Tuesday, September 11th


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The righteous man. On all sides. Your homeland. Well leave dark. Strike zone of the great vengeance and. No yeah how cool Mario great how real I've never been better. Never been about our great to see everybody here hi Jane I journey. She's busy. Hi Jeremy and they know Anglican. The I shut down due. Is that your brunch. And we need. Welcome Melissa he knows they are those kids don't know like a community college. Should bring an end here. During the many years it's if you trim. See you know more than a junior. I don't need to play that game and on Alan it's. The guy some really want to know studios and there. They'll have their I agencies I was history behind these things they had their no pads out there spirals and teachers talking. And all the heads hidden their phones behind their. Know as little depression sickness like little pills every single I wanna do. Hide your phones like they're by the way I thought you were just allowed to have your thought our kids in high school were allowed to. Use their phones now they take notes and is so don't cheer. You can stick phones as well and take they take humans are not allowed to particularly spectacular thing okay. And Kenny teachers take the phone away because I can see that being big does issue you have to pay an end the race. I have to pay the bill. Shorted than. Treating children. Expenses. Pricing. Wouldn't we were kids few. And something now that as a distraction classes took him right you get back leaving the classroom into the year. But with the phone I can see there's Magellan team that that is 12100 dollars a night and the BC drawer and essentially little. No I don't know I've never been to school I base it on those Netflix I guess do you present in Washington looks like they're on their phones a lot. And I wonder you. Is that allowed now. That's her being there. Did you show tonight did you think about it differently. I think a lot about you guys should I do think about it. What do you like. To have an iPhone and I still run stuffing another analogic try to remember colored truck is not worried about soon and get them wrong wrong. I know what color my truck tennis I didn't know what color a rental car plus these UAW and George asks guys as well looking. I just it was parked in the same spot in the one spot over. There was no car there when I know and like I was just saying maybe could remember what colors and there was no no telling me and I was. What color of the interior and shut up. See now you're angry because you don't make sense but a bit. The Dallas shooting that we've been talking about hours of shooting Dallas shooting on the Dallas shooting. That's a hell of a thing. I believe this I know you're a great in my ear and junior college Dallas trying to impress the girls you read the Dow blue. And the near been down shooting we desire those who want to shoot us the least yes we want to have shoot us that's the doubt shooting three you shot. And 99 people volunteers shoot you and one person just sits there with a gun their lack of acting disinterested and that's someone you want me ask the Dow's shootings. This is a Dallas shooting. And it's all really different now police officer and Dallas shooting is a way out west and Dallas shooting is gonna police officer goes to the wrong apartment against her own. And shoots the resident. So yesterday. We talked about her account. In her statement she said got off on the wrong floor. When I got to the apartment the door was slightly ajar IC a figure inside the apartment. And I made sandbags available commands say he is not responding to my verbal commands. And I shoot and our witnesses who are now saying we heard some things that are. Seems like that story doesn't add up and some protesters did take to streets in Dallas last night but it's. The police. They kept the Texas Rangers in the sheriff's office in I don't know the difference now they're saying look we gotta finish our investigation in the Stanley same. Why have to finish your investigation before you can just give me a basic outline of what happened why is my son Daniel. Well why do I know I Ben Wright but DG DG. Knock on the door trying to find inside let investigators aren't bright incidence is MO we don't know whose side of the story history of what we do have witnesses are contradicting her side of the story. Attorneys for John Stanley say two witnesses told and details that contradict. Tigers account they heard a knocking down the hallway. Oh well woman's voice that they believed to be officer guy you're saying let me let me end the family's attorneys say one of the witnesses. Day and heard gunshots. Followed by a man's voice will we believe to be. The last words of Bolton. Zone which was. Oh my god why did you do there. OK so that will be a little bit different scenario. Then the doors ajar and she goes right they did hear her saying knocking. An insane let me end. Let me end. And then hearing gunshots later that's a lot of. And why would you I don't know listened