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Friday, June 15th


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You make that morning as the morning's tragedy and easier America's here and joining us this worrying is your headliner for boulevard. Yes checking and yes Amar hey good morning I'm McKenna boot in front of me man who would be the first ten Democrat. That have booed when accused we're doing promo and blue. It was me the first Democrat might open mind cheated first they needed my dad installation is if you did it already and the bill I mean I thought our routers from Iran and Olga. Do you got to remember Dexter I'm pat and I don't mean zero flexible. Do you have Babbitt. Where I don't my first. Juarez racked my cameo like usual joy and let me videotape. I'm real little I know you're joining us now on your front door the regular go ahead of his honesty his status. Those are it's delicious. It's wonderful isn't. Blew out of power remember this isn't even write happy that I need this to happen and you have your own the air you are curable run. Back into LaGuardia your headlining the LaGuardia yet and you beer comes out today yes it does the big day you're happy booed very happy mood there. Boulevard and strange music meant. Lou I mean that's a savvy dad a yes I did a good day for Casey yesterday is at NASDAQ nine boulevard has tied the key thing you know they approached me some years back they broke me. Somebody's thumb one of the mayor's guidance on what he saw me on plow those come from capitol grow and went. You'd think you'd normally I'm good menu with. We don't get me to get magna a little ahead yeah I thought I don't I don't know how loans will probably and you Mikey put it well I got. Oh. Don't know that gives you going to not a bigot everywhere I go do you wanna give me is that for re already over the thinking of the keyboard decades we've known now not enough. I don't want to wait in lines that. I don't have the beta go to his friends that are not Hillary. I think. And now and down day and now we got here that's gonna give me even. Greater key. You don't need clogging our that it. Yes yes passengers you have accused city yeah literally you know I don't think he gets you any day it's kind of like the poor outlook why not. And it's like this fate he and that's it like it's an honors about I don't think it comes with like. You know can't use enough free night at capitol Gorelick yeah I don't think so. Don't like with the two hour wait at exact starters from a big let me end you know the achieved record. Yeah you know did you realize and we have a three hour wait come on into it here I thought yeah. I mean Marciano whatever euros or you don't always packed apparently would you go are you good luck if you leave yeah. A little earlier and earlier the only way yeah where's my compound now the countdown of the Lee's summit you know mentally Soledad it is here what if I. Fans like you and your life by staying well just so we got our mind that's gonna go east or less you know you gonna hit yeah. When web we got we got our Hollywood spotlight that makes them as Chinese theater run across street from my. Jimmy Kimmel where are you ready gotta Smart are there to high esteem and I am always travels here to talk to when he's he's crazy to me makes it on how to men now. Aren't they were great yes you are yet you guys generally grain tec nines in this city if you just Cheney and his boulevard B air Obama guy blue carpet out of the par yeah. It's boot. It's delicious you got your name on the player you can you can have a daily prayer and the first thing I've consumed well this much water with a person or consume to have the first thing out. A really consumed this morning. Blue beer it's really and it's not too much. It's not it's sweet enough to make sweet but not sweet enough for me which is probably normal for everyone else like I can be a little sweeter. Because I drink everything sweet but this is delicious in your right. It's a great morning and summer. Your guess (%expletive) anytime there there to visit this beer a guy that called on the pineapple don't perfectly blended from the right and it's all natural partly blended yes and it's like when you go and you're gonna make now I don't have to make a bad decision when I want a tall beer the taste illicit you know and it definitely went when I got a quick there was something and you gotta be walking like OK how many get a four Loko phenomenon grandma like awesome tonight on 34. It has extra ALCON it. Listen to me. My point five of the looses my book 5% ABC news that's really nice and it's not overpowering in the booze it's. I don't drink salesmen need to Eugene Levy tees we your country. I don't know who is not total is out of I don't know much about the air you're right China's great trio he does that love dear I'm not a big beer drinker businesses that. Nothing that would not lottery and get your question I'm attacks of nine years he and so this is it's a taste like summer and it's delicious in light. And I'll throw dissidents is really Kansas City the home barbecue there is nothing is going to pair better with kids city barbecued and boom. Yeah go yeah. I can taste. I can say is that beef on the Ramirez and yeah yeah I am. Okay and you get boo that voluble ardea question yes but not until Monday OK so boulevard he will be the first place you can try yeah. Right and is there a village patent. I'll Google will be everywhere and anywhere you go get a jury not all bars and if you download the capital should be which appears we have in which sponsor and find the most amount in their little blue you go and information Craig you guys have enough blue I hope so. We'll find out tonight it's very delicious there you are gonna wanna try goods and I I hands and obviously they. About it is is that when our critic Carol boom. Mom you guys know what that is right. When we do one Malibu Roman and apple Jews are created and in 1995. Okay I tested it from 95. Through when I wrote the song in 2004. We put it on our on adoption of blu sort of that alone. We put those songs out 2006 Eveready. Drug test it from 95 to over part of a lot of testing and we hope that we want to I hope that the only if I'm gonna get the test does report drops a cat so I mean I need to get. A lot of you know me well mark again I'm writing a lot of bugs me some people together and just sit yeah and his siblings or C. The reaction. And. After a few hours left you ability all of you have right now and I'm like now I just they don't. Real laid back right I can feel the warmth of feeling that you donated you tell me you feel did you build long. And I can I can I can I feel like your game back. The football game of baseball game market argued that the Euro Buddha like all the weird when you're harming Americans you know Gary area this will work I mean. Disease seriously I can see blue parties becoming a thing like may get a little party guests you know I mean and then early phases during a below and then just see what happens at the end of the night after a balloon part. Man when I tell them my ideas for commercials and often conflict in which is shoot commercials and vote yeah or got. So many wonderful commercials yet you hey if you ever want to make something without these tough beaten. And then all of a samurai my my wife is a brilliant filmmaker could not and we'll go out there will make whatever you want you. And out there I want that lieutenant. Nine is here will guardian today yeah Hulu is out. At bull party out only if you can get it right now Friday and Saturday and all of ardea which starts today yup and you can also get. It's wonderful boomers will be stolen that night threw down below tec nine I'm the leukemia tickets are sold here alone is yet I can't can't imagine a lot to is against get a sand. That is tonight you're playing at 940 time republic loans phase McKinsey Nicole goes on at 630. Australian music is definitely in the homes are OK guys very core I thought it was great they are doing Lauria do resemble Narnia known on all went for the first time last year and install. George Clinton. I mean there was packed. You know me and want to rock star burger. Your world page at noon break but in northern new plan that he would grant the headlining tonight at 945 main stage and your beard came out today tea I don't know I got. Rash Humana little jealous but I'd say well deliver on this week we should I'm not I'm not dare I say well deserved. Certainly not here to boo so boo your continued success of all Mardy had two amazing times with boo this summer to damage and our starting tonight and then available everywhere on Monday and observers say they say brushed. And and when they think campus. And I I say yeah I must now months yeah I am and democracy store in a case cause a story news. To your health I. Get out there and there it looked on Yahoo! rather distant young continued success and is always just at the time. The boulevard seriously amazing job Megan has been is building an amazing job really cool that you had a vision. Way back when data sample that you work together better it is for your man gradually ultimately go a little bit and I attacked nine here and on the alternative nicer side of us.