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So righteous man is set on all sides. The selfish. And the siren you'll mend. Values dark. Strike down low numbers on the. Yeah okay now how are you a great how are you never met in my Amanda good to hear. Good weekends. Now I don't know a. Not bad at all so nicely done yesterday but I didn't get back I know is gone long enough photo region. You know goes it's. They actually did yeah I think it's we can definitely that would be good. Do you Joomla. Injury and even news this morning I didn't really. You not make this weekend so them in the morning. You don't get them ready American breakfast which they never eat when you do it anyway they donate its largest. Now like me I don't really breakfast either you need emergency kit like sound yeah I had to have cereal before school. But I went out and works and make them bacon and eggs and toast and down in. And made some of it. Side. But it just busy don't read the news channel yeah well I assume Israeli human. I saw the story innocent people talking about his day job and you're just done. Nobody wants to do that. So as soon as they get to school you went boom you don't have to yes I want him back combat so it takes to meet today. I think like at 930. I didn't see it until 1045. What is this the wrong phone number was gone I was like and I don't wake us up until. Stop 10 o'clock 11 o'clock a lot of times I'm on college program. I'm a college kids schedule doesn't go to class exactly or I've only signed up for classes in the afternoon. That's my schedule yeah. So whatever that college kid would do if his first class was the top three so I'd imagine that's what I'm doing and that's writer she's. So. Harvey Weinstein. Was obviously. That first name that kind of kicked off this meet too movement right now. So one of his accusers was this woman Asia are Gentile. Asia are gentle one another and Ager she was in can you were dean's girlfriend OK I am hazardous assistance. So before you. Took his own life. You lose them big proponent me too yeah. I don't know accents and a note you lose tweeting about animals and she. Probably because she had talked about her exact from senators and our nominee since I got she me she said something that an award show it. Them learn they called Golden Globes know what the award shows she had talked about accountability in Hollywood. US. Dollars was still has to be held accountable for their conduct. You know who you are okay so that she said it. New man in need to be some man you know you are you need to be elegant program and you know it's only to be held accountable in November. So look Amber's got issues on the first accused of Weinsteins should know I don't know she was one of the first accusers but I shoot you don't want you talked about he had gotten. So I'm just gonna read this to you almost verbatim. So does not to get an Angel and the new story also newsroom yes. Harvey Weinstein attorney said Monday that the claim of sexual misconduct made against Italian actress Asia argent or should cast doubt. On the allegations she made against Penn. When there's allegations against him getting confused yes terrorism allegations against her that's nonsense you okay. Months at that's how the story starts so months after our gen don't became one of the first people to publicly accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault. She's now herself accused of paying off a young male actor who. Who accuse her sexual misconduct according to a report in the New York Times I'm reading this from abcnews.com. The paper says it obtained documents that show large Intel paid 22 year old actor Jimmy Bennett. 380000. Dollars to settle the accusations. He claims in 2013. Which was just a couple months after his seventeen per day when this happened. And then 37 year old Argentino. Sexually assaulting him and California hotel. Again this is coming from New York say yeah. So he claims and twice thirteen couple months after he turned 1717. She was 37 he claims she sexually assaulted him in California hotel. OK everyone's getting this from this New York Times for at the age of consent in California by the weighs eighteen case you're curious. Here's a quote this development reveals stunning level of hypocrisy beige urgent Towson Weinsteins attorney Benjamin draftsman in a statement to ABC news. At the very same time our agenda was working on her own secret settlements for the alleged sexual abuse of a minor she was positioning herself. At the forefront. Of those condemning mr. Weinstein despite the fact that her sexual relationship with mr. Weinstein was between two consenting adults. Which lasted more than four years according to New York Times. And notice sent to Richard Holtz debtors a lawyer for our gen toes. Life brilliant and we're on our side and daddy daddy hey can turn now allows him from like all right I know you are. So this is a statement from. Burn notice sent to. Richard wholesale or he's a lawyer for. And any ordained her late boyfriend as you mentioned the crash and he was representing her at the time OK okay claims that Bennett made more than