Tuesday, September 4th


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The righteous man is centered on all sides. Values dark. Will strike down and up along the. Yeah oh yeah I'll I'll idea and Graham are you. Am fantastic awesome. Feel better. Yeah I don't feel a 100% but I do anything like Fortis. I just watched the ball using your selves Julian. In my underwear. Trying to get better. You feel better she lets you. Yeah. Everybody how you feel it's a great. You look good thanks. Spain Madrid and notice though you know I'm staying so. Don't you worry about. So you deducting this weekend and loan must Obama. It's. From Michigan loosen it's. Our current. He still believes the right OK am I mean the last few weeks. And me about doctor. You guys email shirts where she is a feeling fewer job busy and email and after a loss especially when you still story hey Amanda doesn't all that stuff ready and I get the light guy you know like anybody do literally you know. Story of my life a little background and remember we're running out of prison. Follow along than I don't you like the lions general right exactly. All along. Going on in the news show weekends. Probably the biggest thing let's Google base. The last day has been a ninety story down maybe just the biggest. Because I'm about ninety engineers are much embarrassed and there you guys zoom out and shoot guys saws like. And I'd I'd it's not that I don't like Nike. As a company that just the style usually doesn't take what I kind of a little energy disguised. Yeah. There's so I always felt like when you Wear Nikes you. And looks like you're athletic. Boy you're trying to run I don't want people to think I'll look you want nineties and memoranda people work right so bad that stuff is always very happy landing right now it is very athletic Wear. Did dieters and improve issued a winter like I'll go back now he must be from Southern California much punk rock I don't really know it's fine. You know what I thought. Almost immediately when I saw this story on the cable now you're here comes you can have the divine you have some people around saying we gotta. By night he's like yeah sir gotta do it got to support him and everyone else gonna start doing the curious thing where they earned their shoes. What smaller company or smaller drain any Middle East like Reebok for someone I think their own ideas but still if they did it moves like. And got this many people talking you got half the people who support my happening. Wouldn't be the next rode their marketshare it's ninety's so huge. This is a big. I would think it's a big risk. Maybe maybe they had anything and I'm man I don't know what they make any slowdown in doing rightfully market resurgent. And figure out what types of people by their shoes what did you grow they couldn't zero. Well yeah. They on this. Sharia. And saying well you know I'm a market shares gonna go down a little bit but I really OK if we inspire passion when people living. And they also think now they also have to think that part of what they're doing is important. So I think you and some polling you know so suits in the boardroom and all those people and figures out. What are gonna do what I can but from what I read in it you're gonna tell us first one I've read they've been playing during this time. People thought they dropped cabinet propellant and I'm paying him the entire time and yeah which came as a surprise a lot of there's a lot of people burning she's turning ninety apparel and throwing it in the garbage. The or was it big and rich yeah. It lasted ninety over the this ad within toward being related to the cubs Sox and I was like it's trying to South America and John you really should think. No one really does this sound right. And of course people on social media were quick to respond to see so you are still wearing socks on ends. Everyone who's. Just facing her destroy their nights certain birdied her chance. During all this stuff. Left handed Chinese symbolism and I think the point right shook. This is the video that I saw shared the most of the guys burning in his nineties in the yard and done young navy. It's his son in the beginning this crazy why vision burned to stop this ridiculous maybe this guy he's he's pretty persuasive maybe. We'll bring your round two on his way of thinking and enjoy. I'm by go seismic data is. True. You know how many other sneakers are in a by pictures from. There to go ahead. Here and go ahead. And say hey. I am our shoes we stand with people who'll Neill for the National Anthem. Well. Sorry Nike by neutral past twenty plus years it. Now anymore. Only my burning in my spare pair of Nikes you're burning your sales have a good day. They don't powerful stuff. He's gonna go buy a pair of dias. So go buy some German shoes. Show nineteenth out of the American. I wish there was a way to succeed. Just over the next month or two and I'm sure someone will obviously her work. Numbers showed love to see the overall numbers like you know where did sales increased where its sales deep crease right if you assume. Rural areas maybe ninety sales go way down. To the people who support cap earning a or at least support his freedom of expression and these other players. G day go out and buying more shoes to compensate. Right about