Monday, 10.26.20- The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Monday, October 26th

*It's Monday and this was a helluva weekend for spots fans. *A new study reveals that 1/3 of Americans lie to their lover about their sexual past. *Headlines! Did you watch 60 Minutes last night? Trump got so bored, he walked out. Welcome to Third Wave COVID! (I was always more of a second-wave guy myself) People are murdering Murder Hornets. This is why names and titles are so important folks. Silento is a rapper and his BMW does 143. Mike Tyson released a song and it's a banger! *It's time to tell The Lemon Party story. If you haven't heard it, it's one of our greatest hits. *Nick Wright is on the program and he knows a lot about baseball. *Jeriney ate Sushi of a naked lady. *Will the real Melania Trump please stand up? *That's all for today. Thanks for listening and have a great night. I think I'm gonna buy one of those frozen Sara Lee cobblers and the entire thing. What? You got any better ideas?