Thursday, September 6th


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Courageous and it's on all sides. Selfish. And the siren you'll mend. Well these dark. Will strike down low numbers. Well it is home run and led bugged although bam bam is on a conference call. Which. Doesn't matter. I have to do a lot of conference calls sure sure a lot of people do you can only job is right so maybe you can relate tennis if you can't I apologize when you call into one of these things and there's like this probably had fifty to a hundred people on it yeah. And so you can hear and they can't do their due to I am still shocked every time and the number of people who say no. It doesn't look they're freezing you have that little number yeah. That you punch and after you call so that they know you're there so the you don't have to say a word says hey you know what. Ding Dong called out yeah that's his access code used it you don't have to sit there and ask if people can hear you. And then just talking over people dislike. 15100 people your your talking over the subsidy funding on the public school system and this is something and there's a lot of series conference calls and don't trust. Noted they re always sooner. I love when you get on a conference on there's always at least one EA. And I you know me man I put an amused blue collar and put on new and leave and I wanna hear it. And just walk out of the room comeback at the end hang up okay good talk boys' room. I like to take it off you really got to thank you don't. Thank you forget about no thanks and then hang up that's my you know just use your voice Linus yeah okay thank you all right. Okay good talk all right about it okay chili at a Michael. I really informative Shelly thank you okay bye bye now. I like to do that and then just hang up and there's always wore masks all who wants to do what I'm doing but instead of putting on your puts it on. I've gone home they're like who's got it all now there's you know there's play music down who put pool hot pool put it on all the did you guys you all music out there. Guarantee heroes act I don't know he's not here anymore. And did not check what the people around zero and CI if there's a body in York and your office there or put it on hold. Like. A that's when I'll walk out of the room and I come back an hour Leila I'll get good jobs Shelley that was brilliant. OK thanks okay but why not yeah. I'll see you guys next month at the conference good job I just fix them let's sell some carpet OK so also talk a bit. Generally the old old. It's. It's one of those things OK game's good job yeah yeah all right. Now sell sell sell old guy but yeah. Super excited okay thanks Sean. Ivan and at the beginning it is when this was supposed to take I was told we just EG for like 1015 minutes. The beginning this nice and we don't think this'll take the full amount of time that you've done a lot of them a good game complicit. So rather than an hour we think we can get this done half hour forty minutes. An hour at 45 minutes unsolicited tender and dean. Okay Jim that's great. For its job to him that was awesome man things are condensing busier on their sales also out. What about the ones in the making log in on some sort of a browser and now you know you can move they want you to move the click here into the site. Now now I NIC yet since O'Connor and their son faster going and there are people as on this one who had. Of they had their webcams on. There's just a couple old white guys and a little. And their move around from the webcam accuse him on sixteen. If we understand you're on laptops are you invoke whatever. No one needs to see you you can turn that off. I never took a little I didn't hear. And I won't say when. But I did do when they called me downstairs like the big boss's office and I came and there's like three people here. And then they just dialed into a conference call I was there. And it was all of the attorneys. And the airlines and they does that thing. So Bob. You know I know I'm tells what you did and I'm like. Wins nothing happens and movement not good and then like look you know we're on your side so we're here to help you need help we need. If you need to ask everybody else leave the office and use won't talk to us some light. Okay jam. All right good job boys still sells well. But the residue that was definitely our new president to tell me what you think I did and before I just I've blurred because I feel I go to. I'm like what is this MI twelve where I just started admitting stopping you guys tell me if that's the one yard yes and I needed no idea why does this is inside of work outside of work. Within the last twenty minutes last twenty years. We narrowed isn't it John well. It's a gun running right now in lately about gun running Wales on a bitch. My favorite lawyers story will always do trafficking local not that moon we're born and you remembered to you guys don't want my gym once you offer up something here that that the probably 20032004. And that conference call the lawyer in the lawyer lasso had to. He said I wanna know exactly what you said to me exactly 7000. This is exactly what we sat in some fast send this nice in this and the lawyers goes. That was like what look hold off calmed on this. CNET and keep in mind that our bosses say no listen I know I'm just say that I told Jeff and I told this was bad. We really had convinced ourselves that the lawyers would help calm my boss and guys like look just talks we never done anything illegal here this is fine when Matt lawyer. But let's say you usually want it's there. Dom hi Kevin sell itself at that that is a good call or I'll. Good called okay. Well the news. Burt Reynolds. You may not have noticed when you're still alive today. This morning and yesterday and he's not anymore you know maybe tonight. And so I'm playing out there I guess