now new shoes to compensate for the loss of sales from. So I don't know. It was only a patriots patriots. And the story now they. People are cheering I know people who crap defense emotion really NFL low light bulb went. Ago. Like five days notice bottom bitch. I saw the story be shared street. A reminder that. Happening do you see many started to kneel and you Neil because he talked to that former green beret. I told them listening. And rider. Right. No he was protesting with nick where is that right. Anyway that green beret was when you say you know should do is nearly didn't he meal within that wanna be yes or stood next to mauling yield maybe that's little screens and I think he stood next time. Yeah anywhere okay that's him he's he was an. Maybe he played and he was sun unreal scorch. I think his response. So that's doing it. Bernanke debate. Which is furthers that can't happen debate which for you continuing debate which now it's NFL season and it's like you said the Renaissance. Show us so frustrated but maybe it does take some of the intentionally. And injuries CT that you know are talking about a lot before the happening right now it's mostly about. The debate about whether or not clear she's like Neil. I know what to it was a Saturn game that. The tweet went out of the picture Jeffrey Owens who's a former Cosby show actor. Someone snapped the picture of them I don't think we know who we do we we do know Buddhist ceremonies and I worked there was her life and we. I was employees of life. Employ you told yeah. And so this person takes a picture of this actor. Who's also working at trader Joseph yeah. Since it is someone. Some sort of I don't know if that was teams CNN news or through email and then people started tweeting. Some news outlets were tweeting as they Galen and fox Fox News was do we we had a funny story but there were news. Yet. Sites that were treated as it or news in the big one was Fox News and they did it that's of deep concern to get pissed because it is. This John Cheney is we don't talk about that often. It's kind of you know. My how the mighty have fallen look at this this month. Working at a job that a lot of people are really happy to have his glasses up a lot of people are happy to have us. When my good friends or street Joseph ski gloves and he would it took them awhile to get the job he's excited about it he loves working there. So if you drop this whole discussion about. Classicism. John shaming. Also got people talking about Jeffrey Owens and if you saw all the celebrities tweeting about him. Reminding people of such an app to taos and got a tweet saying that he was great on things on divorce and grains I'm guessing this will probably give him. Some more work. Yet he did an interview with Good Morning America any candidate is he's a Yale trained us. Actor he had this. Gail latter on and talked about what it was like to go from. Working at Trader Joe's you know normal this is where is that right now and then he wakes up the next day and suddenly everyone is talking about him. I kind of feel like that. That character in that Woody Allen movie that wakes up 1 morning these. A celebrity over a sudden. And has no idea where it came from that they came out of nowhere. This I want I really wanna thank everybody out there are family friends. Hollywood. Community and the general public for. The incredible support the amazing support and positively that they've shown for me. How do you feel now. Less so it's not if I saw that I would just not more celebrity news. I barely remember that guy. Right next story so context and easy you know this stuff pisses me on I don't like the making fun of people for their jobs. Right would you call it dish U didn't haunt classes might think he said to drug John Shannon or maybe that's what he called. Let me see which. But I I had thought of it like that and I saw people talking about it. I would I don't know I was just raised an early and make on some anchor job but you would like this to you wouldn't do it to anybody else but. We've also had this discussion many times about celebrities and you know doing your celebrity people are going to care more about what you do you put out there like horse. So is this fair game to send got a tweet. A doubt. As it is it's a news story about an actor and saying look this is working to Trader Joe's. This is I saw an interest in and it caught such fire because. It would be the first time we wish had pictures of opponents quotes former celebrities. That we've shown doing some thing. You know being outside. You know a big box stores something not looking at. Very celebrity asking the you know especially child actors right. We've definitely seen. As Gary Coleman's. Dara I wish it was as a matter Verizon deal in the show those pictures. There's a lot of those. Teams seem and so I think that will do the where are they now. And clients just to show you that their work units some football players usually you see that a lot like the sky remember this guy. Was huge stars for two years now he's working here I feel like breached you know. We see. Maybe this run came off a little more derogatory to mailers I don't know what may be just finally because of social media someone decided it'd. Say something as per our conversation is the