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So righteous man. On all sides. Touring the momentum. Well leave dark. Strident tone of the. I pay you what he's done. NASA what do you do when I'm not their money. I still don't. Thanks for the coffee to me in the end that a great. And I was tired and it must first week. Boulevard suite and facing its first week. And those shoes don't. So come handlers here I try like this job conducive to my alcoholism. They'll jam and memorabilia and a beer smoke earlier whatever your name is Louis. Freedom's triumph. Eligible beer. We. Thank you. So let's be sure a lot of legitimate enemy and schoolers drink a beer yeah. Looks expensive drink a beer can and thank you rush okay. You guys wanna. Talk about the new snow okay yeah. We'll get to the Obama stuff the first time right. Yeah. An officer involved shooting in Dallas CC this story. Police police officer. Goes onto apartment we just saw it but I don't know. I think no way to Yemen Norman and drinking its siege so I think you know plus and as I totally weird you're denying your phone and. So she goes home. Does your apartment. Goes inside. She's a black man an apartment. She shoots he's done. Problem is it wasn't her apartment it was his apartment she walked into the wrong apartment it's not she was in her apartment. She's van door that's bands not good. That we don't know is whether or not any words were exchanged before hand. We just know that she went into the wrong apartment. And thought it was her apartment. And shot the guy who lives there. Which I did see what it's where they may disown. Broke into the apartment and this is where I shot and I. Now that's a difference has. I saw someone treated and say you can even be black in your own home now not a straight which is it is certainly true tonight. Just before 10 PM. Does awesome call please this bad saying this kid's just been involved in the shooting. At this apartment complex in the 12100 block of south Lamar. Now preliminary information suggests that. The officer and four uniform and just finished working eighth pole shift. And and as you reported to responding officers. Dead when she came home she ended into the victim's apartment believing it was her own apartment. And at some point. She wore home weapon and shot the victim. America. It's not like. She got me she's got don't want to work it's not like she'd been out drinking all night with you see those videos of people going to the wrong house or someone comes well. I may you know to enter credit it was the same shirt endorsing. I looked at this is the apartments and all the same color that looks like the apartment so living in Seattle all the same shade solution is walker and but I don't know what I wonder because once an ideology same shape I was you know she really remember what color of the Gaza draws. For people it's stuffed inside joke here. I didn't go to the Russian walked and Jews are bona coffee table square has blown. Why is there a guy in my round. Chair. I did go to the wrong apartment once they're realizing I was glad he was usually does Amanda bit. There's something many say didn't know meg you know look this at all actually be heard defense I don't know I don't know yeah. But I do get off the elevator on the wrong slowest time and go to the wrong or makes him work and I looked up rooms like let's. It isn't looked over the balcony as the come on the wrong floor they make inside a feeling if I mean inside I would have thought this is not my apartment. This is into this is just wasn't the middle of the night. This is during the day Sunday 1:30 PMG door Dallas police chief say remains unclear whether there any words exchanged. Or any other interaction between the police officer in the neighborhood before she fatally shot him. So during a news conference Friday at them off duty officer called 911 after shooting 26 year old. They do disguising her Thursday night. Police say the officer explained that she had mistakenly entered his home thinking it was her. So maybe it was a night maybe this is just the hour break down for months it was. It made public. And that's. So yeah. Elon Musk I don't understand this and Elon Musk has obviously been in the news for a lot of different reasons last and it's. Firsts. Or hide how firm everything goes something new every couple weeks but he hadn't. Even though the Chinese submarines takes time and help and soccer team who's trapped in the came in Ghana I was wanting. Rescuers and accusing Libyan Metafile is what she's soon. That went away. For awhile and then the big news beginning he was gonna take tussle trying to city had to sign in to do it and they had changed his reminder tune on that. So that was anything we don't have the funding I don't know exactly. Let me came back out that he was big screen again with this cave diver which we thought have been put behind this new treatment of people saying well. Musician accusing avenue didn't Sunnis who is all that's going on that was an extra buzz he wrote this article about in the uses email exchange most of that was about. The tiger chasing and today they saying. Tesla stocks. Take your time that we might every headline says. Debate not because butting conjunction left after. Elon Musk is seen smoking marijuana on the Joseph Rogan podcast. I watched the Clinton. Joseph Rogan yeah