Wednesday, June 27th


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Yup yup. Everything gun everything's good I'm. Bomb. Did you guys see. Our coworkers are proud new homeowner owed issued by hand up she did really I think she's picking it up right now. Aunts yeah. She's no limit a school bus yeah he's gonna live and in Africa because the dream what do you mean living that. She's gonna limit like that's our house now why not have a home. She and I know their own ass in here I mean would suck and an apartment are placed on top of that that's right from what I understand and I've I've. Tried to limit my taxing because Liza says they shouldn't be text and co workers botch. Message to talk to them for longer than five seconds at a time but. This is what I saw as a terrorist organization. Where this is like some sort of mocked up should put. As I mean layouts. So I'm yet so that must be majority kids she Houston can land the front door and what's is that box in front of the door. It's a place to Santa Ana army might have spared a step America business. That yes seeing over here. I guess that's the bad well. Good for her that this is the dream she's you know limit a school bus just. Glad John is aging in my childhood cannot ride the bus when he put the school. Well I was very Iran I ask you that too dumb mother ever. I said do you have. Outlived its past and that's what I asked her are you going to be on the move. Or are you going to part this thing somewhere. And just live and Ellie doesn't really need to run or do you just need a Shia part of in my driveway for 200 bucks a month she said well I actually think the whole. Ideas are trying to avoid that much shape that that they're randomly Michigan when Wal-Mart are doing or something I don't know my friend about one of those Volkswagen buses highlight those and we toured across the country forward but he inland but it wasn't guys and months but I guess at home and a place to go after I did having an RV and family across the country that's one thing yet. But these people like this guy who was on the national news because he bought a school bus and then turn into a house my girlfriend. One urgent issues super jealous when she found out the Rebecca is doing this I'm super jealous because. There's been all these pictures of people on mr. Graham who biodiesel buses. And then they turn amend their homes. But I I'm still I'm totally different level come open minded. I'm just shut OK so one of the people that my girlfriend capturing pictures of honesty and it looked like she just. That they bought the school bus they were fixing it looked like it just sat there like it was they were just gonna live in this bus and I don't think that they were gonna drive that's all I do get. A little confused as to whether or not this is about being mobile or turn out we purposely Reynolds school but I. I asked her back and she says who you vote I'd. I would like to know more via. She said shall come and talk to us about it's far she's picking up Abbas right now over oh yeah he's pretty a Vernon home yeah. I mean I'm what I'm saying where he is not what you're doing and I'm so glad that might like the first question is you go to Asia I'm gonna pick up my new home. And and you get an end and then where do you drive it. Because now you're just driving your home you have to have a law. Somewhere numbers aren't yet but what is that if arc and from there and how do you hook up we got to dump water to when and well I guess you. Because she's gotta sink in that design so they must have some sort of like you're an Ariel and the hook up someone's we traveled around like a five gallon based right and they just after it fell. You know gas that is so we like like an RV would have some idea and I guess that's what she's gonna do just fill up the base send an immunity and jagr. No doubt your own room. Well there who knows about it though you gotta go somewhere do it. And I think actually this is very arrogant forever. I don't think you're supposed to do that much it matches. I don't know how to do it in Paris as an editor did in the water runoff there. Who we are never about him you'd after the bat you're gonna live there your after the bat right. I've I think she's gonna have a bathroom I'm. Refrigerator if you're gonna live and you need to have a bathroom. My my own personal preference I think I would like to have a toilet in my home thing but I guess if you're out in the woods. You lived your example our internal life from a road schooling homes I get it you're traveling around the country learn how to make your own schooling. By Abbas ready to be converted your personal money. Well. Yeah after I mean if you just Google like iGoogle young people living in her girls school whose school is okay. You can find all kinds of pictures of buses being converted end of homes. Mean here's one that looks like a loft. That's commercially to see inside it. But I am very curious as to. When you're not on the go let's that is where do you park it where do you stay Danny beat these two did a great job. And I saw their storage. On social media a lot because they did build an impressive place I'd personally. Wasn't jealous. That they lived in this bus but it they did a nice job look at it as looking. If you live in a mobile home. Which isn't really mobile right you still