Personality Traits

Thursday, July 19th


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I'm sure we'll talk to. Well I'm not sure I was thinking we'll probably talk to nick rightly or about the baseball player GQ Suzanne what's the one Josh hater whatever you. You conceal that diamond Jane ambulances sorry. So. He plays for the brewers and look this up real quick I view is if nick wants to talk about it I figured I better serves. Having him on to discuss that but. The all star game was in today Iran right. And so he's playing in shouldn't laugh but I mean this is kind of crazy he's. Plain doesn't know that anything is going on but as he's playing. Someone on Twitter and I forgot their name com. What what they're screening is but they have gone back and found all all I did see is that yes I did see zone and comes back to his locker room and there's like fame members and stuff waited from Alec he's Josh we need to tell rock you know he's like why. And it's they show on these you don't pay just assault came out on these. Racist and homophobic tweets for whatever the on your public Twitter right now. And it's you know this is bad you're gonna have to snap back. Have to have a back. You're gonna have to have like a press conference or whatever and even said like as the press was template way. I think it was his agent or some I was like wait Nam you know we're waiting for a few more reporters whatever and he had to give this'll speech about. You know I was seventeen I was stupid it was a dumb thing to do. I have so many questions but. I do not have a tour around seventeen. I'm react so that's different. I know that there have been similar stories in this we discuss them with Mick and it is somewhat recently it was a football player who has lost. There's been a couple where it goes back to find he's one of them was of a college football player who's getting ready to be drafted I think he may have been like one of the first brown potential first round quarterback picks or something. There is someone. Noteworthy in college football they hit I don't remember them being as bad is as this but. You know when when you say you're seventeen. Of course we are not. Lecturer at seventeen we do rotted dumb things as seventeen I think most of us was say we we. We did dumb things things that we regret when we were seventeen but I don't remember of it I think a lot of people go to a lot of different. Phases in their lives that they're embarrassed about. For some people like for me I went through the hippie phase right where I write this in the rest of Bruton war be you know Grateful Dead. Necklaces in my school picture and Carmen my long parents don't like that clear what exactly is Canada yes so certain people go to. But that blue ridge today. To just go through Vietnam. In this 2011. And I know that you you seventeen that's that's. How long ago I'm not saying that you don't change I'm wow usually don't over the course is seven years especially when you're talking about. Being seventeen. Egg goes back to. Kids have to be careful with social media should you know should parents keep a closer eye on what. There are kids are tweeting in putting on FaceBook and answer grammar whatever. Putt. The staff that they were saying that he said Ian why why why did he still have those up. The article that I read in Washington or do you just forget about yes they made so like he just forgot that there there it was a public account you can just go look at and apparently just go and who battle attack 1011. So this guy he's some sort of you know. MLB EU and what ever I saw his name. When I originally read this wherever his. His Twitter handle was and he was some sort of you know MLB. Fan or. Are no feud cities it journalist or she whatever. Of course team he made a statement had to make a statement immediately and he said he you know young immature stupid I was in high school we're still learning. Who we are high school you living you'll learn you know won't happen again all that stuff. But I did want to talk to. Nader out that if we get a chance because. Lorenzo Cain talked about 20 he didn't I didn't and says so I asked her inner gave his. His talk. Lorenzo came. Came overtones and apparently he came over and put his arm around them and whispers something in Keynes here. And then walked away and so they asked can and this is just from the story in the Washington Post says I was just trying to understand the situation said Kahne who was black. He's young we all say some crazy stuff when we're young that's one reason why don't have social media because things like this you always controls are things you said. When you're younger. You will move on. The situation is what it is I know him he's a great guy I know he's a great teammate I'm sign everybody will be okay will move on from it. He said yeah I was surprise to anybody does something like that you're always surprised at the end of the day. You've got to give people a second chance I understand that you got to forget as people move on fronts for me it's over and done when he said it it got out there I'm moving on from me individually anyway. And that's Lorenzo's Andrea. So the article but I this is a from the original article I read they said that Serbia count that found these tweets is. Named MLB insider dinner. Okay they found them and re treated them. They were still there to be retreated this was like a screen shot that's. Included new for people who didn't see the story included numerous uses of the N word according to Washington Post. Numerous uses the N word. An illusion told white power next tournament OG of a closed fists. Apparently one of the tweets just said I hate gay people. Another reference point women only for