KS vs MO

Tuesday, July 31st


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You're gone for a while I'm guessing your own content on your mouth management and I was trying to get it down but yeah congratulations. If we have not done this in awhile. What have we done this. We get a point from my car we've not forgotten about it so there's there's there's a point in my car and this disappointment that okay yeah so don't keep track of this yeah. As always any other cancer representatives so if you haven't still my car stolen vehicle. And what's the FaceBook page again. Based dot com slash race to the bottom side just kind of waiting until we got. Enough things and I think luckily Missouri and Kansas and for the most part stay out of the national news over the last month or so there hasn't been a tennis up so here's what we have collected. There is this stories which technically happened last year we had talked about it off the air but. Now people have been going to court bing gaining sentenced so. You decide a rap video filmed in Kansas. Showing six people smoking marijuana while they possess guns. Has brought a federal prison sentence for yet another participant. These this is and the story is from this year. US attorney's office says 23 year old they go through all this was sentenced to four years he'd earlier pled guilty to one count of possession of a firearm. By a user of controlled substances in this search warrant for the Wichita homer the video was made found two and a half pounds of marijuana and several firearms. Co defendants were sentenced earlier to four years in prison and another was sentenced to six months. There's another person. Who has yet to be sentenced I guess. Maybe maybe two or three people so I'm rap music video. Should people smoke and weed holding guns they use that to get a search warrant. I think the reason people were submitting this is because the idea that they would go search her home for a music video. I don't know what the rules are that I'm out free speech works. If you make a music video. Who was then there's the guy who went to prison he had the big hits in Oakland they they actually use some of his lyrics. From his home run our listeners that I was up Bobby shore. Gosh murder did what did he actually get in trouble for stuff that was in the song don't. I don't he's in prison I'm not sure that's the reason holiday this I think they found stuff but I seem to recall some of that dean related to fill out via pop and we really. Yeah I violent these revisions are. But. I think that was like breaking out of a traffic law right it was that they saw in the video shoot it was yeah I didn't know. So what do you guys think they these these guys are filming a music video it's in the middle Kansas they seem to be on his side we're gonna go. Searched or house because this music video and now I'm most of them have been sentenced lot of them to prison. That a point five okay duck boat. The duck boat was on the list that is I think we can just say that's a point and we have to go through another excellent media. Let me scratch some off the list here. So now. I've got a little out of forty here but several people mention that may be Missouri deserves some money in the bank for queer eye. And the fact that they chose. Casey not because it wasn't their original spot only goers both sides as they are almost sons so they are. But according to this article in things Entertainment Weekly is something originally they had they had planned on going to a city and Ohio who's going to be Cleveland actually from Anne's. Then mayor and a bunch of other people from KC Mo said hey. You know you would be welcomed here and it's so much stuff from the city and you know they're stain from what I've heard downtown it. That's how I do like yeah that's. So yeah. Could that potentially be money in the bank for Missouri the fact that they chose to come film. And state and Missouri what do you guys think someone in the bank from two we use our children. Tournament in Kansas student but Missouri's the one who lured them here this for the show it's horrendous. But they're staying in Missouri are still shooting in Kansas. All right. I'm David we money in the bank rescue both I think and you can choose to use those whenever you want ride but are shooting in camp he had his hands that I okay. Prosecutors say Missouri management sentenced to eleven years in federal prison for robbing a credit union was a plastic Don. Anderson that story don't I didn't see Allen who. Is that we are the most okay. Does that mean for gonna do robberies that awesome blossom Don Knotts right in eleven years from plastic gun. The next thing that I had for a Missouri was being installed 3815. Dollars. In a plastic gun in eleven years. Let's think about. New York Post are the police officer who was hit its Ers are who hit a bicycle ist this was I first saw Anna who's on Rahman read it on our Kansas City and it started to make the rounds an entity. Came national news again I was riding his bike if you haven't seen the video he pulls up to a stop sign. Agency is looking down both sides of the street and this copy and afford