Monday, 9.21.20- The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Monday, September 21st

*Welcome back! What did everyone do this weekend? *Dr Dre's divorce just got even uglier. Lazlo has a problem with Love Fraud on Showtime. *Jeriney is afraid of Tinder.*Headlines! RBG died on Friday. The the battle begin. 200k dead from COVID in the US. Walmart saved Tik Tok? Philly fans boo their own team, even when they don't exist. Teacher begs parents to put on pants and put out the joint while your kids are in "zoom school". The Emmy's were last night. Which great shows are we missing? *A new app adds to the gig economy by letting anyone become a private investigator. *People prefer spending time with their friends over their family. People are least happy hanging out with spouses and kids? *Kim Kardashian says she may divorce Kanye because he's pro-life. *Nick Wright is on the show today! Let's talk about that insane Cowboys game and Lazlo's hapless lions. *Goodnight and good luck! Thanks for all you do!!