sex cooking and cleaning. I didn't go through that phase. No I don't know motivates you to go back animation writers Julia everything that I thought about that a cigarette how far back and I think we have that same congressional we talked to nick about. You know. That. When you have an accountant has however many south of some people at thousands and thousands of old tweets. There's if you become you know now that he's on national TV. Talk about NAFTA right. You know I'm heading towards the back end only his stuff because resigned to people bill I don't know because you are paid on my right you guys do down Ali's pitch Rogers like I was seven limit and you don't know what someone's already taken a screen shot exactly. Lula which is by the way. I told you I'd get anxious about social media and as I type in anything could be. A tweet a comments on FaceBook or read it or whatever. I will tighten up I will look at it and I'm not exaggerating nine times out of ten. I deleted because they get too nervous wreck could could come this is this going to be this is necessary is that it's doing even. And I can spend a long time doing it. Just a delete it. Right at least isn't something I was reading I was on the plane there's articles for SuSE was. Like personality traits you should avoid at all console I don't let these become your part of your personality. And racism homophobia you know there was six of rom and as I was reading and when I got to the end and I was like the every one of these things is you is media every single thing every single rate. There is should avoid. There's you. What's her. Number one taking things personally. You take every Denver take everything and says try to let stuff roll off your back more than. Being offended and angry all the time losing huge waste of energy that can really take a tolling if you take a lot of things personally I get worried that people are mad at me right all the time. And if somebody says some thing. At war personally just says a show such you whatever or someone around and just some sort of he works thing that may not even be about us you take personally. Okay act I guess take a lot of things personal to see that. Day you're right I don't like to see people. Say bad things about. Station and the city or yeah okay I guess you're right it I take things personally constant worrying. I think I guess I can't argue Allen. It's hard when you're hired I can't help that I don't know how to fix apps I'm trying have been trying this does take a reaction whenever you can address something had done. Yeah but but I worry so maybe they're talking about worrying about things it could be constant worrying. A good story about both were about things that you are a constant warrior now also worry about. I don't even know what I'm worried about sometimes I was reading an article on forms and it was personality traits you should avoid and all of them Marchand Spanish version outrage. My gun dominoes like wow. She number one taking things personally you take everything personally. Constant worrying. Negativity. You think I'm a huge drain on your own energy and complaining all the time yes try to find work on its two homage to called it's I'm trying to work on the you can. Yeah you're constantly negative you know sale or cynical and they. But you are you lean towards negatives like 1011 years ago Liza says something to me about I think I'd seen a movie. As ever right jocks and Ozzie was really strong socks you hate everything he hates I don't like any thing. Is so negative united red glass happily as glass empty just a astle and I was like are and I should work on that and I've tried did not. Be so critical. I guess maybe I forgot. To work to keep working on that there's nothing if I say anything like hey you see this movie like it is but I know. But what do in my didn't. Well I just saw me on and on healing the soul. Man. Known believed only about shows that you like that are guys in the past signs found. On the sharp Bob I don't well. I'd like condescending and dads and in nightmares they one or two things a moral value life in men and LC media he's right. Don't herbs. Every once in awhile but by the way sharp objects there. We're only two episodes and now rises through them but timely to defy these unit. We really just a stupid. Analyst plan for the. I wasn't complaining so con I was just saying if that if in your. Miller did unemployed because he told me to watch Maher was missed Mosul. And so I start watching them love the show I think it's great finish took. And a couple of days I came back a few days later and that I finished it. By the time I came back to you or like at photos when you told me at that moment your man it's great I'm Lenny Bruce's and it's awesome and I came back. You were still. You weren't a lot of sadness though I have been hospitalized before with I love that show. Now it's yeah like if you liked that show yeah like I recommend it I recommend it right but the the entire garrison unit gave me a personal so much and now it's enthusiasm is what I'm worried about a lot of thing. XY riled up expect. Over sending tanks. Yes that's definitely. A problem. Once you thought something through another Tony and I that goes back to like tween something or right. Comments are saying don't over think things once you thought something through pulled the trigger and stop second guessing law hmm I don't know how did you I've. They say there's a trendy term now called Falwell. Follow what's that fear they are better options other options out of fear of missing out fare better options mean and they say that is a huge energy waste here. Well yeah I guess make a decision doing. But for better or for worse now. If your problems