Monday, 10.12.20- The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Monday, October 12th

*Welcome back! Did you have a good weekend? It had to be better than the weekend Dak Prescott had. *Lazlo, please tell us the story about the time that witch put a curse on your......  *Headlines! COVID is going back on the road for a coast-to-coast tour! A news crew in Denver hired an armed security guard to protect their team at a protest. That security guard killed someone. Did everyone see the video of the girl throwing the puppy? Southwest airlines kicks someone off the flight for "looking good". *Demi Lovato says she realized she was attracted to women when she watched Cruel Intentions the first time. What movie caused you to get that funny feeling in your stomach? *Nick Wright is on the show! He'll explain why LeBron is better than Jordan and the guys will discuss the busy NFL weekend. *Bill Burr pissed off a bunch of white women this weekend on SNL. *A new study has figured out the thing people regret the most and it isn't romance or money. *Here's the official list of things to do on a first date. *That's all folks. Thanks for listening. Wash your hands, call your mom and tell her you love her, and buy yourself something nice tonight. You deserve it.