explore. Starts to turn make a left hand turn it onto the street where the the cyclist is sitting and he just runs right into him. They guy had just up the bite the top runs over the bike and the guy is yelling because he says that the cop was on. You can. Are you tersely I could tell when. Out of Dexia but it. Back when you do an and it turned. What if it gets. And these. Couple things about that the if you're watching on censored version when he's yelling. What an app is only due officer he always calls my office and then I also like it was it was like OK yeah and help nano does look like things are there your final much great nurses about her before my life. Okay the numbness in your browser doesn't wanna give a bye now he did admit guilt pretty quickly he does say I was looking I was looking iPhone wasn't taxiing Lisa but he Maliki says somewhere like it's my bad. That the economy or something on his. So that did make national news I don't know what the update is at the cop is in trouble right now it's only happened last week I think. I'm curious if. The idea that queer guy. Filming in Missouri. You're suggesting you money in the bank. I'm curious of the fact that sharper objects as a Missouri and I'm not stepped fought. In this day and doing at all in Georgia via if that's a point from Missouri. Well we now move all of Missouri but we're not gonna really don't same with oh that's right yeah yet is that on off from the taxes and I don't everything in Georgia via I don't think that's. I bet Missouri just doesn't wanna get that stuff away for Furyk welcome. Old wearing gap but the fact that they lured. Queer eye here specifically. I mean the mayors and that video and everything about the timing that was solved a bite is that a point from Missouri. Mean that's it but. Owning all the news story delegate all the Missouri all the stories say. Police officer Missouri the you know it cyclist and it was. It's pretty big news I think because of the video and the fact that you just plows right and you're the person that challenges for wasn't supposed to appoint blind people are senator I was I can argue itself a group. You know I think we can all trying to play fair here. Can't wait. Yeah just you guys Sylvester the Missouri delegate was earlier Kansas. I saw Missouri or Missouri is taking that point poker so we're taking the point for the boat. We're taking the point through it the. Cyclists. This is another story that made national news mostly because the month shy thing. A small town Kansas council councilwoman. Is behind bars that she bit down so hard and a correction officers dom that she broke the bound parcel she she's allegedly. Was putting up a fight at the moment police first tried to take her into custody last week. Kansas City Council member for the town over sure on or her on. Arrested for failing to show up in court for an outstanding warrant. She's been. She'd been charged. In December for being a pedestrian. Under the influence. And interfering with law enforcement according to Daily Mail. She refused to comply with officers this is a mug shot that everyone we're sharing and it just it. Small councilman in Kansas so that's a point spread tried to bite the guy they got that and so on I what was the next on the list. Ole. Okay I'm not happy office. This. Missouri senate candidate is given a way machine to compress untraceable guns because scene that's. A GOP senate candidate and Missouri is rap rap clean off the machine capable of training untraceable gun parts. As part of a push to demonstrate his support of the Second Amendment so you could say. They just given away three printer Ali doesn't have to be used for guns but its effort to show support the Second Amendment. Austin Peterson's campaign announced Tuesday and it giveaways are ghost Gunner to which allows users to print and assembled owns a home. Sure firearms known as ghost guns because they are print without serial numbers rendering them untraceable by a government. Quote I think the new prize may trigger a few more liberals in mainstream media than it did last time he said in a release. The candidate. Was briefly banned from FaceBook after advertising giveaways of an eight ar fifteen rifle. As social media network prohibits the exchange of firearms and ammunition between individuals his long time libertarians running as a Republican are pro gun platform. This is an hill as a lot of places. And he was in the news for. And my sister just excellence while the woman who bit the fountain was elected with four votes not by four always foremost god yeah. That I say by four votes I guess why does it would be also reminded of those images and yet. Our emailers who wanted to Senseo electable thanks Chris Smith says she is elected by foremost should also been elected. Wins for a vote was 42 dove when middle Iran was foremost by four votes. A Mozilla personality ran unopposed and only four people voted right. Or you're one win for votes and by four votes. Our sister their own radio Sean back to a I'm looking back easy babysitting thing about the votes I didn't notice anything anyway we Tom Fuller is measurement unsure. And now. What