when you come to a fork in the road. I don't like forks there are like change so maybe that goes back there because I don't wanna make a decision about yet no I just want everything. To stay the same unless something goes horribly wrong and I needed to get back source now horribly wrong and then you know can dispute. Sort of wrong but he gets stuck at the 40 which won the taking or if you take this one. Yeah I don't like to make decisions and only time decides what to say I want is I want things to make that decision but I don't want to ingenuity is in but he made a decision it would take him. There forever to make a decision might have thought process that would have to go behind actually making a decision resumes now. As I that you won't make a decision eventually were all forced to make decisions for you over think everything I liked to have last lower my brother used a got anybody to just say. This is. That this is what we're doing this is what we should do this is. Thought forms is saying is doing after is given of where I thought right endure. This is once you thought something that's true or not that's a really Smart idea once you thought something through an allied okay. That's the problem thing and something there you can't think for the about a for days and days does not think that's over thinking one thing so they threw like OK boom boom boom. There's always gonna have a camera when that. Let's don't and gags I don't know. That sounds that's that's him he sounds like risky behavior. So you know I'll stick with someone like you who is you know fly by the senior. And Naomi will dolls each other out. Gossiping and creating drama come on. And that's healthy for. I've read that that's healthy years as generating any kind of unnecessary drama airlines is a waste of time and energy might hold on I do enjoy gossip and I ask people for gossip. But I don't feel like I'm. And two in this you do and a master of pretended out. We're just going early and Illini nation you hear about heart song and then Deng. You wait for whatever anybody says and you don't tell everyone. That your game that's who you do here. That's when I need information as someone doesn't wanna give me because they put it in some sort of vault or something not. I you randomly. EA yes that's something now I'm in here really got to pretend you know that's the thing you are the master. Okay just like to gossip but I don't feel as somebody brings up only overseeing nominee indecision those have been somebody says Ali afternoons listened to the may depend story. Why because I I wanted to do some research on you Reese our shifts and then took notes yeah. My I don't I think a lot of people do that. Might be over time can. Gosselin creating drama I really do that. And then being too much of the people pleaser needing to Nigerian crow you complain about being a people pleaser yeah very negative about your own character trait of being a people like you. Your number two constant worrying. You are constantly worrying about being eight people pleaser and a negative way too straight and six. You do on a constant basis. You're worried about what you gotta do this weekend because you don't help someone you know and they're gonna feel lied to then be all like the bad I'm delivering the bad ride our. You know somebody's got some I needs my help to do this and I don't really wanna join but I got to do it. That's the people pleaser so you're constantly worrying about it but then you tell everybody. Als besides the person you're gonna how how bad is gonna saw actually a negative about it I don't know what causes that door how to fix it it does bother me there's. I do feel like. To stanza in the sense that with somebody dislikes me I'd. I tend to be. Nicer to them I dedicate more time to the Mike I would be nicer to someone. So I can Jaron did journeys upset with me at work about cheers of some usually eight years right then I was so overly nice trying to help her out whereas snow call may not have been upset with me at all. But I would say get out of here I got a dogged journeys and tear whatever I do obsess over that affects. He's like a guilty feeling I've I and I feel guilty all the time. I'm not those are two separate issues or not but the do you see yourself like that stands there where David. Well just said certainly with that aspect or somebody doesn't some listing the Sudan's I've seen the show and his what I know of Pakistan's and I know I watched all of curbs about Larry David. You're basically the same person now because I feel like he at least makes decisions you know that says not over think he's serious things. So he's new he's got some aspects about it yet because he makes decisions he does stuff he says things they may get him in trouble whereas I just hide. And then wait outcast in his assistant it's not on Ellis and act allows I was gonna say that that I will admit to not and I'm not willing to admit to some of these. But the the that the falling on the sword thing. I need to work on match. And it's I tried to work on that. But that may be connected to the guilty conscience thing I'm not sure why so much on the Israelis are quite just over shot and you tell me which ones you disagree runners take things personally. Known name argue which is and the constant worrying that I don't disagree negativity. I don't disagree with that as close over thinking things now I don't disagree with that gossiping. It's a gossiping causing drama on creating ironic to create drama that there's there's people who like that's I think that feel like that's not only migrated. I'm more of I wanna hear it here in the dust yeah I wanna hear these guy gossip and not create. I'm so not true. All right all right