said they have they didn't really color revision I wanna say her last name no that's I mean I know I can remember last name I remember what should I issues wearing. Jeanne cut off shorts. And like Tebow sandals before there were such a thing called Tivo sandals a cut and like a short sleeve dress shirt. And stripes. I still remember it. And she said Dominic kick your ass after school and I thought well. Jesus or can't. You won't. And then. People were talking image rather annoyed Ruth is gonna kick your ass after school. When all the and so what started this I made some remark I don't know something maybe some about a pants were on ocean of water short time it's a some stupid machines that I'll kick your grasp. And I said no so I said they were like Bruce he's gonna kick your ass after school and I shouldn't big brown beat down a lot of that lady. And I didn't think that we would actually fight million dollars or girl. Yes so I came walking out of school in second grade whatever. And there's a whole group of people like what happens on the way home. On the playground emerge Ruthie stricken son. And I have to fight roofing. Much of this is like a movie she's there's a there's a circle it can understand college kids and our round and round the playground. And it's not the school that we go to it's a school on the way home. Not on others like maybe twenty kids there and rural circled around and they're like hey come over here and in Ruthie stand in the summer. Cut off Jean shorts you dress shirt to the sandals. Ready to bare knuckle brawl me and story. Shaw walked on in May in my way and soon circle. And I'm. Put my dukes. And roots he came and imposter right yeah I hurt so bad hurt so bad like I knew I was like oh god damn. I can come and I get my ass kicked piracy wins in front of all these people. And probably always see this is before the whole school had. Put together the letters in the NBA and this is like a year before that so I returned grades. So we're do you have any I like kind of an Olympic in the nose. And like it hurt like a great here and I was like unknown to her and she was ready to go. Whom she backed up from put upper insists again yeah. And then she took a she took one of those wild swings Coca tissue damage done the guy came Internet and I was just get ready to end it right yeah. Not Mike Tyson hook yeah. And I. Doctor I went over my head and she spun around and I grabbed a medevac ever and I slammed her head and of the slide. I was hoping Susan and with Herbie you look well I think it's not because I want eighty ask him we were from whom fight a girl here in second grade. Was there he sings a different and clearly but but but so you smash your head into the eyes just ran in the slide and I threw her down and then. I said it and then Osama fight. I hate ourselves because she says she does she said she you know she was get enough jurors. Jurors Dustin off right right for us now fired airlines try and hitter and I. Walked away and went home. And she let me go with something chisel you know she thought maybe where missiles and don't her whenever she was ready to go 11 around but. But she bit off more than she did you may be you know she Bush's radio more I was well aware that if she hit me again I may not get up. So I know I've played it off like not so I don't wanna fight US item Punjab to slam you down. Now walk away now your friends are people cheering for her they cheering for you. I think display even though crackdown that I did imagine if that is what I got bodies and I got bodies are like kicker asked her death of their opponents it is that this particular crash a Tom Donahue was a different time it was weird nobody nobody came to me afterwards was like I can't believe you fought a girl like you would be now. Yeah I mean nobody came we know you're allowed to get in five say aloud like. I ever getting in fights elementary school and other people getting in fights and Virginia fight on the bus and the bus driver. Waited until it was over in the G handers paper towels does so most bleeding. It wasn't any number amount pink slips say we yeah there's a lot of times it is kind of let kids play well I don't think I. Know that story you know it's not gone I don't I think I'll remember him. I mean you fight so many women out of Florida. This is another island knows and I try to point out it was I just like right. Expect on the corner that sheik yeah it's Elena. But it is owner you know whose bar order a bone almost but closer to that knows Hershey call it a little bit on the bottom of the in part of the nose just I just remember her. I I guess doesn't get the point for the I don't know OK so somebody that's run so confident when bitch like you beat up so much. I thought he didn't want us government shenanigans in outrun when someone brought up could you be up Serena Williams went down on him. Are they kicked Ruth disaster. But the and I know and Serena. I know Ruth in your no roof they are doing credit abroad I've known occasionally to unify and then you hitter in the sound of fighter I don't Viagra. I'm not gonna fight it I didn't header after I didn't hatter Dinah do you see any pattern and a woman answered my father says size slander and into the slides her. Yup somebody got. All right well. I I I feel like I told you for some reason I I I got stuck in high school. And like when I worked at the restaurant independents like all right have got to be something there is a restaurant and I don't like to you sooner or trying to. So I was thinking there's got to be something there. That I haven't told them but I think