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Purse Applause

Wednesday, August 29th


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Oh boy mark. Yeah or anybody get carried off operating. 630. Six. Here at the alternative many 65 abuzz thinning march show. They were gonna do damn popular opinions today opened up I think that's a good bond. Guys figure Allen just a little bit after 7 o'clock. Gotten you out of and you go on into the early going crazy rang yet I think I was under the just today I wanted you deceive us. Because it just made me. Like. And that it attacks that he did yeah Morgan a text it's kind of funny. It's like hey mark as they have not but the only alone protects those. I usually they're sort of responses yet either I responding in short answers or gifts so yeah well you know sometimes you just celebrate too soon. And marquis to Jordan suite which is when and under an announcement from the video looked a bit so Wendy Williams you know Wendy Williams. Yes whatever it was she is. The daytime. She's she's like 28 teens Janie Jones. Yeah yeah yeah TI remembered Jenny higher on its hands and my teenagers dressed too sexy. Was wishing the woman went down right before hairspray. It back in the day it was a Jenny Jones Sally Jesse Raphael. Who else was that though there was one Ricki Lake. Ricky labor in half yes yes yes Wendy Williams though when Ewing and tops them all I mean when he wins is great I love Wendy Williams but when he Williams goes. Hard. And if she does what he means goes hard on the show up every once in awhile. It can lead to just a little bit of trouble little bit of a mistake so I guess Lenny Williams had somebody on the show. You know do the thing that they do on daytime television and that's sell you products under the guise of watching television. And she was on the show it they've shown she's got she's got a purse. Is talking everybody about this person in the first hump in the purse. And she tells everybody about the price and everybody gets really excited but everybody celebrated just a little bit. You see it's barge yet I'm like well you thought. The walk I can and that's that's a bit so this is from Kelly miles. And this is actually price's 65 dollars but she's getting it took all of you all the windy. And when. Hi doing. Cohen. Giving it. I dig dig in Syria everybody cheers like we have 36 at sixty dollar purse and every every leg I got is sixty dollar purse. As you think we'll give it Syria. Of for joining us home. The only response for me was when you know for a now knows exactly right. You did have her say it was going on discounted rates. You get a birds at a slightly guys this calculation you she's the birds is that. It's. Barge yeah I'm like well you're the odd. Yeah. Walk I am and that's with this and this is from Kelly miles. And this is actually price's 65 dollars but she's getting into all of you all the windy. Have you ever prematurely celebrated late. I'm trying to think I'm sure I have like any time I played sports in the basketball another ominous score bass yet I'd trip over myself. Just your in my mind the last time I did this. Was when the chiefs lost the colts in the playoffs out when they're up 3820. Yeah yeah oh yeah and Kyra have usher. I made it's sweet that my friends that I. Do you text with you about football games and ordinance. But you do you that you violent. They saw might sway and then made screech out of intensity Kosher or is limited hey Harris is destroyed or late innings chiefs fan who watched mark is an area and so is set himself is on touchdown and really we got this yeah Bob yeah. Apps. It's happening it's happening again. That this behavior and it is true being a chiefs fan over the years this is exactly. What it has been like in the past it's. Barge yeah I'm like well you thought. I. Walk I and I'm obsessed with this and this is from Kelly miles. And this is actually price's 65 dollars when she's getting until all of you all the windy. At that point Heidi just not like there's how many people in the Wendy Williams audience went 45. That was that was when Jamaal Charles got the concussion and couldn't come back nine years to you you'll never forget that Dell you'll never forget that day. Other real and knowing that hey here I don't remember that. Izzo are ready here's this is what happens the last it tears it almost in November. When. Democrats. And the rest of America. But there is Hillary Clinton was going to be the next present united says. It's barge yeah I'm like well you thought. Walk I am and that's what does this isn't I'm Kelly miles. And this is actually price is 65 dollars but she's getting into all of you all the windy. Popular vote. You'll always. CY and the popular vote. Up or is it me waking up. In my parents William Meehan saying you know what you can do anything you want in life. Well you thought. I. Walk I can and that's with its business from Kelly miles. And this is actually price's 65 dollars which is getting into all of you all the windy. Hi you doing. Who yeah. How you doing. 45 bonds. We got a fearsome than Allah I do candidates here just for fun with this was this a recent episode I am no I order I just came across on in how you're doing this gallery I need that I don't discount OK can really argue that video is Harrison Ford's body. Oh man hey these guys will be here September 7 I think this song title is Devin only appropriate. It's met and him. Glad I dried and it's on the was.