Locked In

Thursday, August 16th


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It knew that interesting story. It's it's horrifying now no interest seen as a right were way you look at enemy machine might manage him and you're enthralled by well armed. Think he knew I need to. Put together a living will or have something written down between the two of us at least on a napkin or something you know. Trying to catch my breath. Experts from the American Academy of Neurology. I'm really having a panic attack your Jesus wine experts from an American Academy of Neurology. Have updated their guidelines for people in vegetative or minimally conscious states because of brain injury. They now say four in ten people thought to be unconscious or actually fully aware. The guidelines suggest neurologist should be carefully examining patients. Mission examined in several times during the first month of recovery. Your receipt that's. Tales from the Crypt episode where. The guy dies but they're deleted the autopsy on Ayman he's awake and he's the only streaming but no one can Harriman. I guess that's kind of like this except they don't think that your dad they know you're alive. And I know when someone goes. Into a coma Ol or they're in the what ever they what do they say semi vegetative state or mental minimally minimally conscious state and I know sometimes a doctor rules say. We don't know if this person can hear you but so they can feel it if you hold their hand door. We don't know this person can hear you but they might be able to but they can't respond removed. Don't know. They don't know and I feel like for a long time they just told us that this person. Can't hear you because they wanna freak you out they knew what a freak you out to your love going to be in that position and they also didn't what do you think about. What you're gonna do when you're in that positioning you have to figure out what we're gonna do if we're in that position I mean he'll decide got to us. He now last week about a radio person. It is gonna add to the anxiety I don't need it I would like to Ali. There's a lot of it but Arizona emailed it went out to radio people and says when the this person heard I'd be writing about them as read his eyes went up twice. That means yes yes. You see moving his eyes is the only way he can communicate now. In case you miss a news earlier this year you had a stroke. But not the kind of stroke you normally associated would this medical condition this was a brain stem stroke. That left him paralyzed with a syndrome known formally as lockdown. I don't know his brain is functioning normally. But that slit. He can't speak. He can only move his eyes. Up or down yes that's it locked and we talked about this because up until now this was the syndrome. That we knew for sure you were conscious but you couldn't talk you couldn't move. You but you were fully aware lost when we talked about I read the Wikipedia on the air. And I also I think had a panic attack then now they're saying. But you could be sick or perhaps a by a brain injury which. When people think brain injury I think get punched by Mike Nassau something right but he also mean. That you you're you're sick and maybe you have some sort of disease I mean like my my my dad when when when he was getting sick. It caused a different organs to Derek which causes brain damage or tight the brain damage because you're getting this. The U your kidneys are launching properly and so you basically your pleasing your brain taken drugs like bush and hopefully I like to think means it. Yeah he was drugged in the sense that just like if your drugs your run in and an altered state. But they're saying that foreign ten people who are in this. Minimally conscious state or vegetative state. Are fully aware. This is this is double whammy because I think there's a change you may be and it now well. Want 11 problem is if it means that you're going to know smile Lebanon's. Pledge of god about blink your eyes. If you are. If you can hear us. NC I blinked look. Into novel object are right. This is the problem. You get five to sign something with you right now and then we go to lawyer dot com or whatever and I don't know gated proves legalized. That means it when I'm in that state. And you come and and you hand someone that paper whether it's my mom or doctor whatever. I'm gonna know why you're there are no we have this conversation I'm gonna know that I told you. That I don't want to live like that if that's what I say right now you may be once I get there you're like no digital. Has earned I don't. Not exactly I'm gonna a lot of that so I'm gonna know what any other part of that is if I'm stuck in this locked in like states. And I do say I don't wanna be like this this is like a nightmare that I can't wake up from someone please turn off the lights. I'm not going to be able to tell you so. I have to make a decision now. Like while I'm. Away you know it's. Really scary for me to be put a situation but I feel like you know locked in state is really just. With the amount of drugs you do once you get home and the amount of Netflix and Hulu that you bands watch. Gonna put you on your misery I'm just gonna. Gil who account hospital now are very well taught charity thought about that all your TV shows you'll be fine season six of community surge repeating for some reason and I see the same episodes over and over normal switch it back to how often do my best. I promised to put on news shows. But what if I don't want the new shows when I go home at night and watch Netflix you don't move or Hulu right and I also only have about three or four shows that I watch now watching for hours until I've also been he's become pretty. If you come in their search showing meet America's most infamous killers or whatever. Let me see that I'm 43 G off because my mental hospital which I don't like to begin with a minute vegetative locked in state but I am full aware. Oh great I think any Jew tool. Just as an option. Maybe you can give me sharks they. They've he had heard it's going to be hard up like this doctors off and visual he's got any physical pain you say yes but. I know this guy for many many years he treated mental pain with. Is designed to treat physical pain I don't know why you did that he's obviously not the only one who does that so I think that's what you would like and I real. In my heart of hearts that any person in that position should be allowed to ask for whatever they want and the doctors should try and help them. If I say. Right now allows up from ever in that state when you walked in I won't know they're gonna grab a bottle morphine and stick it straight and my knack for wherever I should know I can pull that off why you why I. Promise of faster you're really not promised. Won't go through all the shows on Netflix. All the shows on Hulu if you're still amassed a little small view of the pro. Don't smother me with a pill why it is recorded a message to the doctors right now as is stipulations you want because I don't know what I want because if I say cold applaud them afraid to. I'm gonna watch him watching the video may be laying there they're gonna turn this on the TV and there in the team room SE myself right here with you guys won. Yeah pull the plug on the go who are going to be thinking yeah. No that doesn't sound good but the same time if I make a video now that says. We may be for awhile and I am laying there in this nightmare and they watched it like well he says some finals and a woman what are we arguing about I'm Juan has. Asking for loan doesn't know John Hulu. What would you guys do. I mean what you think I'm the only one who could end up an in this position any of us could end up in this position. You guys should be thinking about this you should have some sort of play my neck hurts just talk about it. So what's your plan. If if you wake up. In some sort of vegetative state hospital boy your fully aware fully conscious like you just you're here you're paralyzed. What do you want done. 