Netflix Rules

Wednesday, June 27th


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I'll I'll I am very stereo guy and this is a marathon. Doesn't work then I'm I'm looking and it's. I'm with the solutions on my gal has taken out of picture from among its. It's maybe some Amish as someone knows cited as mentioned it and you can tell me. It's an iPhone can write via. And in just a name and honor explain and it's like someone else is pushing all the keys actually gets possessed to write like debated on its and is possessed and opens up maps clothes and some won't let you swipe well legislator Bob you go to attack zoology Jackson tried attacks like. The word. Dog don't dispute like TG FK KKK Gigi you need try to early it and then it and don't get out. Like someone said hey man I really need to talk to you and Harry I want to respond. By day I'm driving or something I'll call you later and I did that and it just somehow I came up when I'm on the way. There's an accident and I'm sure there lied to and new Yorker I want yours here my view and and in some of them do like a favor of forming a bit and I wanted to say like French. And I it just won't do anything so. And maybe someone's got an answer for that maybe there's a lot of make on genius out there I mean it. Jack is it'll surmise like when you see it a virus on your computer yeah exactly crazy. It's easy to sing about that I don't know if this is true or not. Like this particular article I'd Kubel businesses from and the independent you've seen articles on a formula that's their logo this looks and a real whose story. The story about Netflix. It. It says Netflix film crews banned from looking at each other for longer than five seconds. In the hash tag need to crack down. So they say Netflix has introduced new anti harassment training in the wake of the need to movement the rocks Hollywood and seriously disrupted production of its house of cards show. New rules imposed on sat reportedly include no looking at anyone for longer than five seconds. So you just can't. Look at anyone for longer than five seconds no finish fixing my phone. You know how to fix it. It happened here found. Now the most imitation so it's called ghost touching or something. Just and that is what's your hand is that all it's radio I thought it was a undermines. Jerry just Olympics is everything Luke thank you very. This happened to your phone. Player Latin. The rules say if this is true. Then you're not allowed to look there analog look at anyone for longer than five seconds. They're not no lingering hubs which is weird he's think they just say no hugs it around look it's no flirting. No asking for colleague's phone numbers. This is a quote every one that was spoken to about hash tag meat to announce that runner currently working on the new season of black Mir told the sun. Senior staff went to harassment means to learn what is and isn't appropriate looking at anyone longer than five seconds is considered creepy. You must not ask for someone's number and less they've given permission for it to be distributed. And if you see any unwanted behavior reported immediately. So people are joking around about it. Talking about you know look at each other for longer than five seconds I do think looking it's on for longer than five seconds as creepy if we're not talking to one another. This doesn't specify that. You can't look at each other for longer than five seconds unless you're talking. It just says no looking age of the fraud in five seconds so Hank and I could see our Don here there are certain people don't work here that. If we were outside talking and you're talking to us they might stop and stare at us. For five seconds of course this weird it is weird. Well let me not may have we're outside in there just bare land on an Internet user had another conversation and you stand a man. Triangle latest shortage here and annoying and I yeah I have a good day guys will be five seconds that's. One. To be up three. Form. Five so tubular talk and Eli men like them to try to catch and maybe nominee like our guys. Bone stupid conversation I'm out Eli dirtier and violations aren't well certainly I guess if I was walking by someone's desk and it was hit the desk and they weren't talking when I stared at the Soviet army and their friends run that's what they're talking about. Maybe this isn't so absurd if you look at it. If we had contacts and they said look of course you can steer people for long and five seconds if you're having a conversation. But if you're just looking at someone who's not talking do you not talking anyone else. There's no reason to look at someone for a long and five seconds no lingering hugs which okay. A hug is thanks I appreciate it I guess anything pass that would be lingering. No asking for phone numbers that's cut and dry run just can't ask for somebody's phone number but no flirting. How do you who what what it's random I did well sort of trends we're done you can no longer meet people who work. That's over. Go online. According to this Netflix declined to confirm or deny the report. But they did say in a statement quote we're proud of the anti harassment training we offer to our productions we want every Netflix for action to be safe and respectful working a virus. Environment we believe the resource as we offer empower people on our sets to speak up and shouldn't be trivialized. But lasso if you can't. Meet people at work. This is only those days are past this is the only group of people you meet people in elementary school that you meet people in high school because I'm not go to college now have to go to chendresic. Tender. Now that's only to leave but the only way to meet people scamming people are dangerous I'm I'm not being sarcastic Brothers you cannot meet people who work anymore man. But it's the only people you ever see you're gonna have to meet and someone's house. You can't have sex and people who work. You can't want to sexual. Well I guess you don't want to buy it but you cannot anybody know that you want to Aronson is better than being well known like arm and a leg does such leg back. But for a for forever this is just been how people meet one another clashes Cheney go to bars and stuff too but they. This I make friends this is how you what about friends were asking some of her phone number because you wanna be friends. You just ran hang out after work that may not be flirting if I said. He wanted to watch the game later. And I get your number you can't do that with a co worker. I can't be friends with co workers not really. I mean that were already VR AM to establish friendship share. But if new girl or new guy came to work your day you know I know you wanna go watch a game sorry about it. Auto lock. So there are those going to be the rules here than. You set I think are already there. I'm not allowed to. Ground promotions and mourned as he was out and now. They're not get to meet the crew there are assumes hanging out who's helping out shot. Stop what you're being serious I really can't. Not yet absolutely no I'm bears all the bridge a brave new world man why is this I go down there. Loot them. Them. What do I just wanna be friends with someone in you can't watch. Yeah I'm being honest you can't. It's not worth it. It's not worth it if you are single. And someone else if we're those around Daniel again it was going on Obama Mon you talk for government you've except for me. Remember how to do it now. You can't you cannot just walk up to a woman now that you work winning give her your phone number. But I had users if you want you can't oval I would hope that that would be the first thing you save it may even get on anyway you run your. You can't doesn't matter in my my hey here's my nominate men could be nothing no more. If you do this I hope that would be the first thing you say I can't think of anything less aggressive. Then here's my number called if you'd like and never Talking Heads. That's about as that's about as do you like me check yes or no that's like if you call me I'll be happy to answer. That's sick and anyone I just said that to you. Thank you. You just said. Well I hope you were good no no that's not. I could be in the break room. Some uncle buck up and and and she could say oh Pepsi hunt you like it should I say you know I actually use appoints you as I use the points to Ohio. My name's Samantha. I worked just surges in Ohio you know 939 Bible I work up here. Now we've we've talked to so that is a normal interaction. Out work right now as a mentor or should end. But what I thought what we keep running into each other every time we go to vendor Zach does it really close to getting meter and if you keep running and doing those snack truth. It's it's it's cool it's you have you know everyday that's a whole morning that's why this happens because people aren't gonna therein and you're in a building together and every day for hours in the same building. You're gonna run into each other once in awhile. No. What if she asked me. While and then you can say that she's harassing. If you wanna do. Yeah should be able to come to work and not feel like you. Are being hit on. I was only need to create an app for work. It it's like tender and I but it it tell it knows where you are and it shows you everyone and that I guess that's just tendered his tender tell you where you are stuck on like can people say because it tells you who's near you write a Sammy miles away and so there were other people in this building nor on it then it would just say they're right tackle or right it's. A cat there and you could tell us that there in the building while you're here together earlier in the same spot. I should be able to. I'm on the on the under saying as overhaul if you're on tendered she really tired of the purses in the same house. And much lingering but I there's a thought if that's not on the Asia. Just for safety for reasons. And they should be like I'll look you match of that person who bear upstairs. Power down up.