Monday, 10.19.20- The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Monday, October 19th

*Welcome to the podcast! How was your weekend? *Everyone is scared of something. What's your childhood fear that never went away? *Headlines! Trump crowd chants "Lock her up!" when they forget it's not 2016 anymore. When was the last time a woman made national news because she'd been missing for two weeks and ended up being found alive? Rapper brags about ripping off the government in a music video and he's been arrested. Kids, stop messing around on Zoom class, you're gonna get the cops called. *Should children be allowed to act in tv and movies? *Jeffrey Toobin thought his camera was off during a zoom meeting. It wasn't but his pants were. *So you're a skeptic eh? Well there's gotta be at least one conspiracy you believe. *You ever look around and think "I hope I don't die right now. I don't want my family to find me like this." ?? *Another show in the books! Have a great night! Let's catch up tomorrow!