first I'm talking about. And I guess I've seen this now this is from twenty minutes ago Tyler Perry offers Jeffrey Jones job. Only after being shamed for orchestrated just go because I was thinking when he was talking about. How. Crazy the last couple of days have been in an interview out here you probably gonna start. It's our job and I mean he said he he has worked much often on I was little sharpening needed to work a traitor jurors. I just out well I guess I mean isn't because cause he's been canceled on everything because of them. Pills I would have just thought by sheer rerun numbers you mean acted piece of that. Maybe I mean look at the sign filled cast look at how rich cherry ends. Larry right. And it's. It's all about who has who owns a show who have networked and their contract bigoted piece of that. I'm sure they'll get a piece of every time it's played the remaining. And the last five years because of the royal bills dormant money's gone away and I don't. On some talking about that people should honor the dignity of work but I also saw other actors talking about unfair wages for a lot of factors and people think everyone gets rich if you get a job acting you're gonna get later on duty as regular people don't. Excellent James Woods on the streets or was it wasn't defending him. Yeah there's definitely people on both sides of the aisle. Defending him. And Aretha Franklin's. Few and so did you watch the video of the pastor with our Enron days you know. The front rubbing her breast you know. Look I think I've opened the story for readers somewhere CU PS if you sow the seeds it's got the actual video or I guess a couple of years they. But yeah. He's got his armor or are you a ground user to perform. And he's talking. Peace you know kind of got that arm under her arm over here but if you look. People zoomed in you see his hand is the rope it's just that it like slides up and grabs and he. Gross. Now he said later that it was. Not intentional and it. They like to hug at this church however that you can see the look on her face. Eight years. It was it looks to me like he is but you'd also think if he was doing that on purpose would he know that there's a lot of cameras on him at that moment this is a big deal late night delicious and so closed earlier on M frank. Take shots and you can take your shots. Got to take your shots but you also sense something of now he didn't know who she was and thought that she was a menu item at Taco Bell. And on top of that the family's upset because it they say do the things he said about black lives matter of the political issues were completely disgraceful a guy. Because. I have to brush up my twenty you don't OK you are wounded sixty. Well Arianna grundy on the program. News of the day taco bill. We use its. I'm not positive. If that came right before her right after a game Preston's. But this team is not happy. I have no idea disguised another being. Celebrity funerals are weddings or anything where he's been on television like probably not like this before granting. But if if this was his big shot. Feels like he didn't go over and all that well. Did you see you watching him did you see Faith Hill trying to sing it at the funeral. Shane scenario a variety did a good job she's sounding great state. Outside of other stuff so this kind of man I get nervous. His toes because someone else says oh my god she struggled she did a bad job and I was here. She would know she's. It's as bad. So trying to. Well she can sing she just have are often if she was having announced they say she's having. Zone. Also I don't know what they're talking about. And McCain's funeral was this weekend. You had any breaststroke and no breast organize all those Galindo and enjoyed that ended the choice different indeed TD passing was a big topic at this time because George Bush handed Michelle Obama. BC TV people said it was Pete did they ever find out and usually knows this is where users you know what's. So in about their friendship. Or and maybe sent a friendship but there. Ability to get along and beat us at these events whether there Adam. Why are very open means right or a few little babysitting a six snakes until now. Yeah so it's such an unlikely couple but it didn't BC to all get along. George and Laura ending Brock can surely seemed all get along but. We knew that George Bush George W. Bush is doing his speech in Barack Obama McCain and ask both of them to speak at the funeral of course. There were people making pretty obvious references to trump including his daughter when she spoke choose a side. The end I got to enjoy one of life's great gifts. Let's just pray that John doesn't own them pumped out and I'm missing. The America John McCain has no need to be made great again because America was always great. So much of our politics. Her public life or public discourse. Conceived small. And mean. And petty. Trafficking in bombast. And insult. And phony controversies. And manufactured outrage. It's a politics that pretends to be. Brave and tough but in fact is born of fear. It's a distraction. Fashion has seen previously how dare they attack our president would pencils a decency is good in America. Nobody else. I gotta say. There is something about scene. Those four though how they get along whatever