two point seven million dollars in five years before the alleged assault. But she is income has dropped. Sense to an average of 60000 dollars a year as a result of trauma he's suffered. Following the alleged sexual battery. Our Jintao who lives in Rome subsequently hired carrying Goldberg a prominent lawyer for victims of online attacks to handle the case. According to New York Times. So I first met this is the story they first met at eight when he was seven. She had she had a movie in 2004 called the heart is deceitful above all things from time. He played a character called young Jeremiah they reportedly stayed in contact after. Filming that movie together. And then the ensuing years they agreed. You know they send hundreds and agreed to move have a reunion. So she claims. That at the time in 2013. He arrived at the Ritz Carlton they were marina Delray California to meet her hotel room with the family member don't under the family members and Arnold they said. The female member leaves the hotel room according to this after Argentino asked to be along with them. So he just turned seventeen there's three of them in the room she asked a few minutes a reunion album we're just refuse I guess they seeding contact after this movie that he'd done back music can. Let's not really a reunion that's difficult. So. I guess I mean they haven't seen each other I I don't know an item when I finger unionizing but to hold. Casters coming might just do whatever union right now I'm having varying human see each other whatever it would seem weird to me but I think when they say like the amateur enemies to famous actors haven't seen each other in however many years as an appalling now. They're having are you your band members and talk to each other union to. Well yes it is OK if it doesn't matter when they are the three union good he alleges that in my guess my point is is that when I hear that. It's not everybody from the movie meeting at this hotel just just give them to you the truth of the matter you are gonna reunite they've reunited. So. He alleges. That the famous member leaves the room after she asks to be alone with them. He also alleges that she gave them alcohol prior to the results. And then he claims that the assault included oral sex and intercourse. RJ until then asked to take a number of photos with banners to shoot take pictures with him according to the documents. The New York Times. Is using the guys hey these pictures along with an answer Graham post of their faces taken that day were included it. In the notice of intent to sue. The notice of intent reportedly sought 3.5. Million in damages. For intentional infliction of emotional distress and lost wages assault and battery and kind. Because some say that she goes on thirteen women included in the first. October 2017 new Yorker report about Harvey Weinstein is alleged sexual harassment and assaults or date back decades. Has not commented on the allegations nor have her representatives. Rose McGowan who wish obviously another one of Weinsteins. Early accusers. She set on Twitter that the New York Times report left her heart broke. She says I got you know Asia urgent and ten months ago our commonality is the shared pain of being assaulted by Harvey Weinstein my heart is broken I will continue my work on behalf of victims everywhere. None of us know the truth of the situation and I'm sure more will will be revealed to be gentle. Watch. He reasons in different learn. You responding to wrote. Found right. We don't know the facts well we don't know the facts be gentle I don't I mean I'm Simon whatever way you wanna play but you can't play both ways. I never heard anybody say we don't know all the facts about Harvey Weinstein play at beat Jana all I know I thought when I saw that I'm. I have no no I'm Elena you know is not easy doesn't just credit the accusations whether or not mail order. No it was just that one statement that she said nobody knows I animation be gentle I know we were really the nine months ago digging for information first and then being gentle about it now. That's not route we took right winds are made to move meant to major movement was known. Believe the victim right yeah. And there's no need to be just don't maxim relentless largest fired. You're gone erase from Netflix. That's not gentle young. So according to live this New York Times think she paid him 380000. Dollars. The times reports that it has seen the legal documents that lay out bans assault claims in the payment to range between his lawyers and our intent to us. Bennett's lawyers sent a notice of intent to sue it took throughout that. The legal documents outlining the accusations against her were nonsense along after she went public with their own sexual assault allegations against Weinstein. Did she not realize that this would come so why does seem like throwing stones right right yeah a glass house I just feel like. In no way again does it discredit. The movement in order to make it and nothing happened here writes exactly. You know Ali you know he's he's easy example gulf. Okay yeah I'm with the ladies in the you just kind of