Leaving The House

Friday, August 17th


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No I don't want to. I'm not one to really bring us up because. I can be guilty as charged as well but I do think. It's someone needs to bring this up at least bring it to your attention banned them. May yet and I don't want to be. Oh and now want to sound like I'm projecting. So I am self aware of my own character flaws. Who did I (%expletive) off the wasn't that upset someone you know. One's about treating yourself having a panic attack how you treat yourself. Okay. What did you like shine. I was I remember a couple of months ago your super excited junior ran in my office. And you made me get you really. Good to. Seats. To see the Smashing Pumpkins she yeah. And I I got them for you yeah. And you were really really really excited about it. And you're gonna go all. Yet. Beard. Of Gora phobia I'm guessing you're debilitating. Fear. Of people. Has kicked in Somalia Indonesia. No I'm your super. Excited about it I wish I had like at 930 I thought that was really is a dumb thing to do not go but it's not. I'm not it's a gore phobia. Now and I can go outside I am not like coming to work. Is not. An issue. And just like come. You know that's the reason I said that when they announced that showed and I told you that you know he had to remind me about it make sure they went. I feel like can. My if I get what she sang and might argue I've gotten worse about. Day this just society and I'm not gonna do this thing that I wanted to do. I guess I'm always kind of canceled plans but now I've. I get that it's gotten worse but I I think last night at what I didn't wanna I didn't wanna deal with like getting a ride there like how. Figured out founder driver take or or Bill Simon come get him my phone. Because that's. That's too much I just what I thought about it I thought OK it's downtown. Him arm. And I hadn't made dinner yet. All I could get something but then if I get something a much I have a driver. You know stop somewhere get through need their my car owner dropped him as a driver dropped you off somewhere around there are others point to places she can I didn't make it out far in my head I thought well. Each other driver has stood once I got to the well I trying to imagine asking a driver take me to get fast food or some damage while you're just I gotta yeah. Just forget. So all elements them I didn't realize he had a good reason. I'm done I didn't have a dog and realize that you know was the battle of where they Hoover driver is gonna drive you through I mean it was. It was several no on I hear what you're saying now I think to myself OK Roy you know I mean there's obviously there was clouding the issue is cloudy now and then. My dark cloudy there and I mean and show was outside. I get at the show was inside and that's why it was an overall feeling of Islam. I'm I'm just you get something done here Aon will go outside I just. I knew that there would be. All right nevermind what now the more I think I've caught myself when I was about to say you're right I guess I didn't time. I didn't feel like. Being social and I was. Well aware it's a lot of people that I knew were gonna be going to as we've been talking about a lot I mean are supposed to meet people there so. I knew that you know if I got there they be taxi and I couldn't say I'm not here because they would could maybe see me and so I just how wolf I don't go now just tell that something came up I didn't go south ozone and income. Loss is what I told them I just said something came up. So what do you do in lieu of seems Smashing Pumpkins. I'm may spaghetti and and I didn't watch TV you know is good news and watching me. I was that. Chip relate. Couldn't sleep I would I did regret not going when you are talking about the show forever. I don't. I knew I was mad I'm still mad I was looking this morning on my friends' FaceBook pages did they taken pictures just. There are several hours he would look like giving me it's not a video or something. And so I'm gonna see your friends FaceBook page and Miriam I don't see. A professional. I do I go to the doctor I had not been Annan. Not not. I'm not they're not going anomaly. And I'm not on general practitioner. Exotica someone you know a specialist. This is that I've had the same doctors and so is you know a kid he knows me knows my stuff there. I still feel I go regularly were working on that again it. I I should have gone I could've gone I definitely could've gone I know I could've gone I know I didn't have a good reason and I knew I see like when I. Was halfway done eating and I thought I wonder what time they go on as maybe I can still go that was really dumb for me not to go side. Been talking as is before they announce it. And then your eyes someone had a screen shot of sad times and I thought I miss him you know you explain yourself clearly yes but just who wants that I think him he had when he reasons. And admitting that I didn't Osama. I don't know don't think they must. It's the was ill