I told you about the first limited math so I'm gonna tell you instead. About doing math doesn't much drugs Souza that was like rats are experimenting with drugs here and I said all the waitresses there did math. Ever there was a lot yes okay well I mean I feel like I'm gonna know the story we're in your head and I know where you are I'm not so this is not a mats. Or do you that's the first time so there's multiple times. For what for abusing meth well when I worked there was the only times you know. Maybe someone for certain you know whatever sure aren't so sure so can be blocked view judge you just a total. I wouldn't surprise. These are the first family's math does what sounds like the only time of the many times I've used whose only the only time you know back. Things are different. But I'm proud of the book is a no I think it's we don't have a lot of really gave thought there was a different agenda here is focused now invite women in Gaza that's my story so I thought okay same timeframe. But. I've was like. A busboy. So I didn't exactly work out on the floor and it didn't exactly work in the kitchen you know you're kind of an outcast of both worlds because you want a server. You also want to cook or preferably think. But I think we were closer with the that the people in the kitchen you know in the kitchen everyone has nicknames and they all have this some sort of black. You know T shirt with a band name author of some sort. And I wanted to be friends those guys deserve all older and you know they've they'll say hello Matthew and his uncle yeah right so one night. We're getting ready to finish the restaurants close and were clean up and they said my friend who I work with because I worked with umpire. And I know the story but I'm trying to decide which one it is right now. Let's see I think this might be different so. Three of my friends were to attack us right now is this one are you getting a man. Now don't restaurant and I don't object domino and it is also not a tournament itself but. But their guy 801 of the guys who works in the kitchen says hate stick around. After worst ever in the parking lot we're gonna adds an eight. I was like all right Soledad at a Denny's we got hands on the tunnel we get that you know Mike probably sixteen sides are still felt like this is pretty scandalous plus. At because or the restaurant there was no curfew because sometimes if you if you work at W don't get onto 130 parents ornery and smokes and we deny who got the parking lot. Meet up with those guys was well we I don't smoke weed like you said maybe a couple times before this I thought it tasted terrible problems. Bad really bad. Yeah I know you don't you know the story that I told you about this idea get guests and see if he's right. Which story is it because I've told you other stories about the restaurant but I I feel like I haven't told you this one this is not. This is totally the totally unmasked related death on no we have from ally and then. So I always welcome and I told yeah that's. They are sort of widen and you and everybody went and then I use that there was like 3 o'clock in the morning in that Denny's waitress was like a PTA mom. She must not PTA mom died I can't draw pride I got that right. No my friend his mom was in the PGA and we got so paranoid and and so the way but I went to Havana BJ would have his mom. She was. PGA my friend is paranoid thought she was in the PGA circuit held out hope Bono said that that was I was under the idea that he kept saying she's in it to me isn't always known as well I think Vijay were in independence at 3 o'clock in the morning but she was on the PGA were different on the PGA he was apparently not. Because she clearly was she wasn't even old enough to deal regardless I was close enough he knew about Pete I'm going to tell mentally it was an entity are sampled the stories don't listen. But you're pretty close I'd really going presumably yeah. I really thought hardly talk your friend about Tennessee southern lawyers and did you feel regulators and appreciate how we all make fun of him KJ Donald we got to that we go all the bullets in the PD learn who's in the PGA you know. Can see what me and I went back and I go to Verizon I was like yeah what it last night he's not a Ryan's case on the PTA and he looked as he does. They're all in the PT YE when he's out. I don't need each other all of Louisiana Louisiana and I thought usually in appreciation as we don't know what's wrong is all I do not like I ones in the VT got an iPod he really wasn't PGA but we didn't feel good and she obviously the waitress knew something was wrong. And then the next day. I saw it Manning not like wheat. This is not for me. And the next day guys Latin music huge grizzlies held firm. Yeah I think he called it something else at the time I think I think he had the wrong name like a like he said it was Deng or something but it was a well behind. Those smelled I'm explained it. And I thought well that's. That's good thought to cause that's going to Canada yeah it's Bible didn't some more time. Iams it's to think about this is. I got stuck on that says it's gotta be another thing it was what that you leaders. Total them up towards the towards the bank. Told about and who the guy with the Russian through. Sex with them so depressingly. All these summit. I don't think of something that I don't know. The restitution under is leading. On the positive spending lovely home and I I don't know but I can tell a story without feeling like I'm dean. Attempt cows are meaner -- was it mean spirited to make fun of these people it was