stand back or I'm gonna. Right if you're her positioning you George Mason a mile and say hey this happened to me. But the pace some on again it is not true or not to pay you know I mean. If you tell the story but it seems weird. That you're one of the first. Call somebody out. And men and knowing in your head that you're just pay somebody else off. Damn near half a million dollars. To be quiet. Shortly after the court was made public on Monday. Potential about rose went down and talk about that now sir I am on the Hollywood reporter now. Because this gave a few more details about the payment. Minutes account of the incident has lay on the documents he claims he arrived you told Jill that. They say that is they wanted to take the photos which if you look online. There are pictures and that is a grim photo of the two and then he says was taken that day. A lot of these articles. They kept in touch on Twitter until August 2012. And ends are Graham until May 2013. His Twitter account is no longer active. Our Jim doe and Bennett referred to each other social media as mother and son. A reference to their movie that they may die hard is it to see me above all things characters. Now 22 Bennett was a prolific child actor. And notably start as a young James T. Kirk in the 2000 nine's Star Trek reboot if you remember that and sliding up thing in the mustang in peace to a song playing you also had roles in the Sidon Evan almighty and firewall. His lawyers claim that the assault affected him emotionally and was detrimental to his career since the incident. They not only has a few film and TV credits to his name. Pretty crazy on. That's what got. People talk and on the the Internet today. A lot of debate about that. Not just about to meet two movement but about. Whether or not you can assaults. A guy who's seventeen it's weird to see people. Dean so adamant that it's impossible to assaulting an easy just people truly could be trawling vessel a lot of it today. You know you can't if a guy has Saxony you know and ease these and do it that's what they were saying thinking OK but he's claiming that she. Gave them alcohol. Also the age of consenting count for easy portion. If there's no 37 year old guy and a seventeen year old girl in the city they gave her alcohol and then do this shouldn't send somebody sensors in sewage. Come on does not know now. When when it comes to the word raped then I think we can have that debate what is great I mean you what do you think when you think rain a is this more and would you prefer a different work sexual assault inappropriate Israel whatever I. I don't know. That's what I heard people. Assault people debating today is what they were calling us look. Is what did they call some sort of. Sexual assaults. Here's the pictures this is the picture that was I think this yeah that's the answer is that you. So in that picture in seventeen. Is there just. Really need. She is young Russian yeah. Frazier. So that the bottom line is. You've been accused of sexual misconduct. And he claims this actor who claims he was seventeen at the time says that she paid him 380000 dollars to keep quiet about it. Now on average don't know. I saw us there's articles now what what this means for me to move meant what this means for her I regular Rose McGowan tweet that's right. And feel like they were allies in this and she's the one who set I was heartbroken. Be gentle. I'm still kind of annoying that part. We sit and hold things annoying but we talk about teachers and boys a lot of these happens a lot what makes this. Extra food. Creepy or at least different is the fact that she knew him. When he was a little kid in the they shouldn't really seen him since he was a little kid my I get to she'd seen pictures of them on social media so it's not like right. But it sounds like they hadn't seen each other in person. Since he was a little kid they were referring to each other as mom and son because in this movie. So it's documents show that she agreed to pay Jamie. 380000. Dollars to keep quiet. He claims it affected his career. Not sound. So watching her. Give that speech and saying they you know. These people need to be held accountable. Is just it's it's weird mean. No we not everything now listen to this again and imagine that she knows if this is all true. That she just it sounds like that she had just paid. Him off recently. To keep quite about the idiocy. Thing among you. That goes for seals have to be held accountable. For their conduct against me you know who you are. Crazy enough. So yes your Katrina half a million. What is there. And they came to an agreement that outline this payment plan which the pain 308000. Over the course of a year and a half. What do you think. She's gonna start in the major movement are going to turn. She treated I've said repeatedly that the hash tag me to move minister all of us including. These brave young men who are now coming forward. Don't continue to be jarring looming here and naming some of our phase connected to sexual violence must we shift from talking about individuals. And begin to talk about power sexual violence is about