yesterday. Russian front is being Texas ranger. For a lawyer. Although many gunned down saucer Geiger of you so moment. Friendly right now. You have to distance yourself from this. Today is September 11. That means. Senator. And her. Team. Yeah seventeen years ago seventeen years ago seventy years ago is that true half. 217 years ago that video a couple of weeks of someone. Someone has found a video from inside and he was it an old when it just getting re shared services video of I mean obviously was older than a billion there are even seen. Excellent. Just as why is a baseball team investigating amber hurt her but for the. You're right did you really gotten screwing around here. They volunteered. But yet he was sent to you you post also canoe was on the front page or better a couple of weeks Nolan Ryan is rodeo company. Giuliani figures of three boys Texas Rangers are here he doesn't like Rollins and now there on the white little glance Miller's guards jurisdiction of the the Astros him hey you guys are watching this entire. Gas seventeen years ago. That's on its Brazilian. There is a video taken from inside that apartment where those girls were drinking. And they go oh my god he's seen drinking their Beers and they only got in the camera pans look at the winner because they see the second plane hit the towering agency have. Drinking daily it's. How dated they're out concerning I don't know why would they were drinking but. It was probably. When did this second. Plaintiffs are gonna mourn today in some like early the first and hey if you're not going to work great BC news. I am merely sit there and they got a perfect view author wonders wouldn't let see it's still can't expect that we don't know what's happened you'd think some little commuter plane or something you know. It's our. But yeah I just it looks old seventeen years about trump was there today in Pennsylvania where flight nine. To pay tribute. We grieve together for every mother and father sister and brother's son and daughter who was stolen from us at the Twin Towers the Pentagon. And here. In this Pennsylvania field. We honor their sacrifice by pledging to never flinch in the face of evil and can do whatever it takes to. Keep America safe. People are upset must leave today the only controversy Tim was a fist bump. He just watches and not just Google who she is walking easily he's excited about the ceremony as opposed to as little you know. I think he's good like on USA you're not crazy I really low. And when I see people I mean the same news media yeah. People outraged who's outraged. Did someone see that and actually they're there instinct was outraged rejected tell them to be outraged. School in Georgia. Is bringing back. Catalan. They can take your kid to the principal's office and cattle them if they misbehaved yeah. It's a charter school. I don't know much about school and I had to look at charter schools a deal out what it with the definition hero now in the definition pictures. So charters school is kind of a mix of both it gets funding. According to this Google. Definition. Makes its funding from taxpayer dollars. But it's also organized by pieces seem got maybe need to school in an area the old public schools shut down or something or maybe it's I'm. Maybe you lose your accreditation. Mike has happened around here right into an open a school you get enough signatures you find some money you also get some money from the city ending you open a school. That's the definition I read. People can text me teachers can text to be Betsy device can text me I don't know exactly. Where it falls. Insofar as public vs private school but Georgia has allowed Catalina acts schools are corporal punishment in schools for a long time off and on. This school is bringing him back. They sent letters home to parents that parents do have to sign a permission slip. Saying yes things bring you the permission if my child misbehaved yeah you can take them into the principal's office and cattle and trying to a lot of parents are cute business superintendent says it's just another tool in the toolbox tee boxes. A time where corporal punishment was kind of Norman school and you didn't have the problems that you have it's just one more. Tool that we have and our disciplinary tool box. No matter where you stand on. Spanking your kids. Sliding panel in whatever little. I would think. It would be possible to be a lot of parents who say I am not against the idea of speaking my kid ever or paddling my kids like images ever. I don't take that stance. But who would also say but I don't want. Someone who works at this school do it's. Here right but. You are giving them permission the demolition so let me when I worked at that preschool. They did the same thing to say here's what we wanted to we wanna give kids unsweetened cocoa will. If they miss maybe Picasa BC their tongue out at one another shirt. Any us. Give them we'll give you come down. So the first time it was implemented. The unit had some parents said OK the person's implemented this girl gets up in front of the class. They take the