holes out of split for whatever he slowly what's that what's what's a lot of talk now but he's but he's got tobacco and it was only got tonight let's just let. The bulls is left out smoking in Ilan says what is it is that we nieces yes easier if you want some visas is tobacco and we nieces okay. He panic takes it and you hear me says is it. Which it is in California recreational uses we when he takes a popping doesn't look like he hails it I don't think he knows how he clearly looks like someone who's looks really never smoked this morning. And they look at this. Tesla stock closes down 6% after top executives resign and you want must smokes marijuana and didn't executives resigned because he smoked marijuana and don't under. A veteran joins. Bush is gone it's no and get. It's some marijuana. Out of tobacco. Okay it says a posh clubs that have hung around them yeah I think it try to wants to come home. And probably can't because stock or very. I mean it's legal right solely to protect. How does that work do people get upset you if you do certain things. That go and marijuana and there. So that's a Kennedy takes a look tough and he just doesn't look like he hails him is he in trouble for smoking marijuana. It's the CEO was caught. Taking or drinking. Our podcasts or out of fundraisers or anything else they wouldn't be mad right and he's smoking weed is legal target Salomon together. There is a combination of erratic behavior seems less. So this is erratic behavior for Hamdan tried as marijuana is Nike Charlie and all you're Lucio also don't know maybe one of these things is finally here. They built a little summer days you start calm people kind of files you gone Joseph road shows smoke pot. There is a culmination of things. It should be saying that I'm. Totally. Good when they were already upset about the him when he take the company private in a fight with this. Rescuer. I don't understand how to marijuana thing plays into. Now they see you may have violated. Test was business conduct is at UC EO of Tesla doesn't he get to. Decide what the business kind of Disney and is the CEO above whatever restrictions he puts on his staff and says this is what I expect out of you. Mean you can say he's a bad leader but a ultimately if you're the CEO. The CEO of our company said and I use tobacco. And I'm not. Can pretty X should tobacco health insurance cards and he's. Seen on rice is doing well you know he could I guess lead by example but he just sent on duty doesn't itself. But it's certainly not illegal and this is not great leadership right. This guy smoked weed. Our podcast in California. Where it's legal. Tesla shares crashed after you on mosques smokes a joint. I'm alive well and show. There is more about its right. Yeah abilities and we did the executives quit today quit because he did this. This surely they'd quit because of everything else it's been going on here. Cops in Wisconsin. Pull over a car there's an old woman old white woman any young black man in the garden and a white woman striving young black man isn't passengers now it turns out. Well white woman is the grandmother of young black man passengers see she had just left church how does that work. America. Anything's possible. None. They never exit Jeff Goldblum had a black daughter dressed in part to an ever explained I thought I well yeah. I thought I was supposed to ask this woman has a black grandson that's easy to explain. I mean if her daughter was late. And her daughter's husband or boyfriend or whatever it was black. It checks out. Doesn't not is an interest. So. They pull this car over. And they say that they're pulling the car over because. Witnesses have told them that there were two black men. Trying to rob a white woman. And is proudly finally released the they put that kidding cops pleasing and easy team to put him in constant. Stuck in the McCarthy like six minutes they were tons and now they do eventually say it looks like this whole thing isn't big misunderstanding. But the grandmothers and the and the grass and have a lawyer now on the lawyers saying she was when I said let's see the video they showed a video you see the cops pulled his car over you see when the officers pull his gun. Okay middle of the day just pulls Canada's holsters he approached his vehicles is what's going on. They're saying that they had two witnesses to African American witnesses no less who told them hey it is he's young black guys trying to rob his white woman thought. They left before we can get an official statement from we don't know where they win and we didn't happen to catch any doubt on video so the lawyers saying I don't change. There do you have any witnesses I think you pulled over well white lady who had a black and MacArthur grandma she's polish. Fareed just slid church who was driving it shields who work when police stopped them. Officers say the initially started following them after an African American man and woman identified the vehicle. They said it was carrying a white woman who was being run by two black men. But police say they never got a formal statement from those witnesses because they've left the area the family's attorney is skeptical. It seems strange that. For all the dash cam footage so please have turned over we have not seen anything. Where the officers interacting with these people. Does seem