pay for that so lie ahead and send you wrench and you don't own mind right right you rent that slot. So that you can have. But doesn't water and gas hook up and saying if you go camping with an RV annual rent to spot. He you pay for putting that. Got the most are demanding on top. Whenever you get an action. In your. House. Is damage. I guess that's home page writers and homeowners or car I don't know. How are you and I mean I have a lot of questions on new insurance. I also understand that she's security she's clearly not the only person who's in goodness a seems to be a movement and I AM. Because I don't have the urge to live and Abbas I'm curious. What what is the appeal what is. What's attractive about nomadic lifestyle that right is it because you're trying to be on the road but I'd it sounds like maybe she doesn't. Just wanna be on the road from what I can tell us something she also wants to. Park it. And have a spot to just doesn't coincidence that yeah they look you know it doesn't that's pretty sweet. But if you're gonna. Homeland. Coach I mean I get a more looks cool no hate it does look cool and I got it wrong. And I understand and I India downsizing in the small house is that you know what were wildly popular in Portland in those starts things I'd get all that. But man that's too small to limit. That's too small limit on the small you can't have any thing. Know stuff like you can't have any stuff. No stuff you're going to be down to room. The and that and then where you're gonna do your laundry you're only gonna have. IPad two pair of underwear hit two pairs of pants and shoes shirts you know I mean like you don't have a clause that. Yeah you and you there's no way you can keep many close. The full sized bus like this when I'm showing you right now these this couple. I think they are from Portland something they bought a full sized bus it is. It's pretty. Decently size she stated I mean it's a size of a big expensive. RV in our asset but. Even and that's a small place to live a live all the time right and and she bought me a surgeon the bus it's a short one on a smaller ones. She's doing a short much. I didn't wanna say it. She general and a sharp budget it would seem. Well doesn't use his producers we've been I think you're gonna live and it. Together and I think you can buy that's that's that was my guess is that they would be living in it together. I I feel like she said when pastor earlier. That she said we are going to pick it up potency. She said. I can't imagine living members someone else. Oh she said I'm actually going to pick it up so I don't know maybe. Maybe she's going on I don't know. But she bought it from a school district where they were selling an old boss. With the Don Wainwright has got a darn that's unfair to. The small place. We made this. Great job I got in the end of July says you're reasonableness under saying. I don't know where you put your stuff I mean you're gonna live the rest your life they're. Might be someone people wanna do this. How did this become a thing. Its legacy could save money effort costs and I could save money buying living in my mom's house here right but I. I don't want to go right if I had to that's good save money by learning and under grinch and an important. Pray MA. No and and an apartment. Rears no bad room out studio but did you stay around and and and like toilet. And parking lot but that bats import my gut and took a toilet is scroll. Yeah air conditioning in things like would be nice. Once the travel it's it's pretty sweet. Yes for years we have our vision is a concept of had been an honor and a mobile home pretty good drive for idea and I love it vacationing. And just road Tribune but generally in the long extended periods of times has run a four bathrooms imagine him and there wasn't an idea that you know London. Get rid of our house I found my utopia. This and it's a school bus and it's a short school bus. And I'm gonna go and women. The ideas and it was a place to stay where it for a period of time with relation to a period of time yeah you're following Phish around and but the idea would be that you driving back home when your die at a place to come away these people and there are a lot of them. Are saying we don't want a home. In the traditional sense anymore we want this to be our home. So much so that my girlfriend is extremely jealous. About the fact. That someone she knows. I had another person she knows is not a second person she knows is buying a bus and turning it into law if you wanna travel across the country not. Pay a mortgage and own one city that is followed. Live wherever you know the road they're traveling across country if you wanna do and I and again I understand it. I got to imagine Doug gash. Justin driving a goddamn school bus across the country is as good as expensive if not more than renting an apartment. Like what if so you're not parking is god damn thing to save money. If you're saying I'm in a by the same save money and travel across the world I don't think you're saving any money. As opposed to getting an apartment. Right you can get an apartment or house for what 12100 bucks a month let's just say that yeah twelve months and it could be the same amount of money but they're not. Necessarily tied down to one place or have to come back to Kansas City is my apartments there. I