unsweetened cocoa is our premier mountain ash starts crying did you start gagging and she throws up inside all the other kids now in my mind I was thinking. This is not what the parent had in mind. When you when you signed that permission slip apparent sign of permissions to equal that panel was very angry in this school and exchangeable for child abuse in this teacher got. Entrepreneurs record. But we're waterborne kids to technically she had permission to. Sure how this punishment now apparently she found out she set I didn't know this is I was gonna happen is that you're gonna get a little screw what my got. Well. This is how it played out. And technically. You gave them permission to do it. Any idea that you would say sure go into the principal's office. And he can put you over his knee in swat with a at all. Superintendent says takes discipline it very seriously there is a period in history were corporal punishment was kind of the Norman schooling you didn't have the problems that you have I don't know if he's talking about murder rates through our. The economy or just kids were probably Rauch he doesn't specify. Parents of students in kindergarten through ninth grade charter school received a consent to paddle form. Nominee you signed consent to panel of course. Which he tells a corporal punishment which would occur on the students third offense a student will be taken into an office behind closed doors. The student well placed their hands on their knees or piece of furniture so sticky gas in the air. And struck him on the boat docks with the panel. There's no obligation it's not required apparently neither no obligation. For us to use. That as a disciplinary measure of it or they can deny consents. Boy you're truly about our kids. That's the slyly ask guarantees. So third of the parents consented. San Diego. Go ahead. Swallow him up I got to strengthen the principal's office and it was my birthday I'm not a sideshow to much very funny on your birthday taking their close the door and ask. It's a 100% Giuliani put you over his lap and he had a paddle and it wasn't hard bodied go home each year for your age okay for your birthday ya for you would take you. Inducing holly Gagne. They don't call you got to plot yet they say music fans agreed to the principal's office and and I go down there and he'd say did you and I don't know anything at Bieber way schedule this you know rear view and his office alone. Yes any close the door. Yeah I mean you as it flew 100% as humbling as 1988 now you out of class employ every week I don't know I knew how hungry I knew was my birthday. Well if I was at that school and I had you been. 67 and eight. So those three birthdays I got spanked wasn't hard there's gonna happen he might have been but the this bank it's hard. And I didn't think about somebody when they did I just thought I think he gave you a little. I remember they give you some sort of little birthday gift as you walked out. We're never gonna get to the point to where we want the government to parent our children. Brighton where I think we go in rim or that so. When that happens you kind of have to be like I'd like gotta love the idea. Of people being able to spank their kids are hitting him to switch I don't love it but aisles as well as you tell you what I can and cannot do even. So a certain extent right. But I mean if we look at Indy only classification. Of human body is not even I mean it goes further than humans. That you can actually just hit. Our children. Small human beings aren't yet available usually you can hit your wife right. Can't hit it and your husband hereby apples to supply your dog ate your own with the panel and someone found out they take it back to exactly. Now underwriting you know we don't have another one again. If you walk into a bar and just so wanted to go but how does your argue about Colin cabernet that's assault brother here only person I didn't hit is a child. We good at it why why why. Why and I don't know why Liza is the only one who makes arguments no comeback I've heard him make him before and every time. First of all the size advantage staying gases got brought up an unreasonable when he mentions the size advantage the only agency to see only you. Living thing that you're allowed to just hit it is and I tell you get the wrong Connelly nominated hit you. And I like OK I got McAuliffe was like caller police have dominated you are you god damn lucky you don't have the principle that you like and why it. What advice about what are you so that's a tune your girlfriend or your wife. I do all we hear good news Jimenez and by the way I sign a permission slip. Boston and you were to go cry like you know I also live in that world and I got a seven year old console and a dad or mom had some. And then they go to school got to worry about a principal hitting them. You would not be allowed just not to sign that. Permission slip for yourself there makes it to give our boss said hey when you get in trouble instead of getting docked a day's pay you can trade that for us whining. And we said all right