Monday, 9.28.20- The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Monday, September 28th

*Welcome back! How was your weekend? Lazlo had some friends over. Slimfast went to a Trump parade. *Lazlo thinks he could beat up a wolf in a fair fight. *Lazlo does not like crying and he really hates it when people cry at work. Now he has to walk into the back office and see Jeriney and Slim crying at animal videos on YouTube. *Headlines! Trump says the news about his taxes is fake and the IRS treats him very unfairly. Very unfairly. Just so unfair. *There's another Tiger King documentary on ID tonight. We discuss the different pop culture phenomenons we missed out on. *Remember the guy who died last week from eating black liquorice? Well how much would it take for other foods to kill you? We'll let you know. *Who's the strangest coworker you've ever encountered? *A new study says they've proven that woman does lose the desire to have sex as they age. They just don't like their husbands. *Have a great night! Let's catch up tomorrow. Don't forget to follow us Insta and Twitter: @churchoflazlo