power and privilege. That doesn't change just perpetrators your favorite actress activist or a professor of any gender. And we won't shift our culture must get serious about shifting these false narratives. That about sums up right. She says my hope is that as more folks from sort particularly men. I would prepare ourselves for some hard conversations about our humanity and privilege and harmless. This issue is less about crime and punishment more about Harman reduction. Well now. I didn't do this purposely. Two stories back to back about. Assault and abuse. We talked last week about things grand jury report. The detailed decades of sexual abuse and eight Pennsylvania Catholic diocese of patients and it's just been a huge story. Hundreds of allegations. From thousands of victims. It's at the testimonies and they gave pretty bad and I saw someone say this weekend on the news if you read the whole thing. They can make you noxious spent. One priest you know I still don't even really want. Don't go into details. I know you ice show you some of the allegations last week. Well apparently this cardinal Bernard cardinal Davin world. The news or use ERL. The Pennsylvania attorney general is accusing him of but not telling the truth. Because cardinal moral has been defending himself he did an interview and said. If we heard about something we try to do investigate and a lot they're saying no you helps try and cover now I heard that he didn't show up to mass yesterday. Plain plain low for a little while. But the attorney general says he should be ousted. It's war. Overseeing. These diocese during a long period of you know when these accusations remain. Paying. And the suffering. His some things that we need to accept responsibility for and. Helping survivors. Okay. So that's what he said to. One of the congregations. Sure. Sounds enemy. Catholics have problems you gingerly church you know. Did you did you I really don't want did you read any of the accusations. Are some of those. And then did you see any of this hour. I guess he saved in defense that some of them. Representatives from the church put around. Trying to kind of whitewash some of this. And spend. Make sure I get to stretch the report includes intra. Diocese documents implicating high ranking church officials as sex abuse and nameless. Her die is seen. Records noting chaos and nondisclosure agreements to manage. That that church. Jason once a year just don't talk of course what is this the White House I don't know has seen this a church. Their private letters between bishops acknowledging abused by aid predatory priests wariness. The report reveals an institutionalized. Or within the church in the United States it's real and it's terrible this is the Washington. So this guy. Donahue. If I lose the spokesperson and defender of the church says. Not some. Just say Don is right yeah he's saying that this. I had in the Catholic league is that what is ahead of the Catholic league a spokesperson easy on TV all the time isn't down all the time. Did you see any of the stuff that he send you know buddies are real recess. I mean I remember seeing him making some kind of crazy statements he's backed into corner right. But according this he says. Basically like it's a liberal conspiracy he says okay there are many vicious critics of the Catholic Church who would like to weaken its moral authority animals seize on any problem it has to discredit its voice why. They hate its teachings on sexuality marriage and the family he writes in a rebuttal piece titled Pennsylvania grand jury report debunk. All debunked duke well it's not. I know that this guy. I guess I never knew me would you comedies. Is she's a trash. I've seen him squirm before and try and make. Excuses for things. Or defend certain. People and act. To sage. To write your rebuttal saying Pennsylvania grand jury report to Mike and it must he really thinks maybe he really believes in his heart apart. Snow this is you know I know all. Some sort of conspiracy. It's pretty crazy. It talks about John. How the priest and molest children in the lesson adolescents. Like that's all like yeah no seriously that's not a pedophile because these these boys were. You know going through puberty year. Post pubescent and what why would you what do you do. Isn't this just in time we say. This is horrible and I'm heartbroken to read these accusations. Let's investigate and find out what's true and what's not. And make sure that the people. Did these things if they did these things are held accountable isn't always saying is that it. I don't get it. The folks at the. The Pope said didn't need that I think the posting losing kind of apologized. And at least this child sex yes. I was looking for what the Pope sent and I just went to him. General news site here and I said well this must be a picture trees this is a new straight Texas priest disappears and then molestation allegations. That's separate and this thing is all Pennsylvania. The Pope doesn't seem to be. Denying this all right right now I don't think so. He condemns child sex abuse in church cover. If you read more stunning news