that he made a lot of good points it was cloudy out. You know where to tell Lou who are drivers tell you where to drive through this is same reason that you sometimes maybe it's someone says are you still doing this season I don't feel like it. You have to define what it is just for whatever reason you don't feel like it. OK I winless on its elegant. I went to a show of peaceful for far juror no on non work show bones at some point this year I know I did. I'm Brian Jonestown Massacre when tonight's show well in. These girls like kind of dragged into that race she likes them. The idea really likes them she wanted to go bloom was I couldn't tell ya there's a logo I remember march April may I don't know. Slowed of late winter early spring maybe some point that could've been a couple months and I really don't know all I know I did that well you know what I. Larger did not do what I overreacted. But those on the new girlfriend may not commodities in Simon's little Brian Jonestown Massacre you on April. On I don't know exactly what I've done other things. Am I gonna mail and it just shows Columbia where we will wait wait wait I went ten is nowhere to go to a drive thru I want to know the map that's the last thing I did a positive I remember that but we we've we needed telling you we. Now blessing and I did I went to that I went to different nights. Voluntarily. You know. Like I wanted to get out and I went and I went 08 UN I give us all how long now is how long was it there each night here. Who I think the first night maybe 45 minutes is and I'm the guy got there late the first night then you say when my blood suddenly an hour and a half about religion. A social day social. Yeah I mean I saw I would've chosen to come out I heard them you know play a song has a right there. Don't doubt it Sox for a beat the traffic guy again Katrina. Five dollars and I feel like everything's fine so I brought it up. Well I'm actually. Our feeling a lot of our regret about it today so all in my own vision and pumpkins what other what are your favorite Mandela over. I wanted to see and I was very excited about this so Maria and stuff felt good stuff going on. I didn't south again and I don't know elementary and I just I feel better at home the yard taunt you about this before and you said it's OK and I sent saying it's okay now I don't know why are you talking to. Sit at home I enjoy doing cepheid amounts of time there I said it's cool. Yes so that's why Mac right now I like to say don't awesome do you think you're gore folk would not know I just. I mean I definitely have social anxiety here you have control you'll wanna go out we're all sorry I'm. Is scared of being open spaces are like the outside so no it's more of a social thing yeah. If I was positive that nobody knew was gonna be going maybe it would have gone I don't know a school bus and so I don't. Cook. Since so I don't think you know I'm always like some people might land something to do I don't only don't they didn't know. I'll look at my and I like make plans of friends as they were the only way out where it goes to people that I invited to go didn't go. I'll go to Sundance seems totally irrational. I'll go to back I'll go to back when Zack it's the seventeenth that's outside. Or go to a part of my calendar right now. Other boys are open in that category I am the same conversation on. I know what he's doing I know what he's doing the voids your opening for backs of his girlfriends make him goes to the voids is doing in the band and so she's gonna drag him to it. He's gonna use that as I am she's choosing to go that's how does at all. I like back. All right but it. All right so old attacked a well. I'll go up when Zach got a few months right. I'll do that. Trader on the corner. And feels like you're good to see get out again. What do you want me to do OG UN has so I think it's funds and you can't be really made I was worried. And and I try to talk to you about it and I think youth. You sat Mayan. New well. That's it was October 2 to get songs helens is on the Muslim come. I regret it. One I should have gone and if I agree with view it maybe it is getting worse and he's definitely getting worse. I don't know if you I don't know if I go hunting at this point I don't Arizona nothing to seminar mister show us exactly. Ladies yeah at some stuff come up so there in Milan dawn on not a big deal hats and stuff gone it happens from. You know draft when you're a busy guy like you know. I had planned us originally had other plans the people's what you probably don't go don't get you out of the house well I will go to death cab over a billion in debts along the road super organism that's a good month Massa can Madden and the great show. Look I'll go to Billy Idol the like Nelson sayings. You're gay you're giving me things are less than a month away. Yeah well what that you need a month and a half to play and I just put my calendar set a reminder for two weeks before one week before and a couple dolls or I'll bet yes. I needed given us normal that's