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Monday, August 27th


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Mark yeah okay. I have to tell you what happened yesterday. I how I have to share this. I have to be very. Very careful as well given my past. History professor at yes. Nothing identifying okay ready you. Katie I have been trying to get work done on the house okay them so older house. Needs needs some work. Needs needs some work. And we've been trying. For like months. To find somebody. To do. This work on a house yeah we call around we've taken a lot of kids. Every time we've gotten close. To doing it. The sales person he. Literally like we'd love to pay you the money please just take this ago. Every time bright who were at that stage. Salesperson says or does something it and makes it impossible to go for it. OK I as attachments to fare like the first time. The first let's say it has been three close seize the day the first close was. It was up rice. It was up around the world lies almighty god we have five kids yeah cats one dog can't afford so Bryce. Can't do it we booked it called the next day's signal that we wanna be of a three Americans okay balance on us we're not beverage. Sagging second one we are ready to go we said you don't even have to come in the house list is Reggie checked his loser then here's a well but I gotta give your PowerPoint. But really we don't want the PowerPoint is going to be money to Narnia. As really you know this is an hour. So yesterday. Global. Note from coming. I see the truck outside the house yeah. I know it he's booked another appointments and sign up pull up public now I'm like every guy walked inside. The lock inside. Very very nice gentleman. Talk in my sit down. He's got. All these just didn't ready to do the calculations got a calculator. Katie is like I think this is great. And go get my credit card. She does he gets their credit card are ready to just charge it up let's do this get this worked on the south. And the guy had been talk in a lot. He had very specific beliefs and they didn't necessarily lineup with a mind but it didn't matter yeah this is his business. He's a professional. Everything. Is fine it doesn't matter if we don't get along politically because personally. I trusses got to do the job now. And then it happened. It's me Canadian this person. We're in the room. We're ready to get in the credit card like she says take the card ready down. Let's get this mom. Everything. He's. Said. He said. It. On. The on holiest. Slower. In the English language. Play it yet. He said that. While high. He was talking about. Paint chips like led. Alia. And he was talking about somebody's house. And then he says it. He. Sent it. And your IE now. I mean I've never been. In that situation in my entire life it's weird comfortable this thing around here he says that your body can say yes. I don't know why anybody could say if he said it it took all the oxygen out of the room I was like oh my god. And I said. I'm sorry. We're not going to be able to do this. You can go. And instead of apologizing. Or error I don't know watch. Nine year here really get angry could see as I go Boyle lost the sale. And then he picks up the tape measure and he goes this is a tape measure it's a defined word. It means tape measure you know what it tape measure is Chinese and then he said it again in our he said it. Again and he said that that define the word TO. That's OK it's good to walk out the door. Well and he's like it's just the definition. I like. Now I can think is in tape measures are racist for the rest of my life begin. I could not believe that actually. Happened to. Poor. I've never have you I never now. I mean I respect applause on him and you never and I have never I have never. Oh my god and the as a CEO Mac is quote I don't know what's. Also I'm close to do there except say we kid do business. Either go yeah I'm not gonna give you that money. Well some answers lane says I'm confused what did he say. What is cooler this thus lawyer. And English language. What is the V. Number one slower O. And it was the hardest consonants you ever heard that word and wit her by the way oh my god. As you being here and on our it was ugly and nasty. And bad and not. Okay. By the III actually people shouldn't you can't just let people get away with that now it doesn't matter what it is you should say something. If somebody say something and about anybody. Like that you should say something. That is correct 1373. That is correct you you wheel of fortune the rest of the word yes. I don't know what the word is what's the word I don't understand what he said. Just think about it for and I think about it's. The worst one. Unlike say Ali now the use bit. The common phrase to describe it I am I don't even like to do that people been listening to the morning show for awhile that by saying parents proposal you know yeah. Yeah that's right that is correct 7906 he did say that word yes yes. In the middle of a contractor sale. Leg but the server date and where you're trying to sell somebody something. Admit and I started out. This darn it everybody do people just ignore that. It is vital that the products I don't know I wonder if I I don't know I don't know the mindset of people. Little lonesome an arm about maybe. Eat it maybe next time you're not going to need sane. Because of and whether it's here now and say I'm maybe he'll stop saintly some answers is as well as the context of the conversation that we use in white guy at my house to sell me contracting services. How the upper contact. It was discussed seeing his. Somebody's house he was in previously. And how he felt that they were. Doing something to set him up or something and any said it's a type of living. Now. And then dropped whistler. So they go. I was final of the did. It was all about making America great again I'm like hey man I hope we do isn't very you know we're talking now. Daddy did not it did not elect I had no. I there was no inclination yeah until then. They he was gonna say that work yeah. They've tried to tell me a tape measure but this is something we like that. And why. That escalating quickly out Thursday aiming. It did it was Thursday it was not even 10:30 in the morning. It was not even 10:30 in the morning. That's a hell of away. To get a sale. Well in the best. In the best. Situation what does he think it's gonna happen there. Maybe you giggle. I don't know there's so give all eyes and I mean that I know right since he's our guy you have to people I. No I was like I was shocked. I like I couldn't give that guy in my eyes slowly see Arab pulling the credit card bank. And keep in mind right before he said the racial slur. Please try to sell us a contract he's at his right before that my wife said. Here's my credit card giving the price walked out the door congratulations on your sale. In the any dropped it. All man. Anyway it you can't let people get away with that in today's day and aids I think I mean I know. In my heart of hearts I know it's right you gotta tell people now you can't do that you don't have to be confrontational you don't have to punch him in the face. But you gotta let him know it's not okay and for once I was able to diesel fight insulates. So you know anyway that was my story. And as soon as he laughs I turnaround and Katie is on the phone calling another contractor. To boot another appointment. She's gonna tin cup this thing until we get the word then we got yeah. Time to look at the Yelp reviews. You have nothing there there's no room man. Yes Doug I dedicate your act Cady was shocked and appalled. I saw her phased pullback we were kind of at one point because it did. His his his little talks about how we view the world kind of went on for awhile at one point. We are we ahead grandstand at a little a little bit we're squeezing each other's hand kind of like don't worry it's okay we're gonna get through this thing because it seems like is it a good installer doesn't matter is Purcell police until both learn. Yeah. Because we're all at school. The kids were all at school but hey if you ever see anybody saying anything like bad being about race or gender. Or bullying. Or anything like that just tell him it's not okay. And if you can not give money that makes it even better because I definitely real business think they'll remember that. So racism alive and well. And on sales calls. Welcome to 2018.