Monday, 11.16.2020- The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Monday, November 16th

*Welcome back! Slimfast is bitching about old people getting ripped off. *Lazlo has two ultimate fantasies. He'll have to keep dreaming about meeting Lindsay Lohan but his other dream may come true soon. *Headlines! Million MAGA March came up a little short but who's counting? COVID is still kicking our butts but there is some good news today about vaccines. People's Choice Awards (no idea what those are) recap! Meet Plus, meet Space Karen! *Jeriney and Slimfast stalk people online. *Ever had a fetish or maybe just a life goal that you got to try and decided you didn't like? *Women names Karen are bitching again. This time they claim they're having a hard time meeting people online because of their names. Yeah, I'm sure that's it. *Let's have a fun and positive Monday evening and Tuesday morning. Can't wait to hang out again tomorrow. -Everybody Wang Chung