normal talking about all that's Larry there's no clear yes that is a calendar. Sort things are gonna do in two months. It is normal that's we have a calendar goes tomorrow you would need to write down you remember. So normal is not be able to go to something next week because it's a week away. Yeah I don't know that yeah yeah show a few months that's fine because he's got other plans. Okay more spaghetti I will Bible. I will go mom or dad is there's a model goes somewhere and I will take a picture house energy guys from some wire. I'll make sure you can see me in that I'll go suck. Without you might you don't. Have to do this for me I told you I was a little concerned. And now that we've spoken about it I feel like Perry and Sean Cole. I think your guard. Me too. Sad I missed the show. But mom stuff happens that I it's unavoidable life gets an ally Dixon when you live and now we really learned a book right at a lot of stuff that we really live a life when you just you know. Just prejudice accelerating yes now. Boom boom boom yes vote governor like whoa holy crap man I miss a Smashing Pumpkins concert exactly now you understand now because your shoe energy because she. Visit exactly. Yes. You get it. But you brought I don't wanna sorrow what six or. I don't recall. Some have teamed him. I don't call I remember it was these are certainly a drug is very cloudy or yardages right. I'm Bonnie it was very very very very fun orange dark ominous cloud you know I don't remember that it made me think you know one I mentioned you believe in front safer just to stay in there was pressing and that's. It's causing that shows and they canceled dozens outside I didn't think this shows any chance so I knew was an outside. It's just once you start thinking about all those things. It's probably gonna rain I need to get it right I'm gonna have to try and get some food somewhere I can't have my whichever stop there's. I don't know where they're going to be sitting there were a different area I'm gonna have to meet up with them at some point. I do any I'm not even gonna make getting across us all exactly you don't even make it to a quarter of that before you say. Forget it means is now worth it there's too much stuff gone way go to your job and thank you. I think you're living life lots. Let's go do something tonight. If you want. Or earlier under. But he can you can do anything tonight this for a couple of us I was kidding. To order I can't. Why. Because it's I makes him. Late afternoon. So. So I got a dog I need tourism dinner walk to the jargon. I'm probably gonna take all next week we can go up. Or this this weekend Sunday. This on immigrant Sunday Coca. Sunday author actually. Run on top golfers who don't know. Block will go get food or something definite Tom Roth I know they do I've been so it's gonna. No I don't we're going out to like a restaurant bar sometimes is a restaurant bar or golf yes I okay so let's just entertainers. Why that's the only place I've ever senior as by his house he can't even walk there. It's close we've got so close to me they are doing most of you don't mind and I know you like it was just go. Most of the time offers them on a Sunday Elena are you insane knowing that the tour lesser know role in the top golf on Sunday and saved. Give us your finest Booth on the third level and a two dudes on a Sunday afternoon playing golf alone eaten chocolate stuff. Cake no way my original was to him well I don't know what had there before. That's not a place where two guys going on Sunday afternoon just. Don't mind that's exactly what influence over what should you do go to go multiple bowling Alley then ambled just educators and food. My educators from I don't even going to eat. Well I thought this started off as we were gonna go to buy happy for my time off once they also booed the airport I don't go there to get the camera back. Let's just go get some plays send dozens of us and yet that's not a good compares I'll tell you that you go to top golf because you wanna do stings you are playing golf again. Does arm with sodas and needs and I said okay who got soldiers amid a massive fund or someone else. Okay ridgeline all encompassing well we go to chili's or something. While there are golf and what was the problem golf's gonna. You can always get it yet give him an inch and take a mild concern throwing things in here. First it's golf next thing you know after that we're gonna go play nine holes of real call for something for women and I see a movie let's just go. To a restaurant and eat and it's finally even own yeah us like normal people. I will go mechanical lawsuits involve. No it to a restaurant a restaurant. You're not gonna go to top golf on a Sunday afternoon with me a little up now you're not Smart enough because that's ridiculous brought it back. And radicals out of that place loud. Lot of their the true us walking into that you've that's a place you go to a group of friends or family or something. Assumed too does the girl hello Jon Mills in Iran are humble. Boulevard