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New Chairs

Thursday, September 13th


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Billy I was she. Eagle mr. can dish. Sales relative basis by the buzz. They are markedly here in the morning. You know what the hell is this thing then you check. Yeah. Don't break it here. Parker leaned into the chair and it didn't have it didn't break yet the way I get in in my chair every morning because I have a broken chair with a rear are as I put my arm on it and I lean down and that 230 pounds on it and it kind of snags the one side of a yen and I can slide right then there's no sag on this you know these -- registered. And a house there. For now they're sturdy and here is it dissident nicely like Arnold and this is and what's its share is that it's weird this is unacceptable actually nice and comfy. You'll get used to it. Half. You're go over the broken there is there like an angle for. The easy enough for tall people maybe my. Oh blow where you'd go I'd failed announced today. I'm back. This like the funniest thing I've seen in awhile yet. Okay. What. It's. I like my share have you ever it's got like. All octogenarian. Lamar support. In the back of the chair and it is just like rolling into my back is forcing you to lean forward. I like I don't know maybe it's here here's a little different. Your. Age I did he's gonna hate these chairs. Share. Written our ninth. To me. But I was sitting there. It's preposterous it is preposterous as sufferers short people that cheer there's not a does that and this and again knock on shorter people it's just. The foot rest goes it is my knees it's Ohio up. You know my knees are bad it quite an acute angle. Well a very acute angle. That's violent Islamist is I'm like 510 BI come close are like my legs closer to lob truce. That makes you bet that that makes perfect sense home boy this is not gonna work at least they save the old ones yeah for an excuse me. Well I'll pack and Lou darkness my girlfriends. My broken share. I'll follow you demo area. And although often in the room. Get my share. It's in my chair I watched the brokerage there that's the guy that it's so funny. Love me yet others. Give me a comfortable broken cheers and there's three new one that doesn't even roll. Still OK I'm very sorry everybody I have not had a change my work environment in thirteen years this. Yet these these nature's own role ovaries no but I've I've but they're nice to sit around for for somebody who's five to build shared the role and amiss in the Wheeler got a belts look I have. But I'm comfortable in my legs are finally hanging its. Hollow man lake honestly I get so thrown off by change. Anything it doesn't matter I windy it was sort of putting less. Frosting on top of the pop tart am I notice I notice. When they start anyway the sentiment from Nia how many and where our magazine years bro. That a obscenity at chair I do my work environment has changed late last time a change we move buildings and now. I've got this new chair. I'm so third I don't know what that says about me I think those chairs the the one thing in the or want I think it's been in Henderson's. 2000 to 2006 yet or whatever name they moved in yet visited your. But but has been on this shares so many times. It's element here. All right great era let five's at a desired text me a nice 500010. At some sleepless night and ray ago ordered ready to go. It's texting as advisors are your song requests. And mark Michaud. Pickett and if we play it even have access to way you apprised OK. As far as games. It was Vietnam. And is it that we left early to an extra innings and by the time the girls girls and Scalia. Preschool and can I learned today it's they GAAP. So I had jail near real blame for preschool is there he wants a wants some free baseball yeah. I'm washed and then it was fun and then lost but here is there they're pretty much locked in for the second pick at this point yeah. So have a pretty high draft pick I actually. Tory right junior yesterday. From Casey as he did well here's the thing we were actually. My youngest daughter lifestyle malice or doesn't so I was getting my Olerud are used to the dogs or around so we're having good time playing in the all the dog to play in the pool or pets dogs. And then I looked up right after Torre through the first so I just miss SI don't not of their listeners. Leave I left out all right good job guys out there. Are solid play a song and then more come back and we'll do a little. Raider like Tex he's our requests are nice as far as news aero X is sitting on reprise book. And are missing out. Name and where you take some from three to two million just a little bit and let's start off our morning together I mean Billy Irish is great. Wonderful Fella get like 6 o'clock in the morning. Is like infusion. From. You know despite a little. So instead let's turn up the wolves. Gay hero up close which ready to some one's at 6 in the morning is and what.