haven't we haven't that would put a plug for the gun thing. The gun thing as a point for Missouri I'm not a argues defending the Second Amendment that he's trying to do he's he's trying to give away machine that prince guns recollect. As supportive of this two. Yeah zone the whole point of that enables houses and. Is the area. I was saying you can make the argument that he's giving it maybe he's just giving no latest treaty printers and none on specifically giving it away and this is second time easy originally try to get away showed us southerners think about for you for us. So. That's national news sources are correct that's Missouri. Missouri restaurant manager has reportedly been fired after telling a black female patron to get out of the establishment. After video footage of an argument regarding her payments for the meal went viral on FaceBook. Shelley bloom co owner of town's tourism Kansas City confirmed the news. But I do employment of a male manager identified only as Preston was indeed terminated. On the evening of July 19. Exit ABM backlog. Ordered a mile Tom full reason NASA waitress if she can pay per order up front. As she did not feel comfortable giving away her credit card to start the tab. The server says she was new on the job and I'm sure the policy prompting her to ask speak to the manager. And the five minute clip which has since been seen overnight in 2000 times. Preston the manager chosen 37 year old woman she must secure a tab before dining. She asks I can just pay for my food he says you can pay for it after you. We don't have to use a credit card but we have to secure the tab. She then says I'll pay for my food cash up front. I don't feel comfortable when nobody walking around in my car all night. All night the manager asks are you gonna be here all night. She responds maybe towards the manager implies that the bar and Tom fours when I was last call at 2:30 AM. She says okay that's why I asked what time you close. Then the manager fired back you know what we're done go ahead and go. Later adding that she should get out and I do not need to explain this past two years. Chin says Amanda followed her outside acting super aggressive. She's farther to laws of the owners of chancellors are not immediately return subsequent complaints about the encounter. People were protesting outside of counselors. Mark we're told on the outlet I honestly feel like I was discriminated against and racially profile. Representatives for Tom for his did not immediately return fox news's. Requests for comment on the story. So she's. Legend and it was a that he was racist. D.s sake and I look like he's just a quarter moon is like gimme credit card. The shoes and why. I'm I don't wanna do my credit card kind of space for much fruit after you bring me the food is I guess now more that happened we talked about that in headlines such like last month. Someone. It was a group of teens they came in says I'm. Oasis something right was that was and they say you gotta pay up front before he can we need your credit cards before you know him. Before you can order anything want Florida and so. Missouri delegate you argue that. What for Tom Fuller I didn't see the story. But here and I'm 2000 views thing is what I think. And Fox News the up and spots those are from fox whose houses are not fox for Fox News dash dot com. We all know there reliable. So old and I guess I'm not that's why this is stuff you guys got Winslet so. So I had. There's printed gun. This is from the FaceBook page the the great thing okay and a City Council woman with a mug shot near. Which mainly east chief for the mug shot the cop hits cyclist. I'm not arrested. For a new music video. And someone sent a story about a gun going off the student's backpack but that wasn't confined that was national themselves. I think that's all apps. For now and if you wanna submit more stories. Yeah dot com slash race to the bottom. It's like Kansas gets three points Missouri gets four sought. Also we didn't really explain missive meaning case you haven't heard this segment it's just we started at the beginning of the year we're trying to see which state. Has more man publicity against bad publicity on at least a national level it can just be local news stories and has to make at least national news in like the story about the Kansas. Councilwoman was from the Daily Mail so on it's somebody makes international. News but it has to make national news that we decide whether or not it's embarrassing embarrassing enough. Two. More to point. And what was the total before we have 510152025. Points for Kansas. 