that relation as I've no idea if their part that president's public if they actually speak. On the phone it wrapped in George speak on the on the scene and does give me some hope I mean they could not be more opposite. Politically. I did not like George Bush did not like him are on I don't know whose president again. Aiming clearly and just. It was a horrible president he really was at the time I thought this is this is that is secure all right sometimes you just had some of the worst. But now we can't it's. I can't imagine like when you break up with someone you start dating someone new in their crazier but what else are British and out. But I can't imagine former presidents from. Passing team needs. Tool loan Michelle Obama or brought that I feel like he is going to be there and talked. So a restaurant. In Florida and Orlando this. I don't know all of the details this really is none of this. News stories are saying exactly what happened but there's a woman with a disability she goes into the diner in Orlando apparently she was refused service. Something happen. Now her daughter to disabled. The woman's daughter was very upset. At her mom's mystery and it's diner. So she calls the diner. She wasn't happy with whatever there excuse was responsible us. So she's angry this restaurant feels like in his shooter mom she writes a bad review on FaceBook that bad review gets a lot of traction apparently people start talking and they start writing bad reviews and on the web sites. They start talking trash on the diner because of this girls review. And it's. That diner. Owners feel like this is leaner business I think one of the people said he was rooting out. It's so thick they did the daughter of the owner of the restaurant. And her. Husband boyfriend they were supposed to take over this restaurant and they're very upset as is their future sales are down apparently. So he sure isn't they. They go right. Instead he gets in the car was my people and drives over this woman's house is able to find her. Using Google T able to find her to go where her dresses and goes over the house and shoots up the house and almost kills. Her dad's father and her father yet who they said the bullet went behind his head like four inches from the side. Was sitting on the couch and I actually. Could feel the air from the bullet as it passed by nearly missed it by about four inches or so. But I hit forehand but I don't really it was really love this isn't neighborhood that's usually pretty peaceful. We don't have things like this happen. Call it I mean with the amount of god himself they are. There's places as it whole world's become quite the wild web so. That. America pass rusher. So. When you can insulating to headline like Florida mentions a woman's house at assurance that restaurant review. Doesn't sound like yeah story and yeah. Anytime you start with the Florida. And shooting yes Florida Manning like all right fill in the blank senate floor demands remained shoots lower men's hoops. It's like a man who has the. If you did Florida man blanks and a woman's house after she and blanks on FaceBook. Please give us as candidates will come with ease as baby wouldn't take too terribly long. Heidi talked it sounded one story said that there were two guys in the once you've got to loosen their three isn't counting how do this through if there are three you kind of lose three out of the three of you not want and he says hey you're worried. This bad reviews and hurt your business long term I don't think shooting know that. It's the answers that in everyone's gonna get caught. You couldn't convince. Two people. Arguments no deal to go shoot up someone's house I try to vegetables are angry taxed or angry tweet. Some arguments are bolted to go in the car which we would stop you would say last. Don't do business and it. Absolutely and once I talked him enjoy your along for the ride. I think you drive when you wanted to run over the next guy you're always trying to talk about it but he didn't I guess you hear us I guess in the end. I didn't likely didn't show up but. That was angriest I've ever seen. The anger is not only known you like a year of spending Christmas trees and. And that was a different kind of anger. That was frustration. And this was up more of a range yeah this was I doing justice yeah. Like someone at will what happened was the guy home. You've been calling on their honor talking trash then and many calls up there's a laws and names and incidents earlier this year. And then he said Pyongyang kick your ass kicked dress meet me anywhere Leslie you'll meet means a log as the only chew right now. Husbands don't say god has all come meet you kick your ass there. How little the guys that's the media does gas stations silently as senator some thousand amassed an obvious there. Shrek did you really answer the phone and nothing is set immediately okay. So here's the phone in my mind I'm thinking this happens quite a big you get people who parelta's for the tax I'm just trying to go to all these polls are costly trying to find a phone that works and someone has something to say right. And a lot of people are just angry just like the tax find me. It happened lot tonight a beginning of the hands of the phone. Two minutes later we walked out front were smoking