strange. I don't know what we'd just say look. Actually no I can't even excuse Thursday I don't know what kind of excuse you can come up when we say we thought we sausage in match. The vehicle matched a description of something else with the now. There's really nothing you can do so they said we had two witnesses but what I really love is generally they see we had two witnesses. Told us. Go look for this car some of the round but they were an African. Yes a couple of witnesses told us and they were black as a matter of fact so brace and nothing to do it doesn't play a part. She was Remo I just left church and was taken her grandson nor. If you lost a home video the person who's. For your take on the cellphone she walked seven car numbers is weighing. You're late in Jews yes my grandson he was injured grandson they just pulled over for driving around with your greens are usually young. He's like I'm. And blind. An insurance. She looks like moon like grammar Shia and no shoes again so here's him in the car. And that's when the police come up to Missoula looks like this was all just some big misunderstanding. And it in his annual show. That's the first pulled them over and if you watch the media is the only cops come Jennifer's car you seem clueless bonds and out of this whole spirit. When he approached the car. Graham all looks like Ingraham. Are connected to yeah that's all. Let's you know I noticed there was drew me ask you though. You can. She looks like 2000 you can. I mean recruiters are excited trying grandmothers and the wrongness doesn't look overly old Jesus I wasn't shocks. You're like a moon rises. There you have more announcement grounder. It's. Obama certainly looks like he might run for president on. It's today. Tell you weren't supposed to talk about a non. Sitting president if your former presidential closer I know we're I was sort of silicone earlier and George Bush never gave but I know Democrats. Like myself and you. Were upset when Dick Cheney did it. Yeah. They don't all come. This is a normal. Isn't that what they always say and I will say this no part of me no pardon anyone even after the biggest some support in the world believes. This trump. Word to. Run for reelection. In two years and lose to let's just say listen Warner someone and you really believe he's not gonna say anything about an hour. I'm in terms of nutrition. Agitate. But he didn't touch missing and win anyway. She tools when. I am saying she's an American and is. Turning at the street Caltrans. She will soon invoke the when he says so what is between seven to 25 which we are talking about the bonuses. Here's Obama. Should not be democratic or Republican and should not be a partisan issue. To save that we do not pressure the attorney general. Or the FBI to use the criminal justice system as they cordial. To punish our political opponents. Or to explicitly called on attorney general to protect members. A Earl pardon from persecution and prosecution. Because an election happens in the coming up it shouldn't be democratic or Republican to save it we don't threaten the freedom of the press. Because. This whole thing goes public storage you know why. I complained play. About Fox News. Never heard me. Try to shut him down. Model number. Don't call yeah sure you did. He also takes a hard line against Nazis in part of the speech. No I no sympathy there and empathy you whatever. Unlike our current leader who conceded there are good people on both sides revenues have to be so black and white and we're sure as heck supposed to stand. Unequivocally. To Nazi sympathizers. These same. But not these are bad. Wildcat. I played eleven big blogs rice. She's. Geez you don't know why they're not just maybe their grandfathers were Nazis. But there is born in Jewish heritage on hatred jackass. I did like trumps response to the speech senate falsely. Sisters. He talked about. The New York Times piece student. Has been all the rage for the past couple of days that person within. The claims to be at the entrance. White House. T been trumping checked. And by the way that the content and everything will turn out okay because there are people inside. The White House who's frequently aren't following the president's orders. That is not a check I'm being serious here that's not how our democracy is supposed to work. They're not doing office service. Actively promoted 90% of the crazy stuff that's coming out of White House and then said don't worry we'll preventing the other 10%. That's not how things are supposed to work. Breaking news speaking of Donald Trump. Matt Miller stood. This doesn't users reported. 