Run With It In Studio

Tuesday, August 14th


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Dirty ads visions on the alternative nicely on the buzz Danny and mark in the morning and actually. Gotta gotta be ending here. That is the only guys differ is run whether it was on our guys how are you don't do well thank you very much for coming in and in doing your thing and chat now with Myanmar and everything back is a little bit different right you guys have. I show left basically yeah I show it does so agencies. And where's it at its app the rhino as north cans sitting in the rye no right by colony coffee it's kind of like all put together so yeah slash show. Ever ever ever ever as a ban law you know it's bittersweet I'm sure about it on to bear Brit I knew where things just change new chapter in your life. But mark is like we have run within in an and in the end. I know you guys forever and a senior around forever and you just such a positive group of people. And it's like with the show and Myanmar where I wanted to do. Was having guys in because it's like you guys you guys have been around you so nice. What a great way to pay your being respect and send you off at least give you this audience one more time before you guys do your own thing so I'm I'm much much love and respect to you and this LAI said on the air before you know you may not be The Beatles that this is your child how. I really want you guys have a good time I am today tonight in the future I wish you the best of luck. But it's we're gonna do to size are you guys right now we're gonna do wanna yours and then. Well are you guys have a little surprise for everybody I got a little over a little cover up no surprise I love different fan I think they'll recognize it they might OK so one more time I don't like people don't know. I want undergo the show tonight yet where is it at what time is. After rhino its doors open at seven and opening up we got crystal Clayton great pop artists here in town and then teams he's like you go whale we. It's wrapped so I think he gets mad when people say rap but I don't know easily the main thing like he's just a brilliant dude does looping. Unwittingly Palin I actually limited in there and I am very nice Algerian unit he brings out late. Confetti cannons and stuff like Jesus solo artist with confetti teams like that's how the exact. And then we're going on after the asset that's going to be great Diaz got to follow confetti cannons I know and I know man that's really like going like when people are like challenges that rubber game right now that they're like Mark Critz slacken now we're gonna light things on fire in the face of blood so I just learned yet to light a fire tonight I have learned that you guys have a problem lighting drumstick sun fire won't have a problem loans and oh yeah. Other I have about it the other hand I doubt they are probably your fire yeah it's like Ben Harper all worried. I was burned these policies down our guys relative. Let's do what's his son saw this is called don't waste my time's up REP. I chickened out on spa. Can you. Hi this guy. Pushing him around. Home. Dostum. That was incredible. I know me and I've got a full sound for an acoustic guitar. And a day it was like hope and autism day Jim bay I'll get that hit bad Jim bay base. That's. Our man all that is based in here look down Missy Elliott. Yeah. That's our target them. And he Missy Elliott fan so you guys got one more wars are and one more time wanna tell everybody go rhino tonight. Yep and I. Doors open at seven it's finals and awesome. My crime I'm a little bit emotional news it was a alma prior prior prior and I imagine yeah sometimes my wife's legs usually here it's your current she's like. It's a regular I appreciate sensitivity elegantly comes and I love you very much but sometimes. Now when I cry happy go and I'm being a little bit of debate yet you guys I have like a little through my second half penny better tomorrow and now. I like astronomy is like storytelling regatta on underneath here love this what happens is that united Orion seven. Doors open at seven we got crystal Clayton and even some opening up so of all night sessions are solid the rhino is one of the best I've venues in town a super knew that you love or whether cultivating out there they're doing very very cold I look. Yes they're likely this week is next song when my favorite things that bull party this year when he has played. Was when he got out. Walked around and around doing the accused to counter. Asked why aren't there are moments of Andre on her back a lot of these aren't just put his hands and yeah I pray I. Yeah yeah it's. A way to isolate a little bit ahead. The music. Especially out like a backdrop of low consumer attorneys had written as you know but I'm I'm I do that that's been one of our favorite moments you know touring we did a lot of touring we've gone to the Middle East and back. Even played out like doha Qatar and found ourselves I'm glad I got back from Qatar before the embargo now I got. Elliott we win there about a year before all that have again downs I've been able. They're stock in Qatar they're like but if you go to be honest me we can get a Ferrari or something that places that would know I don't know. Sort of look at a oil and yeah I you guys tonight rhinos settings locking up those see everybody but especially Roman one last time. Let's give it a barometer endlessly guys got to cover wars can't do here they could overcome these guys. How un karma stone which. I mean. He's who's struggled from. 6 AM. You really you. On. Is mean. I've seen it means that the cavs Brandon. God's plan. How old that. The times that I am home. I do this. Some towns that don't. I'll miss. Now as soon. Not good. TOD. I'm. I mean should add on Saturday. The spin. Okay. That innovation. Wish my own land and narrowing. And things. A bad name that there is new. And she said do you without me out at a only the only the mom dad and mom mom moms. And God's plan. I can do this summer. So I was watching this. Other reasons to honor. Your. Pardon me I'm a sense. And they should have known side. Spin. Things. That means that cable news and you know it's. And aliens. Playing that Davis vision airlines. And they are non. Gods playing cover rumba then I Iran does everything like that was. Awesome fantastic venue and to me and I haven't guys.