take care when or maybe now your pay is similar money but you're just freed or you want and that's where you live. So so over that's fine and you're not saving money. Yeah I wanna be that they're not out equations was not a money saver if you're using it to travel shows that your mobile is right your mobile when he right proud analysis that we're mobile we don't feel tied down I was your nomadic lifestyle my gas war. Want to pay appeal. This is another headline this is somebody else's I live in a mini bus I'm never been happier. Talks about how this guy and his girlfriend been living in a mini bus for the past year. We caller many bust chug its twenty years old we converted ourselves should be everything out you created into. Apartment on we'll I'll. I hope everyone buys him. The roads are they wanted to know if I had I just hope every millennial and in the world buys when these goddamn things I say that. So that bill I know bigger houses and basements and air conditioning or obsolete in the price just goes a long war out there and not against something bigger. I need something bigger I need more space there's nobody in my parents. Did they ask I was mad right end at fifty episodes I was just me but I still think that I could use another bedroom but that's not an. No I don't edit I just like Jack. I don't want my you know I don't three unused bedroom I'm sure I don't I'm thrilled and uses that right actor I've and I like to walk down in the basements in extra bathroom. And now. I think one time I'm toilet. The I think I did. Cannot put. I did put that old spice body John Don here one time and with the water. Thought I was showered down there. It's highlighted a whole new world my got to manage showered down here in years the only downside I did go down to my movie theater in the basement and turn on a movie and watch it a black. Call me old school. This person says the mini bus couple is told about. He gives his motives says my heart. Refrigerator could mean big enough to develop boulevard BI and the like really got like. What are you keep an refrigerator. You do have cases and cases and cases that voice cash electricity water or too expensive recess. I don't understand why people would accept a life of working at just to pay the bills surely surely there's more to life than spending all of your money on a house and possessions. All working so much of the time just to be able to do that then I should that's remaining differ sir. While you don't have tried to figure out a way. To work less and live on a bus. I try to figure out a way to work less. And women a giant announced a primary fear and punishment he's vehicle thought everyone had agreed to this goal we lower the least amount of time possible I have the most was my my demos running most of us the American dream and I don't know we're deletion Mombasa boom and bust. Which is fine just don't know what the dream is just the because I'm out of it right I don't know what does not mind dream people or I do in my grimacing urged you know I don't I don't know if you don't watch movies and pure dolby surround sermons. Finally link on the lighter was unsure about that there's no TVs or anything on there. But I legacy. He does say one plus one of the biggest problems finding places to park. More parking lots you know realized. Most you can Jose most parking lots have overnight stay restrictions. Wal-Mart let's as far as and a well you know you can't stay there aren't really meant to drain and this you know I've given up on my worldly possession why I must Sunni and just parking lot why limit yourself just one wall why isn't is not a Enron asked. Yeah John and all this I'm a little America. I've done the rhythm. And all of his goals and dreams and hopes and follows things my awesome little Wal-Mart parking lot what's. He says some people absolutely love the boss and allow them to park in random places overnight and in the national parks and and with that deliver. Not live there hello we got a national park past and we are doing this when took all the national parks leaving camp there for you know we can time. The result is living in a bus doesn't offer analogy in flaunting your white privilege. I would like to go head just a second because I'm going to guess. I am just hold on because I am going to guess. You dumb ass that occurred at the met every person living in a box by choice. Is from so much god damn privilege. That they don't want to live like their fathers and those mid may. And Shenzhen in March and they're gonna give it all up and go live in a bus and you know why they do it. Because they can always go home to their white privilege. Nobody homeless right now is like man. If I can get a bus I'd live in there for ever and they're like man I can get a bus thug love to stay the night there and trying to figure that figure out how to get all totals like crap shower somewhere. Nobody's like I'd like to do is buy this bus and go an important fifty a hundred grand in no way it. Let me not you don't if you don't wanna flaunt your white privilege is bought a bus a little like it is. I would you know put a hundred Brandon to re having a boss. Beat more. An example of white privilege it's a NY eight Moline ill hit stars. Downsizing. And refurbishing a botched fly a hundred grand. That'd be the apparently a white privilege US law.