we'll sign for the swine the only public outrage because guys shake your ears essentially. Mean. Scene where these people to get swatted you're holding money over their heads so that you can. Get off on your Citizens Bank vanish in Kansas but if you to a child does not know who can't defend at a church could break you can spank them. A little person and the strength of you decides view again defend themselves looking at that's. And certainly does an amended capacity to recover from it right away and understand and process all the things that goal when it. All of the past like whenever you know seven year old via the brain as a pennant or right exactly. Mean that's the only group of people that we can have their kids. The fact that they say you you go in and push your hands on your knees. I did it describes how you're going to walk in his room. Put your hands on shares stick your ass up in the air. And then wait for. And then they're allowed to swat you with this panel. I would surface says that more than one teacher has to witness the behavior because it probably doesn't. I'm guessing most the timing your classroom is only one teacher and there's so it's 11 person deciding whether or not. You deserve this punishment. And secondly your principal Toyota. Does he live in fear. What do embryonic school mostly got some bully who punch Asia then your principal punches or you're dead punches you. And then this ass holes I don't tell a lot when kids got punched more than a lot less problems OK you know what I'm gonna have to see the statistics on. Studies right loves his suit didn't hit our. End up better people I'd love to see that studied the only argument is my friends that me and now that you don't hear all the time I'm the one thing out here you all your mind offensively and I turned out fine and I always say great. Let me spend a week review and just see how fine you are and. And that's really the only art and yet here. Get anything else is anecdotal they say well you know we didn't kids were better behaved well a lot of things are different. There's a million different things you could factor in for slaughter even know if that's one of their arguments but if it is I need to see. How much money were the parents making it better what was the poverty level I guess that's cool. Were they hungry when they came to school. My dad had me I'm fine really. You really. Commodities at paddle I guess I don't know yeah I guess is better than hand you don't really want them to use in their hands. And a channel. Like daisy confusing just pull out one of those big wooden panels and that's my principal. I've changed it. I might principles did not have rules and you just a thin piece of whom it looks just like to think from I had not seen another one until a solid days to confuse the first time the other thing but my pencil and still get a bonus pursuant. I did not like the birthdays and again. It was very I can opt out. So we're just pretty young Mena. I think I would felt uncomfortable say I don't want to tune in and listen why don't you want to what's wrong with really what. That'll do you harm was just attacking late you over his need to any. Boom on them to arms didn't girlish crush on how we doing it didn't hurt. I'm just getting met a number of I don't sixties sci. The drunken human being I'm like hello how shall we say okay this year massaging your secondary teachers being given that OK your garden that we get and I admire prince Manuel schools. Public schools. Schools writes never have been the main you've just forgotten everything. You repressed all that. Because those things don't seem weird at the time someone has to point out later took when I was twenty years old and I'm now lasso and I sorted. You know we just chat about things I remember once I miss London as. And it just seemed like more more optimize the same wait wait wait wait watch as a it's perfectly normal. Hold on you didn't what you massage your feet under was leading time it was in a big deal and does not know that's an all it takes a long time until you. Finally. Come around his way of thinking ego I guess it wasn't my guess enough people listen that wasn't normal the we know that no earlier I kid you know that now. The birth this victories don't think it's normal didn't seem like that figure could deal. It doesn't seem like that big you don't look normal it doesn't make that big of a like I don't think plaza would freak out of his kids said. Are okay we get a birthday spanking from the principle although. You won't you know you learn something new every day is saying I would lose my mind if I found out of one of my approach. That would. Anyone it like it accidentally. But even it and I don't let my kid right thing if I did and I wouldn't honestly it's very important principle Lewis Bob Rouse sounds hard to birthing Davis tense things that I'd like to live and he bite me in the parking lot. Sure I told my parents I maybe didn't I don't know. Touch and so is my mom used to hit me with a wooden spoon island going to strip clubs blown out. Right now we're not saying