Friday, August 10th


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I neck liable but aren't as good definitely net net pride FS one. First things first and Cris Carter you can see on channel 208 I think I don't even look anymore because I did an everyday and watch it. Well thank you very much good to talk you got started to feel a little bit stroke on Fargo that's all small. Opt for break luckily guys will be wide body. Beyond questions stewardship of course o'clock the next I would imagine. How long the governor sperm or your Ballinger you cannot change the why not target but I'd. Would the cold. Light at the state level of decadent and probably equitable or executive. Only needs term limit things about the golf. Let's call it adult. I mean does it o'clock trump until I would imagine you'll be governor bill you just do apartment yeah that's a and four wheel seasonally ourselves. They did starting bomb your guitar you guys flat ball what did they know what you have your guy that owns just stretch. Oh that's bound me. I mean I think it's too early to get any real impressions I don't think you are too grand I thought Chad Henne looked awesome. What what do we care much that what we'd like Colin and issued up plus alt. Won this thing is and I enter the long touchdown pass them we can talk about how Patrick mom's gonna go do you go do you go to Dave. One guy when did last night and at 52 year old Chad Henne. Yeah I didn't love the one thing I will say. Who should lead I call and you and your dirtier but my apology is that. It club checked down on third big. Exactly I it's the same thing we saw that some say and there's one guy here when Dick Bennett resenting. It was a little too well it's Schmitt finished like I know you love that check down or all white you're Alex Smith back light. Like guys who drove her purse cell. Apply like I I like I did well don't have the receivers. That we go get the first couple of them now what I won't they use. May have it ball won't do any good. And did you guys not been very skeptical but you gotta go all. I optical I'd better. There's nowhere last year doing anointed him better than Tom Brady. I don't get yeah well I senate based abandon homes OB the patriots sends exactly resentment. No you can actually you don't allow millions hyperbolic Ron doubts I think I'm actually quoting you know. The only way that seems to be debaters is of that DelHomme starts. Okay back now battered the more archer or the previous. I didn't say they would be getting it started I didn't hear you they would not be in it he didn't start and blow little beat it. They don't garden and they don't you get the play the patriots Alex Smith it's I mean these are all back you looked up on the record. I felt. I there is no quarterback in football. In a better position. In the chiefs quarterback at art and jewelry and dining at all is saying and just wet I think after a weapon all all that. That's the part that will hold them in the half court. Yeah I mean you've got our top suit I didn't think healthy he got a running back going into effect at year led eighteen you're sort of blunt here. The bad PR people all fiery kill adding locked into that I acquisition by. They have as little weapon that they need even the whole week. That's lucky parents now. There's a lot of opt to do what date rape and old. No I didn't have a new look. To you threw touchdowns of the break. But eleven of when he wondered well art and jobs down you play. Baited a lot stadium part it will darts. It would also managed a godsend and I would make. Remember I sent a bomb bomb maker may be a news that you did Josh Donaldson and a good job not hope they didn't look or bait or the problem. What kind of inherited. Mental lying to stand Arnold he's got a load big Hollywood when you lied. I think the guys who created it thought I'd Edward I definitely would open I did Barney. I want yeah I got rodent Josh Rosen. But aren't I I elite is coaching them up in Cleveland I cannot wait I know loading the cargo and I'd. What they fired him yet you bat and what got a big global. Are used to really aren't the only other shot you've taxed on Elie Wiesel talks to them. I hadn't thought. He neared. And then this Spielberg during the you're widely last year. You would I get it out somewhere watching football. And doll. It's so bright won't bore you got in the new because you know quite got into a bit of us got a lot of ball or what Jim was known did we give this city. And you texted me I don't give me your read what may have just saw the commercial breeder show. I was brought you out of date or radio well. Let's understands it like that what got just drunk texting. That. John Daly just on (%expletive) and drunk texting people with the ground I talked to a years I'm a and times I get done on time and Paxton an ugly sound and events. Of Ted. And it didn't you why not that we talked report are or how we haven't talked about I'm velocity over yet. Are you want now there's I analysts say even that what's the net flicks show about the this is they they're in independence this season right now I'm watching you either behind. Well we've got a lot. Hard knocks he has not alien you Jackson already have a budding rivalry and needed the bill or. All the so much fun to watch you gotta watch. You still hard knocks and a picture of nick writes faced him up. Yes Google hard knocks and you'll get three stories and an under that you get three videos and one of the videos is a as a picture reviewers says nick right off Brown's hard knocks debuted yet he's under rated cowboys and dot dot dots you and coward. And there it is only do those hard knocks. You are having this yeah. I didn't know me. You just dual hard knocks they have two words scroll over the one on videos. Just street escrow or look at the third video SS Gregg Williams did Morlon zoos from browns fans you'd see a different. And we don't get do not insist they're little girl they can beat my beautiful space wherever they want to mornings or national plug our candidates there aren't the booming. That's weird and no stimulus relied Gaza does not like that god does not on my computer knowledge and everybody else he reminds you skipped right over (%expletive) I. Weird. So. Who's going to be that guy. Unlike unlike you luck or why it didn't look walked David. In this for the long slow and I make a wide view of things is you know quiet hired career you know what I believe yesterday I believe that I. I do believe enjoy our throat and I do believe in all I do believe in it. Yeah I think I'll love. But doubt absolutely right how do you feel about your got Aleks Maric I assume you're washing generation's worth. This closet fan that before anyway but there. I think Alex Smith should do okay this year don't you. Alec you look at standard. When he got on a dollar quarterback I think he didn't do what they eat your youth that that edit your outlook aren't gay thing is I think the break at. I yet what will work is battling Kerr DR. I don't think I ever said who did and I don't do I compared Alex Smith did you say LeBron James that. I'm not sure I compared Alex Mitchell LeBron James I know again at Iowa and here I don't want to accuse you of data day's sports guy. Hyperbole but I don't think I did that I and I think Alex Smith should be pretty good in Washington. All that I imagine it's all of us how bad ju. Three months' worth of pay. That by the end of the year. Alex Smith. Has a higher. QB rating than Patrick Holmes. Well. What. Who are all losers who don't want it. It. Did not that I admire them for months. Nada I felt like it was our partner. But she's no longer let's get back in America you've made it may begin what you work. Homes on our ballots that the Lola games you won't regularly as I told you know who's done it's just. Alix they've been slow and ready you know quarter record not so eligible adult birdie old Maria Alex Smith and Alex freed up and get the ball like good that you last year and now you're like oh he might have a higher quarterback Brady in the rookie quarterback back. Others say I didn't say in my eye and was willing to bet three months yourself Arianna. On the news started off a gang busters. With the wide view and edit out real small. When I challenge you to a three month but. All but I'll bet you bit Albany it. All back. You're like power or want all of that you're. That could see told you look what at all with apple all figured that they want without a lot. Okay that's impossible so right so women now you're just trying to back out of the deal because you know that. That what you're saying is kind of ludicrous and you know the Alex Smith have a better QB ranking this year an impact on college. I got dark await bar fight. And best at all are you guys but yeah.