Monday, 11.09.20- The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Monday, November 9th

We're back! What did you do this weekend? It's no surprise Slimfafst got COVID. *Over half of young Americans polled say they've never seen a cow in person! Seriously! There's a whole bunch of stuff that American kids haven't done. Some of them are really hard to believe. *Headlines! We discuss several stories but nothing is funnier or more deserving than the Four Seasons Landscaping story. *You're genitals don't lie and they're trying to tell you something. *Nick Wright is on the show and he can't wait to defend Brady after his lackluster performance this weekend. *Slimfast recounts the time he tried to get saved at a Baptist youth gathering when he was sixteen. *That's the show folks! Thanks fot hanging out with us. Don't forget to text us between 2-6pm or text anytime you want. We'll see it eventually. 91-EL-POP-WOK (913-576-7965) Have a great day. Stay positive kids.