Beers and and leaves okay I'll get a read about you you can go. Why do you don't want us to go to school logo. I don't see why this is still in saint Yugoslav coach and or Spain you know it's insane trying to make me sound like I'm crazy you know it's insane why isn't so. If you've never heard this conversation and I and you Texan senator and said what's up what are you doing nice and I'll just get home from top blogs and all your top golf what I said was a one night you would say what the hell you two went to top ball on us and ask him what general there I would say what value to win anywhere is because you don't go anywhere all right this. Does have so gone Avaya if you should you texted me and say. What are you gonna say just you know from top golf and he said oh cool would you go Minnesota but in mind. Totally normal okay. Yup that's sounds totally normal to me right. Yes but now I'm sad slow fashion like really slim fast and it probably surprising you know plays golf with his buddies. Sure rights and it sounds like to do that they would do you know I don't play golf with him. Well we'll find your dry it's your drive and its gulf. No it's all it's a very very. Cool driving range it's golf there yeah. I don't want to resize and it is is a golf technology literally only hitters. You bowling when a bullet you those homeowners from going. Being called big road all right we'll go bowling or go bowling. We go to Deanna rose looks Disco ball anyway do as a hammer coroner wasn't big gross who wasn't much you are now she's toe. Darnell now to the bowling Alley you're being serious and Willie there. Oh I love blowing on through me too perfect chicken strips. That does your November's rise you know vocalist of prayers I request is to look what I don't know virulent. And Johnson can no does a boiling right down the street from now I'll go on and on top what is it now it's up ten pins and up. Black pin up bowling pin that is something this pent up and a pen pennant pinnacle no. But I don't know if you're being serious or I am born in valley there. Pin home pin ups of the legends what's won't turn your head I have up only knowing right chemistry lucky strike look these are there that's guerrilla strike. I've there's a hundred times street it's close few that's close to me threaten middle right in between us let's just go there. But that's what you wanted to know we can overlook usually unemployed and I don't know that pinstripes and stripes. Ringo to not remember much about the amount you to go to complain about your mambo no Billy's. You knew although I do so I sort of agreement boil between our houses I don't need to drive all the way out to have some fancy place. If you wanna go we can go I don't think you being serious but article will go to Penn structural. Who put botch your ball Ernie as a reliever bowing out all right you played much involvement you wait for blowing out a little wounded knowing sounds great. We'll do that will do that we never toppled after. The solid perfect love it. Lot of times religion and all day I'll get up early. Make sure I guess more dollars in environment are stuck awesome look for some compensation Genesis games or something I'm alana cool. Can't wait Lincoln Davis some at around eleven perfect a suit pinstripes perfectly on the computer. I'll meet you know welcome to you know libel next you. Yeah I would meet you there are come get you. You don't mind. Now you know I don't like being a passenger I don't know drives welcome you'll drive my car your voice you can drive don't don't really know just an an and I don't support for a little bit longer yeah. I'm teaching that fine really. It's fine I'll come I'll literally between a well Norman burden OK so make reservations sounds good can't wait to see there CNN. Looking forward to a piece of that place or downstream love it when I give brunch before and it's Sunday. Wow yeah that's a good idea to have brunch there. Perfect. Somebody marries says it crunch there yup that's almost enough I'll tell you are zero Bruins as is always going to be so much. I'll tell you where his girlfriend lives because that's where Roby when you show these are going to be in his house was always there I'm gonna jump out as an athlete you've got a chance maybe maybe tomorrow morning when we were the farmer's market let's do that to be successful and I don't remember her record. Now the farmers market farmer's market no one don't don't yet the market doesn't look. Okay great. I should come with a whole little farmer's market finally didn't go to the farmer's market half. And then we both have thirty dollars to spend on things and go back to your house and cook each other dinner I love it I'm in love it love it a step but let's invite people of all let me go to a dinner party are and we both have thirty dollars is spent we have to make everyone damn awesome but it. But our announcement in at least ten bucks that's really Tom on a new serving trip there going to be grace. On by everyone. And finally looking forward to it.