I had heard he was going to be in the Tarantino movie elements. I don't know if they don't like it or not I saw him on TV probably about a year ago promoting something and he did some sort of an outing by outing saying. He always had some sort of weird sunglasses on the last few years right but Hugh look I mean they wheeled him out during the commercial break and when they came out and here he is in. I'm just saying he. I thought enlighten us we'll let us guys yet easy didn't look there on out agents everybody Manhattan. As you go back now they Pashtun has some of those pictures from bill you elect but beyond shark he's machine or. Whatever was those movies man that was a hand some hands on hand cool man's man right. And then I'm in it and he just was wearing pink scarf some pink glasses being wheeled around you're like man. Time waits for nobody had that weird fake hair snow makeup that they put only search a tough disease boogie nights he still looks pretty good news for anybody hadn't seen him in a while I guess have been abuses on CNN and he looked he looked pretty good where I feel said he was they call him Fat Albert Reynolds were remember I thought he looks fine. And sometime within the next few years just not too long every just sort of look panel and I did you. And as a result mention good lies yeah born Carlos. So our life and what was the what was the premise smoking advantage trying to get Coors Light over the Mississippi you're excited as an. I'm going back. Did you when you're a kid I assume you saw that moving your kid. Were you attracted to Sally fields or. NA. Sally Field today Meg Ryan type away right. I was released a testament Ryan I don't know like Mannheim wasn't like does bombshell shoes channel like oh man look how. Yeah hued and you know I'd like to marry this girl last what I think sell the English. Well as far as I know she's a cash Burt Reynolds. Last week at 82. There was a shooting at a bank in Cincinnati. This morning I guess. Four people died. They love they send more than three and four missing boat so. I think four is probably the number if you include the gunman is the gunman was killed as the police chief. What I can't say our officers responded very quickly. Bain days that the red and they neutralize that threat however there was some tragedies that didn't hurt you know these are things that we see having across the country and we all have to be vigilant and prepared to deal with the situation like. I think from what I see preliminarily. The leave the bank responded with their lockdown procedures as well as our officers responding to the dangers of we will have more to come missiles it becomes available. Is it weird that if you could hurt just I don't know 1015 years ago but there's a shooting at a bank in four people died. You get this imaging your head of a guy in there with the a ski masks on. Or he's got. Now you're here. Shooting at bank. And my first and even though they said bank judge's son was just Hindustan must give us. Some sort of problem was summoning used to work there are PS. Bill. Mentally ill. Exorcism scores original. Prayer chains and Texarkana to Atlanta. Spinach and because there's something about the river you couldn't processor. You guys were talking about this earlier. Under your aware. I think a lot of people are it's probably the biggest story in the last. 1224 hours since New York Times story New York Times opinion piece shirts. Anonymous person. Claims should be. A member and terms White House and if you have a letter is not very long. They saying. Essentially that trump has done some good things. They may make it clear I'm not a leftist. And I don't have a secret leftist agenda I think trump has done a lot of good things I want him to do better but. Myself and others. Are all here trying to keep him. From doing more damage because there's a lot of damage that affairs. Yes summary news like some of the things he's done but we have to keep them in check because. The X irrational yes. And it's also an affidavit saying well you know there are some adults in the room and yes I think that's what I think that's what this. I'm so happy he says that the New York Times should turn this person over for national security say persecution. And it's not the nation in water board everybody works in the White House. Until someone tells news and saw Paul Ryan says he's not happy about it either Arizona Chris Christie on I think Good Morning America saying look. New York Times is again and give this person. So you know I just forget it they're not gonna tell you know Lou was you can argue about whether I'm the person wanted to write the story or should have written the story. But and whether or not you think that's a threat to have someone in the White House who. Doesn't. Agree with the priest thinks the president is someone who needs to be kept in check. But the New York Times isn't gonna give this person out trump says. That it did this speech is this beach is comments on this. So funny to me so ironic scene. Same thing with her before failing New York Times failing CNN whatever but the fact that he says in this they wouldn't be doing well without me. Do you understand why. They're doing better window you know. Has ever done. In less than two year period. What we've done so when you tell me about some anonymous source. Within the administration probably who is failing. And probably here for all the wrong reasons now. And the New York Times is telling if I weren't here. I believe the New York Times probably wouldn't even. I'm not president which hopefully will be in about. Six an excuse me. The New York Times and CNN and all of these phony media outlets. Will be out of business I'll still be out of business because they'll be nothing. Deride and they'll be nothing image it. Because people won't be scared anymore when they wake up in the