'cause they can keep like duck for a long time I saw sixty minutes where I was a kid this guy do you got an action or as well mostly what Mack concert slip on some my black ice and some might leads to some than. His parents kept him in the bedroom feed him carrots and stuff through two and I thought that he was a vegetable only found out later that he was fully aware. I think I may have strategy about them partly it could be that that's how it ended and in my mind that's probably happened somewhere we'll come out of the coma will probably find maybe maybe humans may be in or something and he woke up for a little bit I don't remember the point is that definitely happens to people and it could definitely happen one of us and we should have a plan in place. I don't know Russell's answer writing what try answer we'll choose a pillow to get smothered with the least had become an errant. Tibia an overdose of something I'm staff does something to put your sleep wherever they give dogs can't act passed that knowledge of the big kid they should be allowed to do that did you put betting. Will it take in Oregon or something desks pulled the play yes exactly pick it up put me in it now of course you're on this side airplane in your line or again and you're looking at the ceiling and deserves anything you know life. Is a bad when I should've sent as I want them a slimy around if not we see some things on the stage to say. They get put him one of those locking my Dolly is attainable when locked in on an airplane hook up. I'll show you that there's female pilots as a woman pilot yeah but the book directory home on scout camp continues strap on up okay. Okay. I'm saying I noted that's what I want and that's what I wish for you that's my health freedom of people. You want help from like under review what you want help for me what what do you mean this is my wish for you can't really talk about you know talking I want to switch around each other health for you know he's saying this is what I wish for you I wish to put my goodness perfect out. Create a vegetative state trapped in a turbulent airplane with a thirteen year old sorority girl who's flying the plane us and I plan. Our land here also roared I don't know how old I wasn't an employee never alliance. Why the plane neverland right what are the maple that you knew from high school or the I'll do for years and those other than an hour talking crap on me death. Straw whispering around you and Eddie I guess you can't share like John Nancy I think he can't hear you and I baccalaureate and I whispers demarche. And then all my love listening in on ever really loved him and then just yeah. And in the cheat the pilot comes on says you know we're gonna land and ten minutes and you never do. All right. I'm saying it now so I wish I'm Zain and pass out really well really on ore grade and on your mouth that's I'm going to be enough ultimate okay I'm going to be enough. A blow you look at the I can't feel it. When we don't know that I do I'm paralyzed I don't know you know bow wow we don't we thought we used to think you weren't vegetative state you weren't even aware of things. Maybe you can fill it and here's a kid I do it anyway. I'm telling you now I think it's not about you know that it's not gonna get better when my chance and seen now that was after finally load you. I'm saying I'm out alright guys this is it this is a lot. And minutes and eight seconds and this conversation. I. Read it ATA slim bass sound mind and body. Insane if I am one of the four out of ten people who is found to be. In a vegetative state but my brain is fully functional. And I am fully aware of for forget about four out of ten I shouldn't said that if I am ever in any type of existed and it's unknown as to whether or not. I am aware or conscious or whatever yeah. I'm done. Know who Ben genome Netflix Benjamin this is what I want. I want you to pretend like all of a moan and a voyage of return. Like you're not gonna do unless you're running a weak pretend like you're not gonna do what I want I'm gonna go oh you're not gonna kill you not gonna kill me. A leader among alien look read I I can't do this I brought you Netflix. Lou I think it through I want you to and put on and I put on Hulu volunteer and I walked behind you to see you and hammer and a skull just are showing signs followed up. Just put on but it's also something I want to cook he says he thought of yeah. I just put it on like signed filled season for. Lot of couple episodes run and then yes you can see behind me. And if you got a using him are I feel like that's probably Indian trouble for left but if you can find something to put in that IV bag. Too much morphine preferably. I might take a lock. Like more than the doctors think Russia that is gonna take gonna have to really emphasized now it is gonna take a brilliant that we we know right now. And his health Carol pay for. But just how on that little and then I think well a much in the contest again it never gets old I think I'm gonna Google Maps that's it. OK that's fair because what the same thing you guys have the same thing. I bring an ATV was so I turn on for so only can bring in computer monitor and start showing him YouTube videos of people die NN I don't know. The car accidents or something I'm always like to what kind of videos you like to watch on the Internet love that that's why people dying well okay fine. American Dad! I'll let the American Dad! there you go wool you'll have to sign in with my who he doesn't have a zone so. Sign in with my account the put on American Dad! do you wanna keep watching it where you want Rita. Season six few episodes via a got. So we're basically having the same thing. Let's don't. You've been a sound mind and body what I mean I got blood on your group ya. What do you want us to do I want you guys to not show up and just leave it up to about out of I want to doctors said. Just do what they think is behind these crazy lie as low being assigned mound signed the sign outside my house. Fizzling out YA. I would like to leave my health care to the healthcare professionals great idea yeah. Great idea of.