a long time was once a salad dressing room when she needs while addressing she made it we have like a house dressing and that was her only job is to make salad dressing room when he went back to address that people would call her names like to our face of the I know the risk benefit if I thought it was funny yeah I. I eat eggs. Okay. He choose that she had a lot of city miles on her daughter and there you know like she was probably trying to grow our own mock him yes he's probably in her late fifties but she she just seemed older than. You know socialism old she just seem older but they put that big guy. He's too many details guy who government Wayne younger way younger we found out about it later Powell wasn't. He was probably he. Late twenties and has such was out of Giuliani had a birthday until we gonna you're late cool I don't rush tattoo I'm not telling the salad dressing when you're the guy Trenton they're void the godly volleys that I lost had that. Every time. Did you think this could last week before this was the 1997. Not 1990 yeah like that. So you figure he was a teenager in the eighties right that would put him and about the right time within his late one OK sir sir. And again he also had city miles on him so I think I'm trying to trying to. Guesses as she could have been in his early thirties because I so what's he do there isn't a Coke he's just a dishwasher if you. Actually no. Don't know the I know him well really the whole story though is that these two you know they they'd they'd they started dating and I Matthew he's it's a happens a guy's got a rush to do what's right isn't just say Roger is the the hemisphere's all night with a nice nice guy and then it got my putt putt putt. It's it's homemade. It's done by our and I ball in my daughter isn't even better now yeah and I like that and then nine world. And the the and salad dressing lady. She's an adult she's an iron made fifties. I did say they've eased and as many Taiwanese. H one and I was an animator start drinking one night at the restaurant. I think everybody who it's just drank it is like guys sound just and we. Happened was on the blog so and so so it was also like. They're like yeah they were backed by the 'cause that place is huge OK and they had gone back I guess back in the dictionary somewhere as a when it caught them. And this is that she. Your skin like unbelievable. This couldn't possibly be true there is no way on bonds did this wasn't what was. Happening and were they doing drugs what was going on this was during their shift at all why did this happen right during her shift it seemed like you would. Liked it while she's still making the cell address all of somehow Strauss saying we have probable cause and it was like this season are. But but I just think she smells like tiger seems as president and and so reason she she what is she wearing network or issue where work she always had. Like baggy T shirt cheap but you always had to Wear white apron because you were beckoned ginger she always had a wife who. There are no I mean I don't wanna poke fun at her for you know. This is things that I. It's not my character is she have a date. Okay should have any I teach your legs and that I think she has now emerged I think she had you know what I mean it was so and people. She wasn't allowed in front of the house she was. They're not she was not. And I mean I don't know that she was a good how depressing armed man it was the best I still think about it and made the rest. Guy does too I don't know what it did put a crazy thing is like. So that's another sizzling 3 o'clock in afternoon so no I think what happened was we probably have had closed for business but we were always there like three hours after we closed well liked it gets a clean up wherever special is it to work and a double or whatever. And I think this must have been like you know right after we closed the show after an answer was yes I can't subtle shift drinks and yeah and people would bring booze back there of people share energy you know why I go get a formal order from the bar in the ticket back to in the kitchen. And I couldn't believe that they came up and told us we had our own break rumor we smoke cigarettes make up and told us. And I can set my friends were there and it's it's it's totally inconceivable we can't believe it's true story of why would you even say such things a fascinating story I don't think. Think he I think this guy's in denial is saying hey they say that you got caught he stays as they did her. It's not easy not to not give baby and a couple and the odd couple for like I. And other mariners. I don't believe there's always a look at how it just doesn't really involve you might you say I don't forget to untie himself. This is I can't tell you about the time they got the rushed that you had sex with a solid related motor design and Ahmed salad dressing I don't think you don't have any involvement here and was this story in Israel agrees on then quite a threesome or you stole her from him. Then. It's really a story about a guy who rushed that's why ratcheted I need time over salad dressing like you that's equally and I'm just brain salad dressing lady doesn't tell the story go. She doesn't sell it to work compared to of this young Concord club tells our man. In my mid twenties I smokes so much members as restaurant homemade rush tell you just wrote my Ruiz cells that he's had dislodged. The head of their multiple yeah I think so like and what's the higher you remained calm and there's Tex does I worked at bat right on. Oh and I know exactly who he's talking about.