morning knowing that I am the president but the thing I scared people so much these are reading the newspaper again. They subscribe to think patent court it's crazy to actually hired people as some of these places. And audiences. It's right Donny big one even have a job of it wasn't for you and no one cared about what was going on until I saw you reach its. And hopefully we've done more in two years than any president in the history in the states. Well you know historic tax cuts. Ed. A million. My thing. The person in the New York Times here she talked about that he's very historic tax cuts and his left shoulder he colon. Whoever it is the proud of them how you can president. The name in the union speech and when a shot on fort Sumpter. College where it was like less than a month. So that was a big yellow went Johnson and a civil rights action. Well now in the voting actually east talking about not to Bill Clinton probably that's as far as any senate history I know but that's his history. As those people so I'm just saying those little things that struck me when he so that was an hour. Interest. Ali you. At first I thought about the historic some cracks. Not done. Is Doug Doug Moore he's. It's done more to sell more newspapers. We talked yesterday about the need to remind doubt. The couple in Pennsylvania. Raise money for homeless guy. Last year girls who runs out of gas. Almost tech user in his last twenty bucks. She starts and he goes on meet her boyfriend theories of 400000 dollars or around 4000 dollars in the sky they were giving him money there incrementally. I think this it won't play the game 20000 dollars and then he blew it all along to. And drugs and giving money to his family it's one that I read an army can't hurt. Anyway he's thirty complain they. This is my money I should be able to get it in we played audio yesterday the couple on Megyn Kelly show last week same look. We haven't spent any of this money for ourselves to guide the boyfriend said. There's a one time the 500 bucks the casino and he gave me back paid him back for that he took that money I gave it back to them. And I think he still has over 150000 dollars in his bank account while. And judge for the homeless man said. Sorry the lawyer for the homeless men asked to judge if they can get the money judge says yes hand over the money and the lawyer for the couple raising money. Comes back he says there's no money we looked and suddenly it's it's gone. The question was what's gonna happen to these to alleviate any trouble. This is the veteran homeless veteran that they were raising the money. I have asked them for everything this town. And again and it was a joke like they were like my parents. When the jokes I was damn funny after a while the I think he's pretty hypocritical. Can you tell me I can't manage my mind because otherwise you know. So these are torture this morning police executed a search they executed a search market but the chiefs. At the couple's home man using different world foundation. Looks like execute both of them when they executed search warrant. Went through their home and took their car to the BMW and that was trailer when they relieving having gone through all their stuff. They searched this BMW in the driveway. Of the home and cars loaded into trucks and taken away. So. We gas yesterday. And getting in trouble should they be in trouble whose money is that I mean they raiser for the almost endlessly think they'll finally said. We're gonna try and work on getting the money better as I can only guarantee. So we're gonna let go yeah yeah that's you all go funding guarantee. Which I've now been giving people. Reassurance pink. You can count comes of the bill's funding guarantee. So. They might feel a lot of trying to. Maybe not maybe they just wanted to have a look. But they're if they've got to search warrant at Columbia house movies toughness or search your car and leave with that program. Did who paid for the damage they did that couple buys the car with the money from the gulf on these out why they're searching it. Did the it doesn't matter now they execute our apps on the. This is why you don't try and do. Nice things for the people are always bad virus and always backfires don't do it. And every year's story like that in well he's trying to do something nice for somebody never. If they raise 400000 dollars they should be allowed to run by BMW's and thing. They raise the money. DC denizens of really nice assigning. I was driving seventy haven't. Critics say oh yeah. And done. This well what I'm turning laughs. On the street and there's so. A guy in front means he'd like kind of blocks or pulls over stops he gets out of his car. And there's this foolishness is able to be physically and mentally disabled and she's probably. Curling debuted her. Only forty something like that she's standing over by the bus stop I didn't even notice or easy stops are puts his hand out to kind of blocked traffic. And he walks up to this woman and puts his arm around her. And helps across the street and just kind of blocks traffic with his arm around. And you'd like a FedEx uniform arsenal right. And then and I just brought kind of look at Kennedy well first we were angry what do what do you do in and then we see he's actually helping someone. I don't know about you behind even item list you know. Really nice pleasure and executed or. That's already good. Some people are just nice to live our lunch mr. I was assistance really just a nice guy. And then you try using it I guess I would maybe I would have done that if I see and I didn't see it knocks I wouldn't and there's no I would have done that and just how comfortably wasn't going up to a talking tourists say hey you know you OK and then put his armor are walking across Aguilera piggyback ride. Come on get our. Always an option. That's like go to remove. But I