52 in fifteen. What were they were they were tired already know Kansas goes up. 51015225. Points I C 5101520. And 21 for Missouri 2000. So old. How many points he said fourth root for Kansas today for from Missouri OK it's getting closer. So if you live in Missouri or Kansas especially if you of the Missouri students more stories about Kansas because. You know closer and I really thought of that and at this point in the year. Kansas would've. Run away with this with co pocket everything else and that they have the votes up for Madonna only cheapen our brightens. Off brightens. Yeah in the greatest thing happen and write the whole thing into a tailspin. I feel like we've been trying to. I don't like ketchup we've been nip and on our heels ever sense. And mud. The top tourist thing. There was Applebee's staying back and implant whatever that was January or February here so less of that please move. Misery business responses restaurants and then that's a few points and losers and yeah. My unknown. The states in order of who has the smallest penis. I've had a nickel for this no one asked me his size in my state. Conjures measure up. Well how are they do this for NASA now probably never won drawn to fill these shelves worth common seller condoms seller condom mania. Right to stage for the Larson's. Version of penis size based on the thoroughly unscientific mantra of who bought what where. That includes smaller or larger size condoms. So the stays above the largest condoms and sensible to smalls condoms. Bad of those up. Mono who once stood as small business sure Mississippi. Who has the biggest. It to scroll through all of them. I just want to see. To compare Missouri vs Kansas first I someone sent a story about the number of millionaires or something for state and Kansas and Missouri were both. Reload Kansas was lower but that's Missouri's is 45. All right. I've spent well there's only Alaskan North Carolina Wyoming Arkansas Hawaiian Mississippi. May be. In Kansas secretary how they come up with us. Common sales man how can how can you just from what I don't turn on I mean there's only really two sizes right. There's regular iron and Magnum. When. Here you don't ask for medium large Dahlia skinny tall though they have their own thing like you know move special sensation and or right but as far as a sizes go as Alex. And lets you get Magnum. Whichever that's immense anyways but I don't know that it's bigger the it's clear is that now. Isolate the tree punched through demonstration. Which put on our. Generator economy said this is how much space ray economy recover here's a much and I image is acute arrogantly think actually need. These things that you don't need it in just a thousand. Who uses someone brought us condoms one time from overseas miles an hour broadcast and somewhere and he virus comes from China and they were smaller. They were small I know on the reporter Joseph annoying New York. Those are the two biggest. Wasn't World War II there are Vietnam they dropped condoms all over shirts. Usual lunch yeah the major you really don't my god there's American soldiers are usually the area. As some kind of psychological warm. Soon slash quickly tomorrow. RA. Or down. Let's remember them okay. That's all from Missouri that are against us yet. Criticizes account. Now for roll by. Kansas coach twelve sizes bigger nobody has to be nationals because there are a lot of stories would there was a want a few good Kennedy that don't want a balanced. Worst drivers because Kansas law does not as important. Number of millionaires not as important but those are stories they're usually regional president for the all right look at the audobin show right now mentally challenged to do and don't prove our point. Oh yeah hey yeah this this is national news fortune magazine. And I inside edition. Kansas family has accounts frozen by bank after being backed asked about the citizenship. Is that a point for the states. So their bank accounts were frozen after officials asked to prove that they are American citizens I don't know game plan and more little vexed doesn't uniform are right. The bank saying how many states Ireland. The forty finalist. Mean we had maybe that's because we have on so many checks and so we counsels many comments to like a reality check yeah. Like going on you'll see guys muscles and accounts or maybe how guys every time we talk about penises you bring in women. Say because they don't need a net unhappiness is. But doesn't and they were missing a lot of them a lot of guys Missouri's don't buy condoms at all and I didn't do a small winners act so many guys at the big as organic berries known as the road obviously. Seeing. So the guys with. Lot of luggage they don't buy condoms. I'm not doing a that the economy thing. Doubt if Missouri was last on the list like in the travel magazine thing out places to avoid fire but it's not national news Missouri and make national news. For the condom thing. My mom's arms bunkers right okay well it didn't that was it there was no headliner is said Missouri smalls penises. In the end penis size by state and I write if we compared them and now now. My taken place. And human. No point for that. If the family Kansas had to prove their citizenship. To get into their bank accounts of big national story added see that in anger. They've been with the bank for twenty years Oslo to Kansas delegate. I mean that I'm looking at there's three different national stories right here farming it out. In the plays argument. I'll tell you unemployment jumped on to another point is god damn game until you know little about an hour nationals or Arizona are fine we can be done that's not a national story and I take it upon another point.