whole thing is nuts outlaw something that's. But it doesn't balls assaults. Sexual assaults. She is history last week about the Minnesota. Beer delivery guys who helped lure the man back from the bridge moonshine and we wanted to jump I want to commit suicide. And just drew yeah on this captures engineering and maybe you radicals I was reading too and I apologize and did. Not much we did this and now. Did you see this I don't know I saw each week this morning I don't know who sent out maybe that was let's say it is interesting to note that the most irrational indeed hysterical reaction to the Pennsylvania grand jury. Reporters coming from conservative Catholics they are singularly incapable of making arguments. So all they do is bends the light little boys. Woman who treated the Catholic league. Darren capable of making an argument so all they do is meant to light a little boy that's accusing conservative conservative Catholics are very outraged and they use the term. They event like little boys they are raked in a whole blocks alone. Mine mine mine who's in charge of their social media and they mentor like little boys. Rigs that then yeah. This brings us our cereal here and you don't their seemingly were not an owner now both. Nobody in nobody puts together that we know as you know I'm good and had them on main event like little bull a little boy you know we should use president as popular an independent television news. The term little boys. And then chastising a voice that's that we should do. Yeah this article says not the business of running damage control for unaccountable monsters Bhutto. Word of advice and an organization is accused of widespread conspiracy of abuse against children avoid counter criticisms involving references to. Little bulletins. There is crazy. I just can't believe that Donahue is trying soon. Downplayed this and I asked Jonathan does not happen to know there should say something more along lines of president. Mike what Rose McGowan said about the other day. I'm heartbroken by this let's find out if it's true if it is true let's hold those accountable accountable and make sure that they never operate in your human need to find out why this happened if it happens. Well I don't wanna really do yeah. Police say you know based on me just always save. He gets old fast and you alone and enjoy the Pope passenger revenue values and I really think his base 500000 dollars to be. The attack dog. Love outside of the Catholic Church right. He's not paid to be the guy who's good who's gonna do a miracle pleased paid to be the guy who's gonna go on Fox News. And called us saying left wing conspiracy coming and that's what he's facing quality total myth that's the quote here. That's what is good half a million dollars and. There is no ongoing crisis it's a total mess in fact there is no institution tribe Republican has less of a problem. With sexual abuse of minors today in the Catholic Church built. Actual. Stay from cat from the Catholic league we relate spotlight we know I had been. OK so back to the delivered to your delivery guy Minnesota Noah yeah. So they see this guy they're working to drive a truck they see this guy on the bridge he's threatening to jump they pull up. They stopped and they start talking to him through the window. And ask them now what's going until we talked. Finally they say hey what about. A beer I think it offered him money in all these things and I think he's selling T need some money G. Finally says I don't I don't drink I guess and here he says that's when. This man was going. OK and one of these guys who assay musings Kwame Anderson I guess is also a lot of stand up comedian. He actually saying and thinking it was Coors Light and music Coors Light saves lives. The by the way there is there's music is because this is from an interview it. For much else I served. Isn't your typical. I didn't hardly. I'm. I love it. It's I mean it's pretty great dig this guy sounds serious he said it's. He told them quote I'm going to commit suicide watch me fly. So they are from everything they could think of the trying to get him down and he. So you know everything until listen do I drink. Now it has gotten so they return with a twelve pack at Coors Light. He got down on the guy yards receiving come down a previous twelve pack. And officers assuring to arrive on the scene so the main comes down like the top so I have to gravel he comes down. Ends. Talks to the right against the beer guy in the search talk in the police and they stood around and Nelson on nanometer. I would like to think that there'll be like a reunion at some point where the three of them get to sit down and and drink I would think this should be but Landry is down under the name. Taken away and I have to tell you sound like they drank before he lacks size and out of there yeah. He said he come down from there got a lot of man to be here. When we look because this one just says he came back with a twelve pack he offers it to on the guy comes down the cops charged arrive at the scene. And that he was taken away in an ambulance. Well yeah I did not get Libya. No I