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Radio Roulette Fire

Friday, September 7th


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You should Simi and ground Billy Irish on the alternative 96 by the buzz any mark in the morning. Just after 910 every day six and I intend to do some called greater elect. A lot greater elect its side your chance to hear every one and when something in my president Basil we do here. We cracked the mics try to make you feel good and which I guess on the way. Very purposeful in what we do here. Texting 96 visors or whatever song on here just to include and it. Weary Texans front it's always nice to give you with the proper shot out you deserve for participating. In. This year Indian market in the morning real quick we'll start to Roland I didn't wanna share this with you guys only way for those tax. Apparently were not supposed to say cool anymore. Fairly or not this this this this is listen this is The Today Show. Megyn Kelly's on that apparently the Wall Street Journal wrote an article about not saying cool anymore. And I just wanted to make sure we were all up to date with the hit terminology. It's our knowledge you keep Hillary related tax coming in and I just wanted to share this with you just so we're all on the same page and wanna make sure we're fresh. Is still just in case you're wondering if there were police in his day flings. But it's a great. These are. I think that what you should not sane response has had to get his school because apparently that's no longer cool it's no longer cool little call things cooled as a Washington journal article on it because. They'll get nothing left or right about America. A there weren't cool itself is on cooling you shouldn't be seeing it anymore and now you have to say things like my hair. I admire my failure is why I act I have I couldn't find easy like that. I know yeah. Or as well. It is let me didn't love me because I am incredible. It's an institution. Gratefully into you know great flag or else is the unit cool day cold I locked. Up. Right that Michael Strahan who no doubt about who's. Is this is today with a mega Khaled. Five now. Fly out the as a buyer or you got a raw deal from cool to say you know Wall Street Journal. The epitome of cool is making sure we know that it's not cool with the Golan Marseille. Fire. To fire game of radio or radio or let all right here we go out. Here is the tax everybody here's the tax. And you know you know you know us in the damn show we like the positive and we don't always lean in to these sorts of Tex but sometimes it's nice to hear. Somebody says every day I try asking for everyone to play hoping by X ambassadors. No one ever does even about Elway radio relied can you please play it for me. I've been running low on hope between my job in the situation of not getting to see my son and a not among many other things I appreciate it. Love the show Stephen over the park. Steve it my heart goes out to you. My heart goes out to you. And I know that feels like be. Infinity of the future will forever be weighing upon you as hard as it is today but I assure you it will not in time we'll sort things out. And that's not the greatest answer but no. That people here you 'cause I heard you today I saw you wanted to see this song. Today it's it's it's it's it's not the greatest thing it's not a lot that I can offer here at the DM giving tree. It's not but you exist I hear you time. Will heal all its sucks in the present I've been there I know. Uh huh. But listen. My ex ambassador is hoping. And everybody it because it just think it's stuck the thoughts for Stephen for mobile home park. So what I've seen in one of Stephen positive vibes positive vibes. Let's all say went up Stephen on the count three of serious okay you can be cool enough hard I mean you can do fire. Or cool. And not participate if you're in your car your office that I understand it's not for everybody. But maybe we could just send some good energy to Stephen a cat three if you want to let's say what's up Steve and let's play in the song let's events of the for the prize but you ready mark yet. All right one. To. 31. Stephen. Doing again cause super bright red one. Berry who else do you men go buddy.