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Monday, September 10th


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Our rights dating him Margaret is here in the morning. You know I saw something on the news and it was a different type of culinary treat. Yeah the end you know it's really easy to see is really this tango. Ma. A guy is really easy. I wanna saw. To try I've Elizabeth sorry I saw a click debt. Some about organs world's. And I I'd wanna hear it at that we can all your together but I don't. Assume we did do your writing I thought it was about the chiefs likely did it was like. Chiefs complete two wins world took off but then it was like shafts. So you know it's stickers commercials so works payment take a listen and yes this does come from Arkansas and county tonight. Yet they world championships world cook off and it's an eight the year by news reporter Megan Johnson as a that they were counting quell barn. To tell us what it hits hey Megan. Brian yeah we had being here all day following an attorney find out think here's. Were thirteenth in squirreled Shaq now Jess from all over the nation made it trip here to Dane County to battle without income they're raising of the best world days. At Keeneland judges tasted some interesting this is today. Including an agent grow this girl talk just in even a bloody squirrel that there in addition of a bloody Mary. But at. Bomb attack. Coincided. That is the it is as these world tacos. Scroll tacos that's. I mean look if you put anything with salsa. Some fresh ideas and we'll salon throw industry tock us world's pre doctoral. I meet them I can see that it's the bloody squirrel it's concerning yes. Keeneland judges tasted some interesting this is today. Including an agent world this world talk in even a bloody squirrel that's there in addition of a bloody Mary have been at the Indian today only one team can be named this year's world team in chance World Cup team beat us. Jerry Miller and his au peace protesters team traveled 200 miles to compete. And they ultimately claim the title. Turnout was awesome people were very. Anytime you win this event you feel good because there's some high quality people here high quality coaching so you don't vote for about what it. So that's from the Hokies squirrel team guy Elisa with the official name Okie squirrel buses I came from Oklahoma took 200 miles. To win the competition. And raises a good turnout. Then there is a very large turnout. I am not against trying swirled. All I know about it is from. Cruises vacation yeah they're high cholesterol accord according to cousin Eddie that's hard core scoring there were over here doing. It's hard for his girl or a weirdo like break in dress. In our targets are already on squirrel fast reactor itself we have black suit my dad's hometown and on the Washington yeah. They have squirrel press everybody's night eating soars celebrating squirrels at this world celebration fit then the squirrel bridge so they don't get killed I think yeah. They are out amen David flag I thought you meant it was like. The bridge over there though is it them with the red bridge we put a lock on the bridge I had narron and you put your stuff squirrel on the bridge that goes moral courage you walked by headed towards another book is coral bridge over the streets so they survived. Now growth protesters teen they want thousand dollars but they gave over half of that money back to this evening. Teen out tell you why any big act in house squirrels are bringing together people from all across the nation very good prize. Live in King County covering is relay making Johnson findings. Amen squirrels doing their part to bring the country together. A got to respect that you guys who they respect the squirrel tacos I would like to know with the Asians world vicious. But it wasn't very specific risk world Fargo's got it probably some extra sauce on something blocked he squirrel got iams like like a salad like you we get to California Pizza Kitchen. Yeah it. The only thing or the guy like a much how you know you got a good squirrel. I would now how I mean like do I think it is a chicken and maybe it has the weapons easily die I'm not a fan conduct. The red dot. I don't know that I've had I don't like giving the same score ride on the thank you played so arbitrary though way animals we desire delicacies like duck. Rabbit. But not score well. That's oral about the Indian delicacies tiger penis soup oh boy. I didn't know there was a thing I know about that high school well you know I told teases as a lot of things. She's is good things the document rests on PBS about your penis and I would like. To try able to score. A.