26 years old and they say it's not gonna say accidental overdose is just as overdose. But senior. Chances are it's real was found noon Friday at his California home cameras turn those dead at the scene 26 years. Blame beyond doubt treated no I do not want to believe my brother instead I cannot take this anymore licensed to short. I just know you're a better place now to misplace your callers and Matt Miller look bro and moments you. I need to know what he overdosed on any chances telling us and one overdose and then not only what happened. ET tell us. You know how to avoid that. Always seem to sometime no news on your favorites. What are you rap about a lean xanax. An actor I room I can name's Gary DJ. You always elegantly met those sons and you can't name a single so I really I swear to god I can't name one I swear to god trump. Is out of the song yeah I swear got a few instances. And I know he's taught him things not popularized I don't know. Douglas I. Just talks about a substance abuse in a deal breaker in his relationship with Arianna. Clutching Dave Davison marry your ex girlfriend and sound as uneasy. How did she say we're supposed trousers and greens. Are in agreement so soon essentially issues that were pronouncing around. Doesn't say what the drug of choice was it just says it. Everyone knew had a drug problem. Lotta pressure growing up in the public time. 26. Two year. Find out so quick to say at noon today. Who just who's the other rapidly just write some columns that. Little. Syrian. We'll climate the time on the ocean. No thanks and tests now I don't know I knew he died so did the guy who overdosed I was on the LP. It was local people who died in a kind will Whittle who's going where they had a video on the guy's like oh man I'm so high here's my friends I don't know he overnight for tests will be a guy's guy he says this is they're Miller's son that he was addicted to love her children. A guy who are doing Marion now gradually now runs and a son. He says I loneliness great. I was not happy I was on lean very having. I was. What was that you like Blaine was animal vs tuna. Bitter about talk about people they thought he might outlive him as a globe Wayne I think I might live longer than him does he drinks like posture that it is not distrust. But it does feel like I if you what did you did you guys ever see that or any of the little Wayne documentary that they did with. Jimenez manager tuchman trying to get him off of that stuff I've never known anyone who does that I don't know where you get coding but. Watching that documentary seen what it does to people and how many people it's killed. How many people who rapped about any killed. It's insane. And see I mean TJ screw write this now what Q yeah. I've never. I mean concede only been out of prison for what may be years something. It's not like it was his first time trying it that's you're listening and I don't mean back in it to be funny seriously you're doing a drug for the first time there's lot of risk there today. May not eggs just an honor and August when Matt Miller didn't. So what do little Pete Dye friends and there was xanax that was. Race with him a little boy bite black markets. It's definitely number and I'll keep us to believe you from an overdose when it was in at least he's chosen toxicology reports her final cause of death was accidental overdose through the effects. A fan non pros Alam. A blood test. Came back positive for Candace cocaine and Trammell wrong. It is on this agreement earlier in the days later in the counties for businesses not being. Yes I saw cars that. Taking it easy kids that come on man. Mean one thing it's time writes. Yeah he's doing. I saw live. Kids know how do you wanna bring it up with closets and cynicism real. This is media trying to scare parents did you see that thing about lost speed and Ohio blasting yeah. Someone put out a thing that said we actually asks these. People between certain certain ages high school to college age within this region where they said it was popular how many of them were aware of that and more importantly yeah no winners at the real thing. Apparently he had mixed mess with lost killer. Which he told me that lost killer was part of how you make Matt and said OK just seen that list of ingredients that the dare officers showing like here's everything go wow those all seemed pretty unsafe but. Somehow whatever they finish in the coalition aircraft does business as this list doesn't look who's think in my did you need to add. Who lost straight into. It's an Ohio. Barely. There not to bright there. Like he's Osama I mean I think. That is. But I didn't see any coach in the met with the Wall Street he smoked meth and and stuff little lost very well this is what. And on the local news thing that they are that was like sick. They mix it is they're cooking and there. Well OK then again if you told there was already an ingredient yeah sound. Just say alien in this story here says swallowing insect killer can cause seizures paralysis and even does yeah I saw Don doing kids like who why you need to remind some people insect killer on the amounts. Don't date area on the grounds. Because when you're a loser. It's hurt you can overcome. Who's the one area on the ground is all the sudden on TV was some do name Pete Davidson. In your life. Yeah I'm done it's not like a normal divorce Rican just move mono and everybody's happy he got to sit at home launcher. They're engages in like two weeks. All over each other right there resent. Watch the universe to Auburn or something did you see that and Nellie once allied been engaged they're on a basic ground and obviously in announcing it. Ramos. Is it Grimes now and August and early because usual land I don't know witches. And his son's grave my Dicks on all the time. Really like right then that I needed bench. They should do sir is driven as far as like my husband or my lovely one on earth always funny kill it and I'm not not dead men. Miller really got to be hitting. Sticks to pass Madelaine looked at and that may get a double.