that one thing led me to believe may be easier if you select go to strip clubs who belong don't let you guys because my parents know my dad let me know your I don't know I don't sort of blown call that's. We are from a small sample size are seems to be some sort of correlation but certainly this room. And this one text or our foremost guilty as charged I don't know anyone regardless of clubs drive real YouTube now yet because all blown out and Doris Day got a little bit weird kid did you out there. Most in my well you know if you wanna do good at least your son's out of the strip club on ball Coke on my. Try not let them all kind of life. Yeah another is going to be that guy that's Adelman doesn't feel that's exactly how I felt if I would have said it and you know. Kindergarten I don't wanna go to the principal's office to do expect I think that's probably how I would have felt right. Like the guy who doesn't wanna go to the strip club with his buddies analogous is normal. Those things necessary hold people do this now there. I was serious things can be by the visible on their birthdays I don't know them I just really pulled down this is your birthday and you did get some sort of against. It's an incentive. They gave you a little gift as you left. I I don't know there was some sort of. Tracks the promise she wouldn't speak. Event I as you know it's who knows what it was but. They did give you have some sort of get this little toys in a book probably. Don't know I have not seen anyone else say I don't wanna go up and gets things that that we're gonna solve prior ones on the stand up and and so I don't think we want to do. It's just like when I was a little kid someone said. There's cops so route down on the outside of the playground outside the incidence of wire they're cops and teachers said. Well there is a man who pulled up he was taking pictures of the playground and I said so once. Wise intelligent well you know he uses it as a lot of cop cars are taking pictures. Wasting talent take pictures of playgrounds like as a little kid deer in his right you don't understand you're not thinking that way you're thinking. Why isn't illegal to take pictures of playground equipment like this is now you're a massage lady street gives you hours irons and look at the like all the weirdest thing going on at this goes on digital picture. So usually take a more pictures that's out there and travel. Could look a word out. Out of all the foot massages and aspect innings. No cameras allowed at your elementary school. I did meet someone who also rupture feed a couple months ago it's early outs and it is us to post my age. For some reason it just came up over the weekend micro Cruz asking me about what happened to name under the bed when I was eight and if I think that that was serious that I had the teller honestly. Even today. After as many times we've talked about it and Gaza telling me it's not okay. I will be honest I still kind of thing and wasn't that big a big deal I don't CNN comparing it to worst scenario. Circling the bonuses and says I don't like going to strip clubs and and don't like coach. And I didn't get it as a kid. No that's only since I rebounds and so it's you know went on to principles Gibson date debut as a guest a homeowner. Not pursue those are yours I assume that's what he got out of the do you see your soul singers not a big deal or. Her feet this yes really thank you know now I've read the psychology today article about federation while lawn I know none of that had a major impact on my life yes. Trailers only reason so I don't its size is not lines. I cannot and useful ladies it's the value of the principle by new us we had. The principal thing now. I mean yes it's weird in the since you couldn't do that today but I guess up until this summer days here today that I would have thought. Know it's weird like I did that people probably wouldn't do that anymore but in my mind. Before this conversational would have thought it's just one of those things they used to do before all the creeks and all the we are is because he's. I think he wasn't agreed now it was clearly a weirdo right none and now. You got to remember. Lazio also told me. And he was very suspicious of essentially. Anyone who wanted to go yeah work for the Muppets or her Sesame Street or whatever I I thought he was so sick. For thinking that way it was a simple a horrible way to live your life to be so negative and that the more I've thought about it sauce I development aren't the top forty radio station I spend your whole life trying to talk to kids right there. One. Reminds me about it is last month honorary the principal and that's typically carry around this old. Nicholas and obviously now look at the Catholic church and look at it. It's weird. It's access. So that principal had access. In and also if you didn't wanna be teacher. Which ensures simply probably had you been to be principle once your principal I don't know. Exactly what he did in there it resent that office along the line during the day and many became on the hallway and talk to all