didn't really I didn't stimulus whereas my dear. He sees as candy said if I wait for police missing maybe you're one of the things Aaron saying in interviews that. Is that you know what I was thinking in this that this is the beer delivery guy. Comedian and things to do no president can. I sort of think about Denzel Washington. Post funny and he's like you know I'm not actual Denzel Washington boat when Denzel Washington plays a country. Think that's absurd to think about like John how are gonna talk to this guy and and get him down. Do enjoy. Truth is it true. No. Troops visitors who is eligible misses are the latest iteration and using final clinical so we have right now I guessing the things. Is everything else to come in threes right so you have. The first and the facts depth from Kelly and the F trump saying what you're seeing and what you're hearing is not what's happening where you. And now you have a thirty Giuliani truth doesn't true saying truth isn't truth or well on cable news now. Once they alerted him to the fact that he just sad truth isn't truth. He says why don't do that Toomey don't turn me into a mean way. You tell me that you know he should testify because she's gonna tell the truth he shouldn't worry. Well that's so silly because it somebody's version of the truth not the truth he didn't have. They a conversation. And this throughout I don't need to go like I know what is this road trip doesn't truth the president United States says I didn't truth is my first mr. mayor do you realize what. I hate no I don't I don't think. Don't know you don't do and don't do this to me though to opera doc are trying Donald Trump says I didn't talk about Flynn would call me. Call me says you didn't talk about it but don't what the service. Which one. I choose insurance. To sorry. Mayor. Your name. Too late. Truth doesn't truce. Don't here's and the kind of funny shirt Jewish. Maybe if your child supporters and tired of us. Attacking trump who are. Making fun Rudy Giuliani this is Al Sharpton on MSNBC I don't solace is talking about trumpet on Morrissey yesterday. He tries to make a reference to reach the Franklin and just listen to while we're talking about female canines. You know what they say about pay back. It's surreal. Well you I'm sure you know the word don't think about so in the words. All of my late friend Aretha Franklin show some RE ESP I CT I'm. If I didn't watch for in this highlight reels of him on YouTube. When they just put together like an hour of him on cable news it's brewing company saying bizarre things. There's a lot of fish. I don't ever watch them so I when I saw the first video I really didn't you know that he had his own show I knew that he was like a contributor a lot Reiman. I know you know it is a show. If you get a chance in your important work. They're pretty great. I don't know. You know how you know what it is RE EST SET. All the words and screw up. The lyrics to the song I mean and singing it since we were kids. RE SBC team. There's like a few words that you just can't expect everyone you know how to spell and he said respect and he spell that. And some Muslims think you don't return Irene and legally RE SBC team. This is good our beautiful Bruce almighty EAU beautiful. Or connect icon for whatever. Ray. I guess some of the martyrs universal library the biggest cities and again Mississippi and feel like everyone anytime you right up Mississippi you look at them that is fine art too many asses. And so you have to say to yourself Zaman Benny and when some bunnies voices and yeah that is an interesting song known you know I mean because I was really no motors running yet. Have you ever heard him do it I've heard his version they're different managers at whole inside Kim. Completely different buying yes. And I actually read a story someone posted it might have been when she was sick when she died someone poses for a related today I learned about you know the original meaning that song. Marines yeah. I'm just playing notre. Certainly think you know a guy coming home from work. Yeah I. Got there and that gives us a lot of little. I'm the more you don't day I come in the exactly what Daley's life and to me to look into how. Do you not realize that I'm at work all day. I get any credit for that. Could you please. Do I have to spell it out just a. Respect and I come home. And is Boris so good why you want honey and got it and what you need baby you got it. You can do me wrong if you wanna you can do me wrong while I'm gone pale little girl you're so sweet little honey and I am about to give you all my money. Palin on the earlier so sweet as honey I'm allowed to give you all my money and all I want when I come home the little respect. So in the words. Of my late friend or read the Franken is still some RE ESP I CT. Yeah damn straight. So I'm asking for hey I may not be able to spell out all right is running in his element away but yeah today I'll he does it's not an autism. Charities only familiar we ought to try to merge may meet and that's it that's got to beat him he's like I know she covered that song will be damned if I'm analyst.