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Monday, August 20th


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Back collars is on the alternative and 96 by the buzz Danny and mark. In the morning show me your. Grip by just finishing up a tweet because I. Was sitting around. Talking. The wife on that. Friday. And it came out about. This little piece of pencil or graphite that I have in my hand. In the palm of my right hand. So I just lead out there writing casually not expecting much. How many people. Have a memory. In elementary school of stabbing themselves. With a graphite pencil. But I thought it was led forever apparently it's not let. And as I I went accusing graphite and just try to be correct because of employees and it is and yeah exactly right. And I thought that you know maybe a few people but so many people. Responded and sent me pictures of theirs. I just wanna take like an informal survey. He text me a 96500. And Dexter great year and texting takes me where it is on your body. I've I've it's weird it's everywhere. It's crazy do it on Twitter hash tag shall meet your graphite. Show me your graphite. And mark I will pick one random winner. And I'm just gonna give you whatever got my price of one of you. More cash stag show me your graphite tell me your story. I'd like to know I don't have graphite yeah give me the penny burn and I didn't do the penny burn but I did do a lighter burned. The salt. There's no way that ice insult no you put it salts. I'd I don't wanna mess that I think you put salt on various d'antoni put ice on top of and his present down area and we try to pull the site. That seems like a bad idea that seems like you do but you choose to do that on the carpet I was running down in first grade. I was running down the stairs to Angie and six class or music class. And I put that number to deepen in my skin. And I still feel it not really but I remember I looked down. Mentally and then everybody who's gone through this you know there's again it's like is it a conspiracy. Like these giant alien tags like we're dear. Or do we have a really good class action lawsuit. I was just curious it's an informal survey. But I feel like a lot of this has happened to a lot of people. Third grace or arm. Saw a bunch of people got him in our cash outs. So somebody stab them though they stab themselves so yeah I was like it's a cell staff is rarely another kid stabbed you I don't think I got any from another kids stabbing somebody. I think this this was just all just. Why am I breaks off it is it weird that we all remember of all the scabs and all the pain ALZA that we remember her stabbing our hands. With a damp pencil stick it in that flick the pencils they keep the graphite sticking up. I'd never done is a graduate in 1997. And our reserves are stabbing has telegraphed by extremities this has to be an old injury at half capacity and only graphite injury. Past and you know graphite and it has sag show me your graphite on Twitter if you like to participate. I will pick one random person between here. And the text line and we'll give you everything got the prize but give you participate really really mechanical pencils you are that he out mechanical pencils we used to do the fake the fake connection yeah yeah out to an a but I don't think my never went through the skin. Yeah there's always that kid though that was like I got pressed enough but another is I'm not pressing the line went dead yeah he has the graphite yap. Outlays dot org graphite. I so we're graph by a first grade stab myself in the space between the bridge of my nose in my I. Third grade Amelie raged out stabbed me in the guy do. Yeah for Emily. Still hits you and that side. My name is apt and I got graphite both palms one is from first grade and one is from fifth grade the first hole was my fault the second one was my younger brother's fault. Seems like your first injuries always yours that. Seventh grade right here and shielding my face from a guy heart pruning the pencil that need to handle. Save your eyeball. LO graphite and I got a few in the thigh and once and hand over the years and elementary school dude some of your graphite magnets graduated 2000. I nominates we mine our right now Shamir graph I mean hundred. Mean girls stab me in the shoulder 'cause I wouldn't. The school did he can't I can't pose graphite that is stuck in my penis on Twitter dual mark I want you to get them something to go get that person something. Something. I'd to. What's the story. He's aged get something something good okay. Maybe not the whole shebang but it appears stabbing. I love this I need to verify that sure is Sam and mark is kind of a hard ass on verification. I don't if he doesn't really hit me about these tickets. A grip on what you know. Oh my god. Grab by it I resolute in my childhood boyfriend on a veteran Florida colored pencil stabbed the top of my butt crack it's been purple Evers ends up well. Killed that you're at that are you lucky like what is the effect of graphite where it enters on your pong or your butt or your thigh. You can. Saying Graham has come to our team is apparently I can't believe we got a piece graphite that spoof a labor deal graphite would be the only. Being that would be like watts. Cigarette plain talk to my friends he's a pencil because I Spinner was out girl talk girl talk I love to. Play game girl talk. Have you ever play the board game girl talk now. We got to show tomorrow. We have a show tomorrow we're gonna play girl talk all right we're gonna play board game. It is a good DM time girl talk I'm ready for it yeah that is exciting well made and are. Charlie graphite on swearing Tex the united despises or tell me or graphite or sores are going to be grabbing a random one and giving you everything in our prize just for participating. All right good. Now let's play inappropriate stuff. Not an addict and on the alternative 965 the buzz stadium mark in the morning with the mark this is just bigger than I thought this is at this point it has to be some kind of conspiracy there are so many people. Who have stab themselves. With their pencil. And lodged a piece of that graphite in their skin. When they were kids in elementary school. As sexually graphic and on Twitter take a picture of a weed out. Mart I gonna pick on we gonna give you everything the president. On the think about. All right I just wanted to read a couple of beast when I was in first grade you can rebound in a second when I was in first grade I had a pencil standing straight up on my desk. I put my hand on the point right in the center of the bombed in some kid came up and hit me on the hand. It. As like terminator. Pain when my daughter was three. She was running with a pencil she's three she's running of the pencil as she stood up the pencil was sticking up. I. Moon. I went into detail and I don't think we can bring down there okay guys just get a of the nice that is where assailants I'm just feeling. C I oh my god oh my god so now my god. Okay. Okay. My dad was getting busy word talking about people who suck those other graphite no mystery school this is a very apparently widespread problem I had no idea I thought it was just me I thought I was the idiot. Didn't Skinner a lot of people a lot of injuries one guy takes it in last. Needs said he had it in the news. OK. He had it in his. Yeah. I come here it's so. Mark asked him if this is real and the guy says well what happened is. I like to put. The recant on things and we're just gonna leave it there. We are just believe there. He got graphite stake in his. Yeah sounds like emergency like. Rescue 911 like gone bad yeah yeah all my dad my dad he's sort of the VA okay. And one thing that you saw was a lot of people would. Act. In the being we're talking about yeah yeah okay and it would get off they'd pull it out people it's try and and yeah I know it's sad yet it gets sucked anyway. It was bleeding trio okay that one is. Holy cow that is. That is something that is graphic for Graham fighting it out that it was pretty funny that is repeat repeat in funny. Fourth grade chastity told me to stop touching her I didn't listen to instill seal between the bones on my hand between the index and middle finger knuckles. Look at Jesse tells you to stop that's inner fastidious series is right in her name Larry attaching you know yeah yeah real well I mean it was just probably like to. And that's the key turnaround was like. Planned and he was in love. I as a fifth grade Miller boyfriend who has an eighth grades at my pencil and put it in his back pocket when I tried to get it. From him he tried to flip me over and stuck me between the hole a hit and lower lip. Oh. Wound. He got stuck so yeah it's leaning inside. I had little man. Am I mark yeah but yet there's something nice to. Yet there's something nice to pay if you lot of dialogue take a picture of it put it on a Twitter tells her story hash tag. Show me your graphite and mark will be picking the market are we picking one of those and giving you everything I have my prized booking let's keep it open until like 815 is okay. Sounds good to me our rights or. I can't believe he doubted in his. Does he likes them.