the kids. As they were in all things they do know restrictions. Yeah. I mean truly doesn't showed a lot of work and my Jersey and the counties are who's. But the point is he still got to be around the kids he and I'm not saying that this guy. Was. A pedophile. Or that there was anything wrong with him that he had any. Ill intention yes I'm not saying that. Taylor I'm thinking. Right you're thinking it is that's a world we live in now down to one that calls out how to file size god right now as opposed. Low one before like this guy wants an election or just curious why do we got our ass beat when your parents regular volunteer choir boys got a lot of cigarettes in this family. Use some birthday spanking saturate you don't match do not horizontally openly talk about it we need to go back to the 1950s like this guy wants us to where. If you got. I had a job by impressively shut your mouth about. Act like a man. Raisers who once they go back we're back now do and that principle principles Georgia I don't wanna go back to back. The principal and Georgia once actually punish kids of my friends like he's saying I'm back in the day we zulus all the time tonight and it was going well that doesn't mean that had done. That's what I'm saying he wants to go back to that where kids get a good lead just don't talk about. But you saw birthday spanking is everyone's heard of a birthday spanking when you're a kid there were birthday spanking us. There was no it's your birthday. Let's not seat commander. And they Gaby is banking whatever. At your party and the only now he's someone gave his I I saw kids give her I think it's the first time I've ever heard this I do good just two months you don't see a I don't down around him. I've never heard that until right now I don't take us I think of a kid's name. All those these. Lol I Johjima and all these people a little subdued alone another moment touched by someone when they were a kid. Everybody that I know not just didn't happen to me. It's at its one in six and things like similar about everybody dogs and people who work here are much higher for every one. I just didn't happen to me but I still I'm never had to worry about nine I can come home I got my children's school I may have to worry about like my mom. Nathan Lane Amy and guilt tripping me and right on my dad hitting me but. I think my sister picking on the whatever at a lot of stuff to worry about the little one thing it never crossed Oilers songs don't such my Wiener like. I didn't. I never had to worry about I wasn't gonna happen. I didn't realize that all you guys worried about nine Intel. Much later I thought that was a mayor be limited thing that was only son and after school movie it. And Scott Mayo played the older brother Darren was I didn't realize that lose lose that as predominant credit that was a. That's what I was doing was normal and experimenting and having fun and I was lucky enough that this person wanted to fool around with me and like I said even now I still think what happened to me. Is worse a two way it's against the bush your policy officials senators or of the peak now. Other principals are doing this bruise on his side if there was this person. That they know him and I need. Killer loose. While Mike my teacher was just the last name her first name the last day of practice mind. Yeah last was not a but I do think he past Clinton looked up on time. To a lonely yeah. If that. Did you see I was like over our shoulders and is a volley of he got you that's hardly united against that they get the deal it's not that big of your work. Like we're joking around he's not going to hurt me and potentially hurt me when I shouldn't hurt you tonight. Our bond. If you wanted to show you they wanted to show you. But what we were talking about is she seemed confused now nothing we all know who's breaking news night right but I heard they spanking you act like you've never heard of such a thing. There's a girl she says I got spanked and I like to go to strip clubs and do blow. There's correlation. Some. She gets spanked by your principal or my parents don't close kids I don't know did most kids gets banks. At least and that. 50s6080s. At least all the way through June answers I would think. Most of your friends and hasn't got spent most of my friends guys I don't think via. You are in the minority if your parents and dirty that they were progressive enough to say that we're not these are Sachs does it's usually. To say that that's progress and there was it was not long ago. Yeah I think those are my friends and parents. And that doesn't mean they all got. Black guys not just means that they got spanked were slapped tour. And some of the may have gone wild guys but I don't think any my friend gently let down. But you know he and and and go to your room and I know learned they would do to Alter the picture as whatever one. News. Adults and that belts again just imagine snapping like. As you know let you know Andy you and that I get hit America. I can imagine sometimes you don't decide. And they say it's an accident boots though.