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Wednesday, August 22nd


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Beastie Boys shares odds on the alternative 965 the borrows this is Danny and mark in the morning. Mark almost here against him dead duties needed to dig Kara pay. So. I have a confession. And I don't know if this happens. To you. Or it's just me. Now as a partner I'm married his partner I believe. That you should be like extra sweet and one of the ways that I am totally it shall we. It is after today you know I look tomorrow and have him doing to some post mates right. Or Georgia sure every servicer overeat similar service you only. I have a problem. Our idea. Keeps sleeping. Through my post mates delivering. And you know if your order imposed mates I work hours schedule right I mean I gotta be up and be awake going to be alert usually in two or three of those things. So sometimes. You have a little bit of a day patio day. Right it did Dave paddy today. Maybe some ginger ale and riskier. Diet Mountain View and Vizquel classy things that underpin. It gets and a bit bit then that ended the decent hectic house of postings from your post means it happened again. I keep sleeping through my post mates I feel terrible. Now I tip right even after I tip my five stars. Over 20%. Or when he for not quite to it and it was halfway when I went downstairs. Here's my question. Don't you think. That they should leave the food if you don't answer the door. I mean. I'm a miserable human being. Who slept through the live delivery. Or breaking diamond was cute delivery. And that's me I'm the bad person I am so sorry. I didn't mean oasis has technically. Party paid for. Ensure that outside I. Thirty minutes it's still good right and like how long. Would you we McDonald's. Is somebody left it outside your house on a day like yesterday. You're figure 45 minutes. Thirty minutes. I emailed the company. I was like hey my bad I slept through delivery. And again and Ira I instantly re ordered insular it's earlier by now. Why not why not plus odd dollars down a toilet on McDonald's. Instantly rewarded including. And they email back saying hey sorry they tried to call you and do more now Arizona. I know broad back year post it. I understand your policy. But do you think they could leave the food. Next time I mean I was like points chicken artists who tensing and Anderson ten. Contenders. Is this just mean. Does anybody else. Sleep through post needs is that rude. Don't you think patiently for food. These are all questions I have all questions. I don't know. Mark's going to be back in just a minute gonna do a little and your 45 Korea. And as I promised adding some reason it was their birthday. So please. Enjoy. Regulators you requested. Is for you don't sleep through it compares.