cigarettes. And even. I don't leading thirty seconds does not see anything dangers exist. I used to do you drive and like drive letter to music to the gases as a sort of two more hours. The show's over to my house like you drive all didn't ask you see it this guy hasn't gone to run him over. Yeah I like I'll find them but he pulls on any sort of weapon does him with a car. He's like you driving a sign on the embassy and I was trying to it's my Carlton it is a horrible idea just norm he's not gonna show that's pretty good idea secularism and over since he's got a gun you can run an overhead itself there aren't just run him over the hasn't done. As a politically starts kicking your ass hole what then I've been in this situation ice not Steve Nicholas and didn't. And Arizona don't show. Towered. It was probably eleven. Oh. I'll dream if you heard this guy. Colonel Minnesota. He wants to being congress he once a year candidate. He wants to be your congressman you must be represented he wants to be your plumber he wants to be your beyond the other. Yeah industry wants New York. Some permissive no. I want to be your daddy I wanna be where I said don't be yellow. And all the entertainment we don't know he says I mean do you think representative. All the rice. It's been stage problem. But but the. I'm not expect that. Well I could say anything and all of them. This is him I mean I don't know of certain real I don't know what people are sharing and that's that's and its him. He wants to learn inward. Wolf sorry deserve. If you want edema and word. You've got to get through the primary. Taken votes is easy. But wrapped present in his scanner and. Let's see this as just about the we're gonna give counting the benefit of the doubt and say he's just trying to be edgy not stoop BBC green organic farmer. Israelis forest state house seat in Minnesota and straighter PC racial slur and campaign ad released. Not earlier this month I want to BC represented about one of the public service and I want to be you're leading. You made accounts of the into the video which she addresses the camera asking for the support of voters in Minnesota's district eighteen a where he's running as an independent case you're wondering. They got people talk course just for JJ on an arson. Let's look. Minnesota. This time eighteen day. Come from all I do destroys. This guy here is on the map. We've got to vacancy. And how the city. Don't see which cities. Here's a match. Usually I think it's a big districting you've Google a district like that there's Wikipedia has some pages. It's trying week. District was district eighteen innings only says there is this the people talking about him as I don't. If you don't you talk about it I'm looking at him now. It must not be Minneapolis. Because I feel like it would have come off. Minnesota's congressional districts. You right here. It's 2:18 am confused. It's not true. I looked it up and I saw several stories about criminal kind of said the same thing going Wednesday in this. Here's Twin Cities pioneer press Minnesota house candidate how green listen self. An official paperwork is an independent. It's taken things out. As shaken things up in his west central Minnesota race. Racine. In his 332 campaign video list. What we just plea deal. He's trying to unseat veteran Republican lawmaker dean heard all. And district eighteen do their dollar goes to live your grove city. There you go. Grove city growth city. Yeah shooting Minnesota he should be able. With this kind of momentum this many people talking. Crucially not jealous husband and a spin this as a owns the headline before. Well population grows serious 635. So he should have to play in chance right here. Six I'm terrified people. Is accused in a racial makeup was 97%. YM point 9% African American. Action news maybe he thinks I don't play with. White voters and seems like that's a tough putt. It feels like again. Growing up in Detroit I've seen that slogan before. I've heard it before. Or at least somewhat referenced. But that seems grove city Minnesota's not exactly where I think. But that plays well. Let's until I feel like I could emerge I feel like. I've seen as signing with Kwame Kilpatrick spent an edge with that slogan underneath and as I was driving home from school Wednesday. I feel like now I Islami said that that's front. Does he disease. To see user and are at the end you know. It's a dream state representative. All rights. Now he doesn't yeah. If you use the RC then maybe that would play with a racist white voters. And to live music it's in what would you say his racial make a busy 97% white camp or the county's most. No I would say East Point 19% yeah. An American and accounting. Is he blind. Here is he is. You unsure about it I wasn't Shirley audio and one and one of the article didn't say the other ones you know it was there in the video it's we were able. Really I mean anything serious look all the guys clearly online screen shot there guys clearly online I'll give a serious thing. With the shadows there's you know he's one run and another tomorrow night. I mean I thought that ritual. Those all those songs I thought she was excited says don't worry about analysts say should be only in word white guys are about to quit saying is ninety. Nice attacks.