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Wednesday, September 12th


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It is time it's time for anything it's the damp troop yeah I. I love local and it's I think below news is very important I think we should all watch local news I think local news is full of information. It's also accidentally hilarious. And a lot of times. These little disputes we have with each other bubble over. And then they can be painful to be my guess here yesterday it can be painfully out like this European oh my gosh now a national. Some poor kid from. Harrison bill. It was up into the house yesterday or two days ago got attacked by Boston and fell onto a metals cure. That's that's happenings but then there's this happening and since when their neighbors behave badly you're ready. Our lives and Rand Paul situation I and yeah I threw it it's it's something it's a situation. It is a definite situation. Eating up conflict and one neighbor head and that's where we start tonight at Belton and it's taking its beef with the neighbor to a whole new level it's also leading other neighbors to question what is happening inside one home port election is what do can't reach as is the signed and it's creating all the chaos. A lot of people thought up these signs to keep strangers off their property but Michael would posted and fourteen neighbors and those are the only signs he's putting up. I'll put my sign on the mayberry. Pagan now a month and eleven. Michael Wood doesn't hide how he feels about its neighbors instead about a week ago he can't broadcasting his message I'm taken in neighborhood back. Would and other neighbors we talked he's stayed there's a drug problem at the house across the streaks. The noises just terrible word art circles by Parker all hours of the night. It's just too I mean bicycles and backpackers are known and and for being like loud. The bicycles all hours of the Miami that's pretty considerate that that it's it's it's not a hardly it's not a lot of glass packs filled eggs all that's not allowed. It's is indeed accuses the boys' singles they did you sit economical than writing alignment in birds scooters over there in this one woman whose. Date and we obtained from the Belton police department shows in the past thirty days even called the house seventeen times. Resulting in sent an incident reports and three arrests. None of those arrests involve drug chart this. But we found out firsthand just how tense things are getting in the neighborhood I'm just trying to talk me. Later on in the day we went back to the house and were able to sit down with the actual Tenet glint in Davis. All it is is harassment ninth home that Davis says she opens Thorsten homeless people which is why there's so much traffic. Some of them may be doing drugs. But I night they're not here don't drugs. I'm not dealing drugs to them. The conflict could resolve itself soon enough both Davis and police told us she's being addicted. Davis thinks it could have all been prevented if her neighbors had skimp clean knocked on her door. But and they come over here into my home and talk to me about what's going on or what they think is going up. That's that's what's sad. In Dalton cannot read 41 action news hi is a house for awhile with a bad backyard. Is nothing you can do when it we'd get that backyard trouble. But I can't imagine my neighbors think of a sign that said mad house. Next door he hasn't giants signed. Veggies is near a balance Arab pointing that way. I'm with math. Or two of them are. Taken aback he's gonna take a back anyway luck. I think it's something that. Well they don't work out a little bit I know it's really easy to just judge people from farmers and it. Very very easily very very very easy it's a lot harder to talk to them. Also you know. Madhouse. I'm. You don't. Also seems to brittle it's like cheers but we are. Right there it's. It's. Bigger and bigger it's like abstinence like cheers for drugs. In this league every gonna do that. On a now because I had heard this is gonna play in and forget all I hate. When I can give it is only by second at thank god. I thought that she is the best kind of Rolling Stone yeah. It's. With that. It's OK you win the world it's. It's the worst version of cheers I've ever heard in my hale a 5767965. If you want something for my prized by planet just call mark caller number nine. I'm just what. We gotta talk dog he's coming up we gotta talk koppers we gotta talk proper social and I don't on the news you got Casey pet project come an end. A sergeant Pepper's there was some tickets let's play some songs all right.