let's think it is they don't don't you make me anxious is like you asked me at nine and I like oh my god did you hear about now tell you know I mean come on does that sit there is that how creating. Right I think that's just spreading it that's our creating drama. I just go good to go to go to a golf game tournament you'll please and that's all that's also axles a six character traits usually avoid at all costs. You do all of woman stage. Now but but but but but the guy's pitching partly pitching now. I'm anxious thinking about. Some of these things. Some of these things are things that I actively tried to work on and some of them are things I don't but the constant worry running generally title. I don't know what to do a tremendous friend. Is being unnaturally attractive to kids on the list. That's how come. There's still confused I up. Some under section god help ma'am Muslims fast. Will you do in an article in Forbes there's sand MB everybody does this and others saying that view. I think are saying is that changes your whole idea and some people do some of them. I don't know that if we walked uniforms building they relied almighty god you do all of them that if I don't think that was as like hey here's six things. That people probably do a couple of you should work on the news. But when I ran and I was like oh my god he does absolutely. All of them. Sorry guys. Bottom and and I love you just the way and I love and other bottom made us end item or may you know you want happy. I like the gossipy taxes and I got a. Alma. And I like to live by the suit my parents are married rash decisions all the time. So it's good to have a partner in her. Seventeen years or however long we've been together who's like please just make a quick decision. I don't want to go to dinner at the heart of why you guys care were able stick together might. As I don't have any of those negative personality traits you have all of them you're both pretty anti social. Brash people and comes with forming relationships. The fact that you guys are stuck together for seven anti social. I'm not anti social bug. You're pretty anti social isolation I'm in an anti snowfall I don't know never having fun new friends you I. Hold on hold on. Complain about not having any new friends okay. I don't want to leave the house to hang out with new friends and I are essential but if someone out work comes up to me and says something I'm polite. I'm I I I worked last those polite but curt he's quick it's yeah cool bright idea. I feel like I'm the person in this room who does oh hey how's the baby. How's the isn't about forming new job. There's a unit don't. I mean OK maybe you talk to people that worked a little bit more I do but I don't think that. Makes you view us social butterfly mean you're anti social. You've come to work and then you talked to a few people knew you even go home. Yes and you dress your dog got another down day I remember a I'm just saying they don't mind to work but it but in his room item until you feel like umpires should be banned some design now. Right I'm outcome is equally as guilty. All I'm saying is maybe that's why you guys have worked out for seventeen years because I can't see either one review working out with someone else. Seven I mean you're both divorced no no offense but. That's federal it's hard to hold on to you guys made it work for seventeen years I'm saying maybe this is why because you the exact opposite when it comes to this list. And we're very understanding. We get a lot of people second chances. I think down. When good knew what I do QB Brett chin. In his second chance if you've worked up than a few years that's true. Health balance I don't know why this is our earnings well me now wants the pot. You know ancient. Shouldn't be union I just don't like the idea that well and as we get along and hearing that's that you two are I feel like we get along. You everyone in this room gets along with one another so I kind of resented the fact he's eight and we can only ever get along with one another. I wasn't saying how it's gonna sound like answer jurors and I feel like you know. We're seeing someone every single day for seventeen years I don't know anyone else other than the other one of you to Beckett do. I don't know who else could be brought in here that said across and was there for seventeen years I was actually last and not. Be killed allows eleven and same goes for you you guys are leading in the game. He's saying you completely you can. We I'm not argue with that and I do little I've I've said before. You have to have my name is sometimes I think that's a that's certainly. That did that the traits that I covet most about Laszlo is the ability to say. Well. Is what it is yeah got to go deal with this because I say well. Yeah but we're done. It's over it and I'll leave my house I'm not address unknown and it's not gonna pay my mortgage anymore for and I think there's no reason to factor. I'm done it's over forget it. My grandma may they mean there are times when. I feel pressure and I'm like I don't know what to do. Still right. Everything's spiraling out of control and I'm making mistakes things are going wrong. And I grabbed some fast and we brought the part on the smoke a cigarette and he knows him. How much Obama on it's. That is it is yeah that one time. I just say business nowadays don't unless it was weird but this is where business is what I say this is how I share. And and. And yeah here and he'll be like oh god I'm so let's have her take some of these. I just saw Obama at this is so so that's. Becoming an even though. I just ones who doesn't want should you do I don't I don't got a dash salt believe it and do the important thing yeah. Yeah.