don't know how that ended I was in her eating into the grain sales so good all ended terribly thank gentlemen just like it has. Sure this couple who tried to help the homeless veteran. Plus is they shouldn't get in trouble as their money. And they won't gamble it away thinking gamble away. I mean they had to know it was coming but still. When they find out it happens man I usually causes don't really are gonna eldest son cried like 1015 grand whatever. You're doing okay you're gonna damage the guy the losses are drawn exact cause and as half a million dollars a listen you like American run live it's like who's gonna know. Most sudden you start and then. Next thing you know like I'll give bitumen doses you do give him some and a refund MP both start tweeting about it here like. And they are native Kelly variety sailors and only then there's a lot of couple's home like should you give the homeless guy or thousand dollars. Greg Hughes or whatever. The lady ran out of gas in the net new money to put gas in her car so ES that we give her money he had Tony bucks that he gave gripping gas station. Which I had that happen you remember last allows drivers you have a team running right you have money that happened noontime I lost my wallet in my car ran out of gas there's an occasion I was an additional airline hey we're in parting we plaza an item party this is not a made up story. Is back win. Downtown at night was there's nobody down there yeah I mean like you. Fired again and they're good chance no one's going hear those DS. Twelve years ago probably thirteen years ago and I was down by a where that Sinclair stations. You know over by Italian eyewear record bars announcer Gary and I are in kind of behind that I'm Randi gas is homeless guy walks up to me. And he says what's gonna select her as a humiliation I'm dressed as a woman and as a Japanese what he says he didn't get up and I. So let me help you pushes you pushes my car to that Sinclair stations 'cause they thought there was a woman that's why these I get some gas and S and I don't know where my qualities I can't put gas wells and I'm not destined for monies that. Save your car. Is like also asked for money elbow pain so this guy went around. They're asking people for money ending gave me the money selected in his hands and I was buzz and a blow bomb. As imports even tea yeah he may have stole my wall and actually I did I don't know that's I hate to ruin that story and it turned out later night. I feared that he may have been the one who actually. Stolen but it isn't doing it turned up with the fewest. So I lost my wallet yeah it would seem may know at the time I thought I'd lost the party by must've lost or trying to push the car I'm no lawyer start. Yeah right I did have any pockets here so. It would seem as though. And it maybe got lost sometime between the car running out of gas needs to wind when I got to gas station. I'm looking around I don't know along okay. It's I'm disappointed in Brazil where a kimono on nine months. Zone and there was actually guy and you definitely don't think I'm making this up so coming there was a guy in the gas station wasn't working never used talk and guys working there. White guy had a tear drops had to right here and he said to me. What are you doing here I set I ran out of gas or Chinese money city you need to get out of here you're going to get killed. I said I'm very sorry sir I know I shouldn't be here earlier is that Halloween card yeah he was upset with an incredible I got to. Southside of Chicago or something at the need to get the hell out of here. I've taken the wind off I think. First bad moves shouldn't that night I shouldn't just played it up I should just can I do damsel in distress Zach Miller helped me. I can't I can. Run again due to injury fascination anymore it's 2018 out of focus help. A couple of years ago but I I could tell anybody in my life depended on it though just now would you imagine right now you know what I mean doing that I'm not impressed what I was sound like designation girl. This uses mikes off here. You know what it sounds like we're just so they did it say what you say in your voice now all of okay right poll I'm so sorry I don't have any money. I'm just a young. Geisha girl. Equipment at the was trying to get home and guess MIK car has run out of gas just the it was Kate there. Good guards of an infinite and to put gas. So I'm just go back gives us who has you know eighteen months ago what Panasonic like. And you can imagine I can let me tell you it's convincing as a whole reason I am I know I have out there on the first place and people said this is what you should go as you can you can really all the songs. I'll give anything video. I mean running out of gas or me at the party dancing and geisha girl it's and you ask me what we can do. Is actually the Jose geisha girl down the hall. I'll give her and then you can tell us. And she'll actually be here we need to on site. I can tell ourselves and until well until ready to tell you she can say what. You would what you suddenly earlier Julio got a networks. Element. Yeah. Don't bring here and here everybody this is Katherine news comes right here in here or not closing out. Captain not beating his usual. But our bus. Gave very clear instructions were not supposed to have any other coworkers who were not on air. Personalities. And on the years you understand. Just nod your head if you understand it she understands that good. When she's still here. I don't know spiritually for me. Image gallery when doctor I'll talk to let's get off let's place in music and I can go talk to her. Through such a lot of things from earlier. Me now about a thing from his whole reason I was on the conference call it struck. She'll do it now. Let's just say if it wasn't her I wouldn't of had had a chance to speak to those gentlemen today.